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Furniture. More Creative Furniture for Cramped Urban Living: 20 Pieces of Ingenious ‘Flat Pack’ Furniture. ByProducts Transforms Waste Wood Offcuts Into Flat Pack Furniture. Looking for a simple seating alternative that’s eco-friendly and won’t take up a lot of space? Then check out ByProducts’ eco-conscious, clever, and compact tables and stools, which are made from discarded wood cutoffs. Constructed from baltic birch, each chair and table capitalizes on the shapes of the offcuts that they were sourced from. The simplified process also removes the need for additional machining, and the joining system allows for each piece to be quickly assembled, disassembled and flat packed away. UK-based designers Eujin Pei and Yingying Seow aim to extend their range of ByProducts by working with other manufacturers who use different materials for their future pieces. Portable Eco Friendly Cardboard Bed from It-Happens. Are you tired already of transporting your transportable bed that is made of steel?

Portable Eco Friendly Cardboard Bed from It-Happens

Do it no more to day because a stackable bed made of cardboard is now available. Just conveniently unfold it if needed, and the spaces underneath can be a good space for storage. This bed is perfect for students who are in a dormitory that have very limited spaces. In addition, families living in the city with homes of limited spaces can also use this foldable bed. Space-Saving Magic: "Hide" Your Dining Table On The Wall! Before they bought their current home in Washington D.C.'s Mount Plesant neighborhood, Josh and Lauren lived for six years in a studio apartment.

Space-Saving Magic: "Hide" Your Dining Table On The Wall!

Determined to host dinner parties in their tiny space, the couple came up with an inspired idea that allowed them to have a instant dining room--but only when they needed one. They bought a dining table light enough and compact enough to be hung on the wall when not in use. The Workscape Folding Table from Design Within Reach (on sale for $501.50 right now) was the table that fit the bill. Fernanda Brunoro for Schuster. London-based Brazilian designer, Fernanda Brunoro presents her new furniture range for Schuster that launched last week in Brazil.

Fernanda Brunoro for Schuster

Inspired by the designer’s archaeological research on various South American civilizations of the pre-Columbian period: Aztecs, Incas, Mayans and Moches. The designer explains, “The pre-Columbian culture is characterized by mystical elements, superstitious connections and pagan symbolism. The exoticism of clothing and accessories, the richness of body ornamentation, the sophisticated architecture, impressive mathematics’ field and astronomy were also used as a reference when developing the collection.” Descriptions below are from the designer: Redonda armchair Elegant and charming the armchair has soft cushions, round wooden base and curved backrest which is made by fiberglass, creating a rather cozy and warm feeling. Pedraria table Elegant and imposing, the legs of the table were inspired by details of accessories and clothing from the pre-Columbian period.

FF1. Two Belgian designers James Van Vossel and Tom De Vrieze, together Fox & Freeze, created this ultra light and rather gorgeous lounge chair.


The product, called FF1, is made from a single sheet of synthetic felt. There is no waste of material (except from the drilled holes), the structure of the piece is not supported by wood or metal. Leather Origami. One cannot be truly design-oriented today without considering the ecological aspect of the object.

Leather Origami

This piece, for example, in addition to being a thing of visual delight, can make us feel good about the production methods. Box Of Tips (BOT) Computing community. 10 (More) Pieces of Clever Transforming Furniture: From Tetris Tables to Rooms in a Box. Room in a Box: 10 Pieces of Clever Transforming Furniture Article by Urbanist, filed under Furniture & Decor in the Design category.

10 (More) Pieces of Clever Transforming Furniture: From Tetris Tables to Rooms in a Box

(Check out our complete collection of Unusual, Creative and Transforming Furniture.) 10 Folding furniture designs for small urban spaces. Modern day apartments are quite small in size and we find it hard to accommodate even the most basic furniture pieces.

10 Folding furniture designs for small urban spaces

A Folding Felt Chair, Inspired By Old Serbian Textiles. KAKO.KO, a design studio in Belgrade, has designed a lovely armchair that folds like a piece of origami into a working stool.

A Folding Felt Chair, Inspired By Old Serbian Textiles

Regular readers of Co.Design know that we go gaga for furniture that can morph, Transformer-style, into something else. It's great for small interiors, where, as a rule, the less stuff you've got, the better. Elegant Silk ‘Gail’ Lamps Cast an Atmospheric Glow at ICFF Silk Lamps 2 – Inhabitat - Green Design Will Save the World. Grand Central: origami style folding table. Talking to my friends, it seems that one of the issues we all have to deal with is how to best utilize our living and office spaces. Or, to put it bluntly, we all seem to have more stuff than space to put it. As I am always on the lookout for sophisticated, space saving solutions , the “Grand Central” folding table straight away caught my eye.

The “Grand Central” is an innovative folding table designed by the pair of Swedish designers Sigrid Strömgren and Sanna Lindström. The inspiration of how to fit something large into a compact smaller space came to the designers after looking at a pop-up map of New York.