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Yoann Lemoine

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Dancers Among Us: Photo Series Documents Conspicuous Public Dancing « How-To News Dancing! Apparently, it can be done anywhere! That's the impression one gets when looking at Jordan Matter's captivating photo series, Dancers Among Us, anyway. What's the oddest place you've danced? Urban Evolution | Our Warmup is Your Gym's Workout Parkour (“Park-oar”, or maybe “par-core” but never “park hour” and if you try and put “hardcore” in front of it, we’ll punch you) is a training methodology which focuses on movement in both natural and urban environments. The focus is to move over, under, around, and through obstacles elegantly, and with efficiency. So maybe you’ve heard of parkour before, and even seen some pictures or videos labeled as parkour, but what exactly is parkour? This video might help you understand! It’s not strictly defined by any particular workout or conditioning regimen. It’s more about finding the way to keep improving and eventually reach your greatest physical potential. So it does have its philosophical side, but here at Urban Evolution, we’ve come up a variety of ways to challenge you and hone your skills in a safe and fun environment. Urban Evolution offers many other classes as well. To get started, sign up for one of our 2-Hour Intro to Parkour sessions.

The Only Guide You Will Ever Need to Art Nouveau So a few of you shamelessly encouraged me to discuss Art Nouveau. I don't think you guys even knew what you were getting into. I love Art Nouveau. It's quite easily the single greatest influence on my art and general aesthetic... ever. And because I'm me, I couldn't just be like OH HERE ARE SOME PRETTY PICTURES. No. I should disclaim, before I start, that I am not an art historian. ART NOUVEAU 101(Or: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Art Nouveau But Didn't Know To Ask Because No One Ever Told You How Awesome It Was) Part One: Art Nou-What The Fuck? Chances are, you are asking yourself right now "what the fuck is Art Nouveau?" By Alphonse Mucha That, at least superficially, is your answer. A Brief History of Art Nouveau Let's take a trip back in time. Alphonse Mucha was a beast. The thing about Art Nouveau that makes it so amazing is that it's just so different from everything that came before it. That's a design by Art Nouveau architect Hector Guimard. Print by Katsuka Hokusai Dance

TotallyCoolPix Zena Holloway | Underwater Photographer & Director Zena Holloway is a professional commercial photographer commissioned internationally for advertising, commercials and editorials. Galleries and films include iconic underwater images of mermaids, free divers, water babies and dancers. Tarik Mikou - Print, Design n' Photography! ` tarik mikou ` Tarik Mikou - Montreal based creations for music artists, movie posters, print! - tarik mikou - Tarik Mikou - Montreal based creations for music artists, print, movie posters, stage and environement design! Corsetry by Maya Hansen - La Corsetteria di Maya Hansen ¤ non solo Kawaii © Maya Hansen - Cake-Corsets, Photo Marcelo Aquilio Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen (1978, Madrid) è una giovane fashion designer specializzata nelle produzione di raffinata corsetteria; non troverete mai nelle sue collezioni dei corsetti semplici, ma la ricchezza è il punto focale delle sue eclettiche creazioni che accontentano tutte e tutti gli amanti dell’intimo, anche se nascondere questi meravigliosi indumenti è un vero peccato, tanto che molte VIP hanno deciso di sfoggiare i corsetti bene in vista. Maya Carbajal Alex-Hansen (1978, Madrid) is a young fashion designer specialized in the production of refined corsetry; you will never find simple corsets in her collections, but the richness is the strong point of her eclectic creations that satisfy all the underwear lovers, even if it’s a pity to hide these wonderful garments, so that many VIPs have decided to show off the corset in full view. © Maya Hansen - Wild Rose Couture Corset © Maya Hansen - Maria Antoniette © Maya Hansen - Pink Queen

Matt Wisniewski Stanford Artificial Intelligence Laboratory

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