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Fashion sales, privates sales at BrandAlley. Designer Clothes

Fashion sales, privates sales at BrandAlley. Designer Clothes
Warehouse Up to 60% off Chic wardrobe updates for women who love fashion from the cult, trend-driven London brand Sale ends 21st April Spring Knitwear Up to 70% off Essential spring looks, including key jersey pieces from A Postcard From Brighton, Y London and more Sale ends 21st April Hugo Von Eyck Up to 85% off Luxury timepieces for men and women Sale ends 21st April Rodgers & Rodgers Up to 60% off Exquisite, modern handmade jewellery with carefully chosen semi-precious stones Sale ends 21st April Love From Australia Up to 60% off Gorgeous styles for mum and cute, 'mini-me' looks that are kind to growing feet Sale ends 21st April Curvy Kate Up to 60% off Gorgeous lingerie with a feel-good philosophy Sale ends 21st April

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Photography: Surprise! Nick Knight's Instagram feed is better than yours Nick Knight: Instagram Feed I think it’s really cool when great photographers have really fantastic Instagram feeds. I mean, if you were a DJ you wouldn’t publish your shit mix tapes would you? When photography big dog Nick Knight’s not switching on the wind machine and putting another shirt on Kanye West, he devotes his time to building up a seriously impressive Instagram feed.

Sign Up - Beyond the Rack "Thank you so much, I am very pleased with your service, and your customer service. I'm very happy with the way you handle issues. People always complain, but it's important to notice good actions. Publication: London's architecture according to astonishingly talented illustrator Thibaud Herem Christmas came early yesterday afternoon when the lovely Thibaud Herem came to visit us bearing his beautiful new publication and a whole load of original drawings for us to gawp at. To many people, Thibaud is ‘the guy who draws those amazingly detailed buildings’ and that’s fine, because that’s what he is. What I mean by this is that nobody else in the entire illustration world, nay world, creates anything like Thibaud. Going through Rotring pens faster than cups of coffee and sometimes spending over 200 hours drawing one building, Thibaud is something of a miracle worker. NoBrow, who published this beauty of a book, gave Thibaud complete freedom with the layout allowing him to design exactly the kind of publication he needed to put across his enormous, scale drawings of London’s most curious buildings across. The result is a Tiffany-blue, hardback beauty with thick, concertina pages for you to pull out and have your mind blown over and over again.

New Cut and Contoured Map Portrait by Ed Fairburn Artist Ed Fairburn continues to push his creative limits with these new map portraits. In the piece shown above, a Bristol street map has been carefully cut and drawn on, revealing the side of a woman's face. The map can turn into an envelope, which results in a combination of the map works Fairburn usually produces and a project he had previously worked on that involved postal art. In another new work, Fairburn marries two previous techniques, as well.

School Gym Transformed Into Island with Permanent Marker The amazing things that artists can do with a simple pen or pencil are limitless. So it's not surprising, although it is especially impressive, to see this detailed island landscape created completely with a black permanent marker. Entitled Oiwa Island 2, the public art installation was drawn by Brazilian artist Oscar Oiwa on plastic sheets that covered the walls and floors of an abandoned school gym on Ibuki Island.

Deadpan Comedy: Surreal Drawing of a Dystopian Future by Samuel Gomez While visiting ArtPrize this weekend I was captivated by this amazing graphite and ink drawing by New York artist Samuel Gomez. The surreal triptych titled Deadpan Comedy measures 18 x 5 feet and is meant as commentary on the negative effects of corporations and capitalism. Even standing in front of it I found it nearly impossible to identify every single detail as the piece is so dense with imagery and symbolism. You can see more of Gomez’s work over on Behance or Facebook.

Art Meets Mathematics: Dizzying Geometric GIFs by David Whyte In 2011, Dublin-based physics student David Whyte began a Tumblr called Bees & Bombs where he posted humorous images and quirky GIFs of his own creation, borrowing heavily from videos and pop culture icons. One day he decided to start playing with Processing, a popular open source programming language designed to help create images, animation, and various computer interactions. His background in mathematics and physics greatly enhanced his understanding of motion and geometry and it wasn’t long before he was churning out some of the most popular animations shared on Tumblr. Whyte’s minimalistic use of shapes and color places an increased emphasis on motion, and leaves one somewhat dumbstruck at how he conceives of each image. In a somewhat rare move he happens to be quite open about his methods and frequently posts source code and tips to help other artists.

Calligraphy Blends with Different Mediums to Create Incredibly Striking Art - My Modern Met As a young child, Jake Weidmann had a fascination with handwriting. His mother had a beautiful cursive style, and Jake loved how it looked when her letters were fluidly linked together on a page. Unlike many of us, he knew, at a very young age, what he wanted to be when he grew up. It was during his childhood that he decided to become an artist, making a personal vow that every time he put pen to paper, the results would be beautiful. During college, he incessantly developed his handwriting, so much so that almost anyone who saw his works would stop and take notice. Fellow college students would ask him to design their tattoos and wedding invitations.

New Plywood Mosaics by Aske Moscow-based graffiti artist Aske created this colorfully striking series of plywood artworks for the Faces & Laces Street Culture Show earlier this month. See much more via his site and learn more about the process over at Creative Review. People Skewered with Geometric Shapes by Aakash Nihalani A number of new works today from artist Aakash Nihalani (previously) who has been skewering subjects in Brooklyn with his geometric figures made from neon tape as part of a new body of work called Landline. You can follow much of the artists newest work on his blog Eye Scream Sunday.

Harriet Lee-Merrion’s mesmerising narrative illustration Harriet Lee-Merrion’s emotionally charged, complex and thoughtful work is absolutely breathtaking. Mostly rendered in black and white but with occasional flashes of pastel colours, Harriet’s compositions combine traditional Japanese influences with strikingly modern and dream-like imagery. We love her fine, delicate strokes, and the magnifying bubbles which subtly reveal complex emotional narratives. Harriet is part of the Beginning, Middle, End collective, a group of Falmouth-based illustrators who frequently publish a hand-bound publication of sparse narrative strips, which is well worth a look at. Harriet’s drawings are simply beautiful, and it is easy to get lost in the stories contained in her thoughtful, evocative lines. Harriet Lee Merrion: Untitled (detail)