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Patent Searching Database

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Forms Alternate Registration Method Registration with Paper Forms The fee for a basic registration using one of these forms is $65 payable by check or money order. Form CON (continuation sheet for applications) is also still available in paper. Paper forms are also available by postal mail upon request.

Chaos Click here to go to Physics Virtual Bookshelf Click here to go to the UPSCALE home page. James Gleick subtitled his popular book Chaos with Making a New Science. Note the word is "Science," not "Physics." The sub-title is quite reasonable. However, much of the work on chaotic systems occurs in Physics departments. Contrail - About Contrail Contrail is a public art project that celebrates shared spaces, helps make bicycling safer and more fun. How to Use Contrail Contrail attaches to your bicycles and, as you ride, the device leaves a colorful trail behind you. Contrail uses washable, non-toxic chalking fluid made from eco-friendly pigments.

scientific productivity - Software/App for electronic research notebooks - Academia Stack Exchange I use Org-mode to organize and track my research. It is an Emacs major mode that seems to hit most of your requirements. The .org files are plain text which should guard against bloat and lets you access them anywhere, even when you do not have Emacs or Org-mode available. linking to past experiments/pages Org-mode has linking capability to any type of file, as well as to specific locations in a document. latex equations

Patents What is a patent? A patent is an intellectual property right granted by the Government of the United States of America to an inventor “to exclude others from making, using, offering for sale, or selling the invention throughout the United States or importing the invention into the United States” for a limited time in exchange for public disclosure of the invention when the patent is granted. There are three types of patents. Utility patents may be granted to anyone who invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, article of manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof. Here is the process for obtaining a utility patent.

Online Services (eCO: Electronic Copyright Office) Security For site security and to ensure that this service remains available to all users, this government computer system employs software programs to monitor network traffic to identify unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, deny service, otherwise cause damage or access non-public information. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the United States criminal code (18 U.S.C. 1030). Information regarding possible violations of law may be provided to law enforcement officials. Privacy: Copyright Public Records CORE This page documents the CORE API methods and API response codes. Here you will find a documentation for CORE API. An introduction to the Web API is available here. In order to use the API you will first need to register an API key. To request a new API key, please follow these instructions. The API key will be used to authorise your API requests.

Stakeholder Definition - What are stakeholders? This is step 1 of a 4 step guide to Stakeholder Management. If you haven't read steps 2 - 4 you can access them here. Step 2 Stakeholder Analysis, Step 3 Stakeholder Planning, and Step 4 Stakeholder Engagement. What is a stakeholder? A stakeholder is anybody who can affect or is affected by an organisation, strategy or project. They can be internal or external and they can be at senior or junior levels.

Patent Overview A patent is essentially a limited monopoly whereby the patent holder is granted the exclusive right to make, use, and sell the patented innovation for a limited period of time. The U.S. Patent Act, 35 U.S.C. §§ 1 et seq., was enacted by Congress under its Constitutional grant of authority to secure for limited times to inventors the exclusive right to their discoveries. See Article I, Section 8, Clause 8. Copyright law of the United States The Copyright Law of the United States intends to encourage the creation of art and culture by rewarding authors and artists with a set of exclusive rights. Federal Copyright law grants authors and artists the exclusive right to make and sell copies of their works, the right to create derivative works, and the right to perform or display their works publicly. These exclusive rights are subject to a time limit, and generally expire 70 years after the author's death.

Undocumented Matlab I would like to welcome Chris Parmer of, who will describe the integration of Plotly graphs and charts in Matlab. Unlike the open-source JFreeChart and Waterloo plotting libraries that were described here in the past, Plotly is a commercial (not open-source) service. Contact Plotly for the exact license terms and costs. However, as you can see below, there’s a demo account that you can freely use. While I do not directly endorse Plotly as a commercial operation, I love its beautiful visualizations and interactivity.

Dig Deeper into the Scandal Globally, extreme poverty has been halved in 20 years, and could be virtually wiped out by 2030. But much of the progress that has been made is at risk – not because of natural disasters or new diseases, but because of something far more insidious. Analysis by the ONE Campaign suggests that at least $1 trillion is being taken out of developing countries each year through a web of corrupt activity that involves shady deals for natural resources, the use of anonymous shell companies, money laundering and illegal tax evasion. This is not international aid – which is making a tangible difference. Massive sums are being taken out of developing countries’ own economies, preventing them from financing their own fight against extreme poverty, disease and hunger. It is nothing short of a trillion-dollar scandal.

Astimen's Blog of KM Telecom Using Minto Pyramid Principle as effective shared context in daily strategy focus objective In knowledge era enterprise needs an effective approach to create more knowledge caused of dynamic external business needs, wants and expectation. Knowledge strategy as value relationship between employee, system and customer should be evaluated periodically to keep enterprise’s capacity to deliver product and service dealing with cost, competitive value advantage and time as triple crown objectives. To grab the market, exploit it and win the business speed of knowledge (who know how) creation is one of early initiative to solve the problem, improve and remove internal process effectively based on customer expectation and strategy focus organization.

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