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Doll Houses & Furniture For Your Dolls

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Make DIY Furniture For Dolls

Real Wood That's Printable Like Paper - Microthin Veneer. Famous Thomas Bug Juice- Ages Wood & Metal. Bug Juice is an aging product that helps take the new out of unfinished wood.

Famous Thomas Bug Juice- Ages Wood & Metal

It reacts differently to different woods, sometimes by greying the wood, sometimes but just taking out “the new.” We use it on our projects under all exterior surfaces. Acrylic washes can be used to enhance the color. It is based on an old aging formula used by gunsmiths. For us, it is a combination of white vinegar and old rust, our old rust being tools found under an abandoned house, and rusted machinery parts.

If you’d like to try it out, copy and paste this link into your browser: or… Return to the blog main page, scroll down the right side until you find Famous Thomas Bug Juice under Blogroll, and click on it. The Faraway Tree. This being National Reading Month, I thought I'd do my bit for advocating children's literacy. Have you read this book? It's the first of Enid Blyton's original trilogy that is beloved by millions of children all over the world. There are three books in the trilogy: The Enchanted Wood, The Magic Faraway Tree and The Folk Of The Faraway Tree.

The originals cost a small fortune on ebay now, although you can buy the revised reprints (and a revised fourth title Up The Faraway Tree) easily and affordably enough. In case you have a hard time finding it, let me quickly give you the background. I read the trilogy to the girls two years ago and they fell in love with the little folk, particularly Silky, the pretty little fairy who bakes magical, interactive confections. The Faraway Tree 2. Yup.

The Faraway Tree 2

Not much else there. Those two gashes are where the floors will be slotted in. They're pretty windows, though, and recessed (necessary only because of how thick the brown cardboard is). I hoard my white cardboard for things just like this. Kate came and discovered me cutting the windows and asked for the little rectangle and pie-slice shaped cutouts. "Are you making this for me? " "Yes. " "OK. Such an understanding child. "Can we show Kate the bed, then? " Cardboard Barbie Dream House. Welcome to our home!

Cardboard Barbie Dream House

Step up to the gate, unlock it and come on in. The top floor is the bedroom with adjoining deck, which you can access through the sliding door. The back fence is decorated with polka-dotted wooden beads, that appear in various other parts of the house and furniture. The second floor is the living room and bathroom that slides on a dowel through loops of woven satin trim. Barbie's BBQ Transformed: No More Pink! Here's the set, pretty much out of box.

Barbie's BBQ Transformed: No More Pink!

Shinobu and Inaba enjoy drinks by candlelight, with a silver 'iPod' providing music from the 'docking speakers'. Meanwhile, their son Michio loves snacks and burgers, and his R2D2 (sold separately) is never far away. The green and purple thingie is a light-up toy, but in my little diorama, it's a patio heater. It's a really nice set. Retails for about $20., comes with a blonde doll (donated !) I swear, though, the grill looked more burgundy in the store. The Tiny Travelling Doll's House. Over the years, this has been one of my all-time favourites.

The Tiny Travelling Doll's House

This version is great for taking on holidays, especially when the car is choc-a-block full. Firstly, it doesn't take up the whole back seat. Secondly, when you are little it's nice to take a bit of your own familiar world with you on holidays. Finally, and this is really important, it's made to wear around your neck, which (hopefully) means that it won't get lost...which means, with a little luck, you probably won't have to spend several hours of your long-awaited holiday looking everywhere for it.

Fairies and Their Houses. Remember this little felt doll?

Fairies and Their Houses

I made her last year and put her atop that felt cake.I said she actually belonged to another project but I nevergot around to working on that project. No, this isn't eventhat project (which is 10 times funner and more whimsicalthan this, but it's still only on paper). As a reward for tidyingup my sewing table and finishing my slopers for the year,I let myself make these little felt fairies Flora Fauna and Merryweather. They spend a lot of time together and you might catch a glimpse of them in your gardenif you are quiet.

Mushroom Fairy Houses. And we still haven't done a single turkey, tree or pie craft.Or packed for our trip to the inlaws' either.But Kate wanted to paint today.And I'd just seen a whole Christmas village of similar miniature houses on someone's blog which I can't remember, but that I'd wanted to make.

Mushroom Fairy Houses

So we made some action-figure-sized cylindrical houses on circular bases: White corrugated cardboard is hard to come by,so we save ours for painting projects. When the roofs and houses were dry, we hot-glued them together. along with stacks of buttons for door knobs.

Make A DIY Dollhouse Or Dollhouse Bookcase

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