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Signal processing

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DSP Concepts: You can create an audio product o... Let's face it, the process of making an embedded audio product is akin to being in the stone age of the technology time line.

DSP Concepts: You can create an audio product o...

You write the code in C, you think it should sound right. Then you try it, and most likely you have to change and tweak parameters. Then you finally got it sounding the way you like. Now you compile it, but you have to optimize it so that it runs fast and in the minimum number of MIPs. Suddenly, the sound is off, and back to the drawing board with the tweaks. Introducing Audio Weaver from DSP Concepts... Audio Weaver is a higher level of abstraction. Check this overview videos on Audio Weaver. Or check out this example of how to build a Loud Speaker Processing on the Cortex-M4. 332:348 - DSP Lab. This is a one-credit lab supplementing the three-credit junior-level DSP course "332:346 Digital Signal Processing".

332:348 - DSP Lab

It consists of four hardware labs using the Texas Instruments TMS320C6713 DSP Starter Kit, and two MATLAB software labs. Lab Groups Lab Web Resources TMS320C6713 DSK Help File from Spectrum Digital. DSP or related to signal processing projects build with Arduino and like boards. Raspberry Pi Project: Dedicated S... A few months ago, I made my Raspberry Pi into a dedicated speech synthesizer.

Raspberry Pi Project: Dedicated S...

Here are some of my blog posts: My Post-Pi Projects... Now, I have given my Raspberry Pi to my 13 year old nephew, Josh, as I now have the BeagleBone BlackBeagleBone Black. I'm also continuing my speech synthesis projects with SpeakJet. For those that would like to connect the SpeakJet to their Raspberry Pi, please refer to my article. Thanks for Reading!

Image processing

Nbviewer.ipython. 03_FourierTransform. Fourier Transform Definition¶ For our purposes, we will just be using the discrete version...


Meaning: is the total number of samples is the kth sample for the time-domain function (i.e. the DFT input) is the output of the DFT for the frequency that is cycles per sample; so to get the frequency, you have to multiply by the sample rate. Internet of Things: Data is a fuel for economic... We might think about data in the same way now as we originally thought about energy.

Internet of Things: Data is a fuel for economic...

Both require technology to extract and both drive vast industries. The challenges of dealing with energy and data-use growth are similar. It is about efficiency; ensuring energy use is as lean as possible in everything from cars and data centers, to mobile phones. Data consumption and use needs to be efficient too and that’s where we need to explore the relationship with software. Data consumption has driven the software industry right from the beginning. Each ARM-powered chip has to run some form of software from a simple monitor to an exciting new application.

To help discuss how I got to this conclusion of sensors and data - I’ll use two examples. Embedded: How Will the Next 50 Billion Devices. IoT sensors breed a new future as technology fades into the background.

Embedded: How Will the Next 50 Billion Devices

Old industries are reformed, new applications light up and take flight while data stalls. Tomorrow begins today! With more than 50 billion devices already in the market, what does the future hold for ARM and the innovation for the next 100 billion ARM-based chips? To find out, Krisztian Flautner, Vice President of R&D at ARM shared his insights with John Blyler Chief Content Officer at Extension Media. Arquitetura de Software em Sistemas Embarcados - Embarcados - Sua fonte de informações sobre Sistemas Embarcados. Quando um projeto é imaginado e validado conceitualmente e comercialmente, uma sequência de atividades pré-definidas dentro do processo adotado pela equipe são executadas.

Arquitetura de Software em Sistemas Embarcados - Embarcados - Sua fonte de informações sobre Sistemas Embarcados

Podemos listar algumas: O projeto é iniciado por meio de uma reunião de kick-off ou um simples e-mail;Uma declaração de escopo é definida, contendo tanto características, restrições (técnicas, financeiras, comerciais, de sistemas, etc) e requisitos de produto. Quando existe uma clara visão do projeto desde o seu início, é possível que existam, também, requisitos de software já bem concisos;Requisitos de software são mapeados tendo em vista a declaração de escopo descrita anteriormente. Cada item desse documento pode gerar um ou mais requisitos de software;E o projeto deve ser efetivamente desenvolvido! Assumindo que os requisitos foram muito bem elaborados, esse desenvolvimento pode ocorrer de uma forma organizada ou descentralizada. A Digital Filter Design, Viewing and Comparison tool. Fiview is my freeware application for Windows, Linux and Mac OSX that can be used to design and view digital filters.

A Digital Filter Design, Viewing and Comparison tool

It also makes it very easy to compare different filters by allowing you to switch between them using the digit keys, and it generates efficient and readable public domain example code that can be used directly in an application. It is released under the GNU GPL. Much of the underlying filter design code was based on mkfilter from Tony Fisher -- see the source code for details. The resulting filters were improved by splitting them into separate stages, which improves the accuracy and stability of them enormously, especially for higher-order Bessel and Butterworth filters.

STM32F4 Discovery

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