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Cardboard Art - Furniture

Cardboard Furniture & Toys - Tsuchinoco. Cartonnistes Pictures. Aménagements en Carton - Meubles en carton - Angers. Meubles et rangements adaptés, optimisés, sur mesure et à votre goût.

Aménagements en Carton - Meubles en carton - Angers

Une solution carton à tous les prix, dans tous les styles. Nice Cardboard Furniture Pictures. Extra Thick Corrugated Cardboard Furniture. CartoOnlab: Cardboard Stools. Cardboard Rockin' Chair. Frank O. Gehry: Cardboard Furniture. Little Beaver Cardboard Chair. Cardboard Folding Chairs Design Pics. Title: POT# : 967name : TOMOKO KOIKEgender : femaleage : 30city : copenhagenstate : denmark designer's comment : the 'pot' seat is foldable, stackable and transportable. to make a seat, it is opened up and folds up. to store at public use, they are stacked. to take a seat with us, it is fold down to grasp through the hole, and the flat seats suit to ship from a factory, as well.

Cardboard Folding Chairs Design Pics

It is made in carton board, glue and a piece of velcro. Simple construction and the recyclable material bring this into production easily. graphic patterns are available. Detailed Platform Bed Picture - von Stange Design (German) Das Pappbett ist mehr als ein Provisorium: Stabilität und Haltbarkeit werden durch eine sinnvolle Steckkonstruktion (ohne Metall- und Kunststoffverbindungen) und eine besonders feste Doppel-Wellpappe erreicht.

Detailed Platform Bed Picture - von Stange Design (German)

Ein wiederholter Auf- und Abbau ist möglich, die Lebensdauer reicht nach Kundenangaben bis zu 10 Jahren. Das Pappbett trägt problemlos auch schwergewichtige Schlafende. Der Bausatz umfasst 5 verstellbare Stützbeine, über die lange U-Profile gesteckt werden. Je nachdem, wieviele Profile verwendet werden, kann man die Breite auf 120, 135, 150, 165 und 180 cm einstellen. Es wird kein Lattenrost benötigt - die Matratze kann direkt auf dem Bett aufliegen, da Material und Konstruktionsweise eine gute Luftzufuhr ermöglichen. Für die Konstruktion wurde ein Patent verliehen, für die Gestaltung wurde das Bett vom Design Center Stuttgart in die Deutsche Auswahl 1989 aufgenommen. Cardboard Furniture For The Urban Nomad. Karton-Art Design: Cardboard Furniture. Karton Art Design cardboard furniture holds 20 times its own weightbuilds in 20 minutesassembles more than 20 timescomes with 2 year guarantee10 year lifespan100% recyclable∞ modulableeasy to decorate Below you find descriptions and standard sizes of our furniture and installation elements.

All dimensions and layouts of our products can be customized to suit any space and serve any display purpose. Please contact us with your requirements. Filing cabinets, bookshelves Shelf distance can be altered according to your requirements.Designed for folders, A4 size documents, books or other items. Side panel when visible can serve as decoration panel too. Parapet and frieze can be used to provide advertising or decorational surface. Standard size (mm): /height – width – depth/ 2100 – 800 – 350 Brochure shelf Designed for displaying brochures, booklets, leaflets, advertising material, magazines, books, etc.

Shelf distance can be altered according to your requirements. Wall panels. Zeco Design Cardboard Furniture. Recycled Egg Carton ‘Tamago’ Furniture by Merci Design. We’re impressed with this ‘grade A’ upcycling of egg carton pulp into multifaceted children’s play funiture.

Recycled Egg Carton ‘Tamago’ Furniture by Merci Design

The Tamago (Japanese for ‘egg’) furniture series by Latvian design team, Merci Design consists of seven soft-contour furniture forms which may be easily manuvered to create letter and number patterns for playtime learning and fun. Tots will enjoy wielding their crayons or markers and drawing directly onto the blank canvas of Tamago furniture, leaving their mark without consequence… much like Merci Design made their mark with this recycled collection, while leaving no environmental impact. From Trash To Treasure Seating For 8. We have a horrible dumpster diving habit.

From Trash To Treasure Seating For 8

Not so much actual diving, but anything of a curious nature that's sticking out the top is fair game! We found this over-sized cardboard divider used in packing large freight in the dumpster behind out building. We knew it was collapsible, could be used as paper storage, but what else was could we turn this unique find into?

How about seating for 8? When turned on it's side, this piece could hold papers or even tshirts, but knowing how strong cardboard could be, we wanted to test out an idea... sitting on it. So we placed a piece of thin birch ply we've had hanging around from making our hanging wooden walls, awhile back, on top. Quite proud of our discovery we invited the dogs up to play some tug of war and a few more people to sit on it as well. It will make a great thing to pull out at parties for extra seating or even a low lying buffet or makeshift table if needs be. Bibicarton Cardboard Furniture.

Cardboard furniture by Bibicarton I just discovered Bibicarton recently and I must admit I am bit mad at myself for not knowing about it earlier.

Bibicarton Cardboard Furniture

I always get a bit peeved when I discover some local creative thing which has been around for a while, and which I should definitely already know about! I mean, if someone if making custom cardboard furniture in Melbourne, I feel I really should be across that! ANYWAY. Video Proves It: This Cardboard Bed Is Strong Enough To Support 2 Tons. This is a video of 22 hipsters climbing into a cardboard bed.

Video Proves It: This Cardboard Bed Is Strong Enough To Support 2 Tons

Oh, Internet, what can’t you do? Karton, an Australian cardboard furniture retailer--yes, there’s an entire company doing this stuff--wanted to prove how strong its queen-sized cardboard bed is, so they invited a stream of photogenically mussed twentysomethings to hop on. The bed has a system of folded paper panels, which connect to form an improbably sturdy cardboard base. Originally, Karton claimed that the bed could hold up to 1 ton, or 10 people. Turns out it can support nearly 2 tons--a whopping 22 people. So now we are supposed to marvel at the fact that a bed made out of paper won’t crash to the ground every time you try to have a 22-person orgy. Read more about the Paperpedic Bed here. Children's Chairs From A Single Sheet Of Cardboard: RISD Industrial Design. Déco Scandinave : Scandinavian Design. Cadré Carton - Cardboard Furniture, Accessories, & Jewelry. 100% Eco Friendly Furniture. Cardboard Tube Tables. Paper Tube Chair. The environment friendly paper tube chair by Manfred Kielnhofer.

Enjoy the environment friendly paper chair that is made from your recycled newspapers. The cardboard chairs were made in 2002 and since them have been used in Artpark and for various events. The photos below are recent one. The paper chair has retained the same good condition since its production. The armchairs are made from used cardboard tubes. Ecology tip from Manfred Kielnhofer. ++ More information at +mood and Gallerie ARTPARK ! Tubo Chair. Wood & Cardboard Tube Chair.