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A Photography Lighting BlogGuess the Lighting - A Photography Lighting Blog

A Photography Lighting BlogGuess the Lighting - A Photography Lighting Blog

Bulkka | Arts+Culture THE DAY AFTER YOU DIE Conscientious Articles Contemporary Photographers Diane Meyer May 6, 2013 – According to the artist, Diane Meyer’s Time Spent That Might Otherwise Be Forgotten “is based on photographs taken at various points in my life and arranged by location. Book Reviews, Photobooks Review: Naked by Rimaldas Viksraitis May 3, 2013 – A few years ago, Rimaldas Viksraitis won the Discovery Award at the Arles photography festival for his work in the Lithuanian countryside, depictions of scenes that for many critics and viewers brought to mind photographers like Boris Mikhailov or Richard Billingham. Review: Kiev by The Sochi Project Apr 26, 2013 – The release of smaller, purely photo-centric books, has been a part of The Sochi Project for the past years now. Archives » Conscientious Extended Longer articles and interviews about fine-art photography and extended interviews with its leading practitioners. The Ethics of Street Photography By Joerg Colberg | Apr 3, 2013 Conscientious Extended »

A Photo Editor GREATER MIDDLE EAST PHOTO | Photography Online Der Greif Ottawa photographer Tony Fouhse blog | Ottawa photographer Tony Fouhse tonyfoto/drool Last week I briefly touched upon how shooting projects where you have gone right to the edge, in terms of what’s at stake, can skew what seems important. Perhaps that post, brief as it was, was the best I could put it (because it was brief). But I’ll try to (briefly) expand on those thoughts here. Here goes . . . After you’ve shot, been immersed in, a project that is dangerous to your well-being, that has pushed you to the edge of sanity, where the effects of the shooting drive, like a nail, into your brain, where do you go from there? My motel room, Ohio, 2004 (from American States) In a way a project that has that effect on you is like falling in love. Bush, 2010 (from USER) But that first blush never lasts. Site of the operation, April 6, 2011 (from LIVE THROUGH THIS) And one thing always leads to another. Juno, army mascot, 2014 (from Official Ottawa) from Gerontion - T.S. STRAYLIGHT has 2 new publications on offer . . . . Cover Page spreads Pulled apart and pasted to a wall

What's the Jackanory? Another Fine Hetherington™ jannike viveka. | photography. sex. fashion. art. P H O T O J O U R N A L I S M L I N K S Prison Photography | The Image / Incarceration / Representation / Media / Social Justice / Responsible Photography