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Learning Three Dimensional Mandala. The main goal behind this project was to do research on mandala pattern systems and create a three dimensional form.

Learning Three Dimensional Mandala

I explored various types of mandalas including cosmic mandalas, buddhist mandalas and spirographs. Starting from a two-dimensional approach, I began to expand the concept in three-dimensional space. After creating various formulae that generated random two-dimensional mandalas, I extruded shapes in the mandalas to create spheric forms that better articulated the idea of mandalas. I subdivided spheres and then changed the z-depth based on the brightness information from the input image, which was the original two-dimensional mandala pattern. How do I translate two dimensional concept in three dimensional shape? This is all about the learning process through making stuffs. What are cosimc mandalas? Reflection1 \ Examples. Calculate and draw normal vectors - Processing Forum. Cindermedusae - making generative creatures. Background Cindermedusae is quite a special project for me.

Cindermedusae - making generative creatures

It was super fast (about one week) and quite intensive (several late nights) yet very successful and rewarding when it comes to results. I liked the idea of generative book from the very beginning so I was very excited about Written Images competition when I heard about it for the first time. At this moment I was still working at shiftcontrol on underwater game project for ZDF called Universum Der Oceane in collaboration with Hosoya Schaefer Architects. Spiromaniac. Moving — Guy Moorhouse.

Moving is an art project featuring geometric animations I make.

Moving — Guy Moorhouse

The animations are mainly hosted on a dedicated site on Tumblr, but I also share on other networks including Instagram, Twitter and Ello (yep, that’s still going strong). Not that you really need to have a reason to make things like this, but I started out making these one-off animations to hone my sense of motion and timing. I then found it developed into something in it’s own right, so just ran with it.

From an art direction point of view, my one rule is that the animations must start and end on a blank white frame. I kind of like the idea that they come out of nothing and return to nothing. Process A lot of people have asked me how I go about making these animations, so I thought I’d go into the process a bit and describe the project in more detail, like I did with the Malika Favre site. Ideas There’s no fixed process in terms of how I come up with the ideas for the final animations themselves.

Creating an image sequence. Freezing Time: Sculptures From Animations. Andrew GlassnerThe Imaginary Institute Eric Version 1.1: 14 August 2015.

Freezing Time: Sculptures From Animations

The Imaginary Institute. Generative Design Variations. Art From Code. Form 2. Welcome To A graphical representation of how OOP can contrast Procedural Programming Object Oriented Programming is a modern day programming paradigm, meaning that it is a fundamental style that suits the task of creating modern software.

Welcome To

Most popular modern programming languages support OOP (Object Oriented Programming), and as a result understanding the fundamental concepts that define it within Processing can help in implementing it, by means of adapting your knowledge to suite any programming language that supports Object Oriented Programming. Earlier we discussed that OOP can be contrasted with Procedural Programming if you consider that Procedural Programming is a style of programming where the program is tailored to suite the data as opposed to Object Oriented Programming which is more akin to a style of programming where the data is tailored to suite the program. OOP as you are aware relies on classes, from which we instantiate objects. ArrayList @ Processing @ t-o-f. Un ArrayList est une classe qui se comporte comme un tableau.

ArrayList @ Processing @ t-o-f

[JavaScript] images. Pastebin PRO Accounts SUMMER SPECIAL!

[JavaScript] images

For a limited time only get 40% discount on a LIFETIME PRO account! Offer Ends Soon! AD-BLOCK DETECTED - Please Support Pastebin By Buying A PRO Account For only $2.95 you can unlock loads of extra features, and support Pastebin's development at the same time. RAW Paste Data. Fastness - Art, Programming, Projects. Programming: Printing Photos in 3D13th March 2011 One of the 3D printing projects that I've had the most satisfaction from is a Processing sketch to convert 2D photos into a model that can be 3D printed.

Fastness - Art, Programming, Projects

This isn't a 3D model of what's in the photo, rather it's a way of representing the photo itself with a 3D printed model, I quite liked the idea of a 3D way to print a 2D photo... I describe 2 different techniques in this post and you'll find the source code for the sketches at the end. Anatomy of a Program. This tutorial is for Processing version 2.0+.

Anatomy of a Program

If you see any errors or have comments, please let us know. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. Getting 2D outline from 3D shapes. - Processing 2.x and 3.x Forum. Hi all, I'm trying to “transform” random 3D shapes into 2D polygons.

Getting 2D outline from 3D shapes. - Processing 2.x and 3.x Forum

Maybe I just haven’t found the right wording or technique yet, but I have no idea where to start looking for a solution to this problem. Adobe Illustrator blend tool in processing - Processing 2.x and 3.x Forum. Processing.js projects @ nihongoresources. Rose window – a 3d parametric model in Processing. “Rose window” is a 3d parametric model in Processing (version on Open Processing has the keyboard keys, since there was a problem with uploading the sliders on the screen). It’s rendered with P3D and exportable into a .dxf file. Seed of life was an inspiration for this particular piece. Interaction with the model happens via sliders on the screen.

It’s basically a developed attempt to create 3d parametric models available online, so that non-designers can create their own forms. Of course, the forms are “their own” only to some extend, since the “abstract form” is predefined by functions and interaction programmed. GuruBlog. In part2 I installed the alternative chdk-firmware on my Canon A-490 cameras, because they allow to trigger the autofocus and the shutter function by using a USB cable.

To Trigger these functions you need a cable that connects and disconnects the +5V line of a USB cable. The Data lines of the cable aren't used. For my bookscanner I need to take a picture of the right and the left page of the book at the same time so I hooked up two usb-micro connectors to an USB-A connector and added a switch on the +5V cable. Fun Programming - video tutorials to learn creative coding. Echophon’s gists. Computational Color. If you expect to come out of this class knowing simple rules like “red is for love” or “green is for happiness”, you’ll be extremely disappointed today. Color is way too subjective and dynamic to allow for so simple definitions. Actually, I’d rather stay away from telling you which colors to use when. The816. It’s Friday and that means dedicating a little bit of time to screwing around with expensive toys at work.

Here’s a remotely controlled Processing (p5.js) sketch on a NanoLumens LED cylinder. ArtBinder recently released a color search tool that allows you to search for works by color. I’m not sure whether or not they meant to leave the API open, but I’m glad they did. A Blog Exploring Digital Art: March 2012. Until I figure out how to do it better, here I use my povwriter version 0.80 library to export a processing sketch using the generativedesign library ( to PovRAY.

Alien language generator. Chris Riebschlager - Processing Sketches. Sum Some Sines - an interactive Processing sketch. The Processing Portfolio of Jerome Herr. Experiments In Processing. Experiments In Processing. The Processing Portfolio of Jerome Herr. Experiments In Processing. Creative Coding with Processing.js for Windows 8 JavaScript applications. Sketch Chair [Processing, Objects] - design, lasercut/cnc and build your own chair.. Sketch Chair by Greg Saul is a exploration in using computation and rapid manufacturing techniques to allow users to design and build their own products or in this case their own chairs. Created in Processing, the application allows users to take part in the entire process of designing and building their own chairs. Processing / Processing. Computer programming. (@codelab_fr) Vjcommunity. Connected vertices.

A Recursive Process – Page 5 – Math teacher seeking patterns. I saw this toot by Matt yesterday morning and I loved the visual of the color based on the number of steps of Euclid’s GCD algorithm. The algorithm is pretty straightforward and it’s a nice example for either using recursion or using a loop. The coloring is fun to mess with too. Tutorials, explanations, etc… A class that brings Robert Penner's easing functions into Processing. Software — giCentre. Coding Math: Episode 1 - Introduction. Fun Programming - video tutorials to learn creative coding. Beautiful Programming. A blog about algorithmic experiments in music and visual art. Sort of. Non-Real Time Analysis and Rendering. Arts numériques. Processing est un logiciel open source créé en 2001 par Benjamin Fry et Casey Reas, après leurs études au MIT sous la direction de John Maeda. Quarks Place. Amnon P5 - Experiments with Processing by Amnon Owed.

Unfolding Maps: Unfolding is a library to create interactive maps and geovisualizations in Processing and Java. Playing with pixels ! > Code créatif et interfaces web expérimentales par Gildas P. Bertbalcaen/GrenadeLamp. Articles Tagged with "hemesh" Peepproject. Ben At Work. Bryan Chung's website on digital art, entertainment design and software design. Utdallas. P&A LAB: Showreel (Graphic Coding): 2010-2014+ Do you see a pattern here? ComputationalGeometry P5 Library. Generative 3d Printing with Processing : More ideas: get creative with your interface. Processing. Processing drawings. Vector animations with Python - __del__( self ) Exporting 3d points - Processing 2.x and 3.x Forum. Sine circle test animation — /cg —

Drawing Shapes with Quadratic Vertices. The Processing Portfolio of Jerome Herr. Processing: Procedural Media Fundamentals, TCAUP ARCH506, Fall 2009. Processingで三角関数を使って球体を作る - Processing中毒者の嘔吐物. Sine animation tutorial. Flashy Programming. Cindermedusae - making generative creatures. Rectangle World – HTML5 Canvas and JavaScript: Tutorials and Experiments. Bees & Bombs. Dave Whyte. GuruBlog - processing. Using the Codeable Objects Processing Library.

FORM+CODE In Design, Art, and Architecture by Casey Reas, Chandler McWilliams, and LUST. GuruBlog. The Processing Portfolio of J. Taylor O'Connor. Hemesh and HemeshGui [Processing] - library by Frederik Vanhoutte (@wblut) /post by Amnon Owed. The Drawing course. Using the Codeable Objects Processing Library. RasterWeb! From Processing To Painting. Steel Processing and Steel Fabrication. Processing spheres - Matthew Lewis. Mathieu 'p01' Henri: Making Realtime Audio-Visuals - JSConf.Asia 2015. Bert Balcaen. Generative Portraits with Processing.js. Tutoriel Lee Byron Mesh. Creative Coding - Till Nagel. Sine circle test animation — Ben Crowder. For Your Processing. Let's get Processing!