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Guess the Lighting - A Photography Lighting Blog

Guess the Lighting - A Photography Lighting Blog

Stuck In Customs | HDR Photography, Travel Photography and Camera Reviews 50 Great Photographers You Should Know (with portfolios) Lots of wonderful things happen around us all the time; being able to see is easy, but being able to capture that very moment is probably the hardest part. A good photo comprise of many things, not only you must hit the shutter at the right time and moment, the perspective, composition and color coordination plays a big role too. Being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. This weekend, we want you introduce you some of the greatest photographers around the globe and their awesome portfolios. Note: All photos used in this article are property of their respective photographers. Ciril Jazbec “Do everything for what you dream or think that is in your strengths! David Lindsey Wade. Senol Zorlu. presents selected photographers by Senol Zorlu. Lee Towndrow. Lyndon Wade. Kalle Gustafsson Henrik Knudsen Yuri Yasuda Koen Demuynck Sarah Cheng-De Winne. Dimitris Theocharis Luigi Bussolati Edlo Kawa Cornelia Adams. Simon Hoegsberg Tom Kan Thomas Kettner.

Christian Saint Photography misskaciemarie: I'm a big fan of your work, I'd love to work together XoXo misskaciemarie. com Thank you Kacie Marie. I only do commercial shoots but I will definitely keep you in mind for anything appropriate. So, You Want to Shoot a Rock Show? Part 2 Welcome back, Phlearn Phamily! Again, my name is Brendan Shanley, and recently the team at Lost In Concert—a web-based music publication—launched a Kickstarter campaign to produce an epic 160-page book featuring amazing concert photography and artist interviews. Now I’m teaming up with Phlearn to create this article and shed some light on the world of concert photography. If you missed Part 1 be sure to check it out here. In Part 1 we covered some of the groundwork to get you into the show. Left to right, top to bottom: Nas + Moby at North Coast Music Festival, Steel Panther at House of Blues Chicago, The Weeknd at Lollapalooza I typically shoot a show with only one camera body. There’s less to keep track of and less to swing around and hit something. I shoot primarily with a Nikon D4 and a Nikon D700. I started shooting shows with a Nikon D70s and I still have it as a backup. Andrew Bird shot with a DX Nikon D70s. There are some benefits to shooting with 2 bodies. Well, mostly yea.

1000 Words Photography Magazine Blog The Ultimate Guide to Time-Lapse Photography Boy, are we excited. We’ve spent every waking moment these last months cooped up in the Photojojo Labs, working tirelessly on what can only be our greatest experiment ever. We’ve finally done it. We’ve found the key to… Time Travel. Well, time-lapse photography. So go ahead, read our guide on the ins and outs of time-lapse and start churning out your very own time-lapse videos from your photos. Then, take up your mantle in the halls of history, beside legends such as Bernard, Hoagie and Laverne, Dr. p.s. Time Lapse 101: An Overview Alright, so it’s not time-travel. Time-lapse lets you see the natural progression of time, while not having to wait through the actual length of it… so you could watch the sunset (at least, yesterday’s sunset) as you always wanted to, without staying up late to do so – and you could fit it all within a nice, brief commercial break in-between episodes of “Dr. Here’s an example of a time-lapse we put together just for you: Music by Loena Naess, who is awesome.

Cada día un fotógrafo / Fotógrafos en la red Image-stitching & virtual tour solutions » Lyon 77 Gigapixels: France’s largest photo is now available online! The largest photograph in France has just been released online and anyone can zoom in, zoom out and pan over the image. This 77-gigapixel panorama of the city of Lyon is made up from nearly 4,000 individual photos stitched together with the help of Autopano Giga software from Kolor. The photographers (De Graaf Photographes) have hidden 7 Easter eggs in the panorama, 5 of them are related to the history of Lyon. The shooting took place during the winter; the same panorama will be created over the 3 other seasons. Download the press release The stitching in Autopano Giga 3 The 3956 photos composing the panorama have been imported via the VR Drive II module of Autopano Giga. The stitching has last 20 hours on a Mac equipped with an Intel I7 processor (2x 4 cores) of 3.6Ghz, with 36Gb of RAM, a 400Gb SSD drive (raid 0) and a 3 Tb drive (raid 0). The .kro file exported from Autopano Giga weighted 360Gb. Zoom on Lyon You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

Pep Ventosa Photographs Brooke Shaden : Creating new worlds through images. This week I received an email from a most beautiful soul, asking if I would write about the topic of how to find inspiration when life is getting you down. I’m extremely empathetic and I take on others pain and joy very easily, and after reading her email, I cried for her. And if I can offer any words of advice that might be even 1% useful, well, that is how to contribute to our community. The first thing that I think needs to be clarified about artistry or inspiration or even passion is that it does not have to be who we are. Have you ever felt that way? If you need to grieve, grieve. That said, there is always a time to get back up and do what you love doing. How do I know if I am ready to jump back into finding inspiration and being motivated? If I can take a step back from my life and clearly see the bad that has happened, and insert good thoughts to combat that, I take that as a sign that I am ready to create again. I believe that anyone who seeks inspiration will find it.

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