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Contemporary artists

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Modern Impressionism Paintings by Erin Hanson. Modern Metamorphosis. Tapio Mömmö is a multidisciplinary artists living and working in Finland.

Modern Metamorphosis

After graduation from art school in 2011, he began working out of his own studio creating both oil and digital paintings. Tapio says his passion for digital painting is fueled by the capability to work quickly and intuitively with digital tools – creating on his computer allows very clean, precise results. Tapio says it’s also refreshing to work with two different techniques. Tapio’s inspiration to create come to him while he creates, and he never plans his artworks out in advance. For him, creating is about the joy of discovery, and watching accidents transform into something interesting, something beautiful. PATAKK. PATAKK. One line drawing. Paolo Ceric’s amazing images are created of a single line.

One line drawing

Having a certain passion for graphic and digital effects, the Croatian artist loves to play around and explore the connection between real world and what computer codes can produce. To create these images of one line and actually adding depth to the picture the line spacing is larger in bright areas, while the lines are closer in dark areas. He stumbled across this kind of image representation by chance and was immediately fascinated. After he had been creating the images by hand Ceric decided to rather use a computer code. Drawings. Drawing machine on Behance. Yoshitoshi Kanemaki. This summer we are proud to announce the first Empty Kingdom Art Show at 111 Minna.

Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

Within the show will be a host of fantastic artists, one of whom is Alicia Martin Lopez. Alicia works with both digital painting and oil, which she describes rather well. Her work is mysterious and other worldly, she herself is intelligent and well spoken. Check out her art and interview! Please introduce yourself. The most valuable lesson I learned is that there is nothing better than a deadline and the fear of showing your work in public to force you to get it done! Bruno Walpoth - Artist. Aron Demetz official website. Gehard demetz. Artist Spotlight : Bruno Walpoth. Outstanding sculptures made by Italian sculptor/artist Bruno Walpoth.

Artist Spotlight : Bruno Walpoth

Robert Delaunay. . Franziskus-Wendels-Startseite. Flow painting (Arnaud Florentin) David schnell david david schnell - Google Images. Benjamin Nachtwey. Jeremy Mann. Claire Elan. David Agenjo. Gregory Thielker . com. Edward B. Gordon. Jennifer Anderson. Aldo Balding. Zin Lim. « return to Paintings Born in Seoul, South Korea, Zin Lim received a B.F.A. in Industrial Design (Environmental) from Hong Ik University, Seoul in 2000.

Zin Lim

In that same year, Lim moved to the San Francisco Bay Area. He received a 2nd B.F.A. in 2003 and M.F.A. in 2006 for Fine Art: Figurative Painting from Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Zin Lim dedicated his school time to achieve solid craftsmanship in representational oil painting. Simultaneously, he spent the half of the time for Non-Representational realm, because Lim believes that each of these disparate structures is not only complements the other but also increases space of creative potentiality between them. Exhibitions: Bay Area Influence, Wendt Gallery, Laguna Beach, CAEmerald Spring National Juried Show, Emerald Art Center, Springfield, ORAmerican Splash 2008 Juried National Show, Old Post Office Museum & Art Center, Graham, TX4 Person Show, 79 New Montgomery Gallery, San Francisco, CA Awards: Publications: Education: Eduardo Mata Icaza. Philip Barlow. Maxwell Doig. Gloria DeArcangelis. Thomas Saliot. Flow Painting. Flow painting (Arnaud Florentin) Disruptions.

'Study for Portrait II (after the Life Mask of William Blake)', Francis Bacon. FLOW HUBLOT Ordinateur. Duarte Vitoria. Eric Zener - Paintings - Galleries. Edward hopper. Simon Schubert. "Ich versuche Bilder für Dinge zu finden, die man so nicht mit Worten umschreiben kann" INTERVIEW mit Simon Schubert. Nicht mit Facebook verbundennicht mit Twitter verbundennicht mit Google+verbunden Der Kölner Künstler Simon Schubert hat eine einzigartige Ausdrucksform entwickelt: Durch eine besondere Falttechnik verwandelt er Papier in erstaunliche Relief-Bilder.

"Ich versuche Bilder für Dinge zu finden, die man so nicht mit Worten umschreiben kann" INTERVIEW mit Simon Schubert

Meist sind es Innenräume, die er mit dieser außergewöhnlichen Vorgehensweise – das genaue Verfahren ist geheim – festhält. Durch die Faltungen entsteht die Wirkung eines Negativabdrucks eines Raumes, etwa so, wie man es als Kind häufig getan hat, wenn man eine Münze unter ein Blatt Papier gelegt und diese mit Bleistift abschraffiert hat. Ein ähnlicher Effekt entsteht auch bei Simon Schubert: Es wird ins Papier hineingestaltet, durch Faltung wird in der weißen Fläche eine räumlich wirkende Struktur geschaffen, die sich durch das Licht- und Schattenspiel plastisch vor den Augen des Betrachters – im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes – entfaltet. Untitled (mirrored hallways), 150×150 cm, 2011. Markus Fräger - Paintings, Drawings, Photographs. Parklandschaft-2. Xenia Hausner. Françoise Nielly - Artist. Simon Birch: Acclaimed Hong Kong Artist. Simon birch - Google -Images. Andrew Salgado. Aaron horkey auf Tumblr. Nikos Gyftakis.

Tim Biskup.