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A guide to better looking Processing sketches. A guide to better looking Processing sketches The purpose of this article is to explain how to incorporate some of the built-in Processing functionality that is generally underutilized.

A guide to better looking Processing sketches

Processing has a wealth of features that allow you to achieve high quality results without needing to learn linear algebra and write custom shaders. Spatial anti-aliasing is easiest way to improve the visual quality of your sketch. When images are rendered at a higher resolution and down-sampled, the edges of polygons appear softer. No anti-aliasing. With anti-aliasing. (8x) The function in processing that facilitates anti-aliasing is smooth(). For most graphics cards smooth() accepts an argument value up to 8. For simple scenes with large shapes there are diminishing returns for higher anti-aliasing multipliers. When calling the size function you specify width and height, but you can also specify a renderer. No lights. With lights. A combination of grey ambient light and a red ambient material. Soulwire » Experiments in Code.

The Studio : sign in. Fibrosity: Tech Specs. Copyright (c) 2013 Cameron Newnham Developed by Cameron Newnham at RMIT University During the 2013 “Highway” design studio import peasy.*; // Camera import controlP5.*; // Interface import toxi.geom.*; // Vector import toxi.processing import toxi.volume.*; // Mesh import toxi.geom.mesh import*; // UDP import java.util.*; // Utility PeasyCam camera; ControlP5 cp5; // the camera object ArrayList agents; // list of all agents ArrayList spawnedAgents; // list of new agents from the current frame ArrayList killedAgents; // list of new agents from the current frame ArrayList attractors; // list of all attractors ArrayList structuralNodes; // list of structural points ArrayList newStructuralNodes; // to solve concurrentmodificationexceptions OcTree agentTree; // octree for agents OcTree nodeTree; // octree for nodes OcTree attractorTree; // octree for attractors OcTree structuralTree; // octree for structural nodes MeshSurface mesh; // isosurface mesh TriangleMesh referenceMesh; // reference mesh.

Fibrosity: Tech Specs

Cellular Automata. Rhino to Processing and Back. It’s surprisingly simple to converse between Rhino and Processing through Grasshopper.

Rhino to Processing and Back

This is a template to demonstrate and use the connection, which is through strings. It can also be done across networks (just change the IP and port as required) which could easily spread CPU power, or just ease workflow. Thanks to Joe S: Download files: talkToRhino. The Studio : sign in. Sketchpad. Creative Coding — Monash University. Learning to program is no longer just for computer specialists and software developers.

Creative Coding — Monash University

People from many different backgrounds now want to understand the basics of programming, because it’s both fun and an increasingly valuable skill. One of the most exciting ways to learn programming is through authoring your own creative programs. Known as “creative coding,” this growing field uses computer software as a medium to develop original creative expression. So if you’re an artist, designer, architect or musician who’s interested in how you can expand your creative skills, or even a computer programmer looking to work in creative applications, you will find this free online course extremely useful. Explore the concepts and skills of creative coding Throughout the course we’ll help you develop practical programming concepts and skills by exploring creative ideas and challenges. Learn with professional artists and designers The course is very different from technical courses on programming.