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La Company - Agence de photographes

La Company - Agence de photographes

Tao Liu TIME recently featured the brilliant work of Tao Liu, a 32-year-old street photographer based in Hefei, China. I’ve selected a bunch of my favourite images from his blog, below. Tao Liu’s Website Jeff Hamada is the Founder and Editor of Booooooom. He lives and works in Vancouver. SCHIERKE PHOTOGRAPHERS The AGENCY SCHIERKE ARTISTS MANAGEMENT offers international top photographers, illustrators, creatives and stylists. Each of them unique in their expression and vision - offering the broadest spectrum creativity to clients in order to fit their projects specific needs. SCHIERKE ARTISTS MANAGEMENT has gained a unique and leading position in the European market operating since over 30 years ago in the advertising, editorial and art fields. Our services include: full photo shoot productioncreative services full range of services to our artists to build their careers support and development for our artists exhibitions and publications Please do not hesitate to contact our offices if you are looking for further details or information regarding the SCHIERKE ARTISTS MANAGEMENT network. Office FrankfurtBornheimer Landstraße 52-5460316 Frankfurt am Main, GermanyPhone: + 49 69 17 00 200Fax: +49 69 17 00 20 Office ParisPhone +33 603 31 86

Transit- Collectif de photographes Collectif Essenci'Elles Lars Botten Photographer - Signatures, maison de photographes : Accueil S'inscrire Est-ce ainsi que les femmes vivent ? Une exposition de Marie Dorigny Si le Népal est devenu une république démocratique en 2008, les conditions de vie des femmes sont d’une violence inouïe. Ici, comme dans beaucoup d’autres pays, les femmes sont les premières à être exposées aux difficultés. Exposition présentée dans le cadre du festival Photoreporter du 19 octobre au 11 novembre 2013 Maison du Festival, Saint-Brieuc Plus d’informations sur le site du festival : cliquer (...) Rohingyas, une minorité sans voix Une exposition de Bruno Amsellem Exposition accompagnée d’une conférence du magazine Femmes en résistance : « Pour échapper au mâle de l’info ». Néo-nomades, campements et bords de route Une exposition de Ferjeux van der Stigghel Projet photographique réalisé pour le Forum Vies Mobiles dans le cadre du projet collectif et interdisciplinaire « noLand’s man : enquête sur les pratiques et les valeurs d’un peuple invisible ».

picture tank | home Chiho Aoshima | Artists | Kaikai Kiki Co., Ltd. Chiho Aoshima Using Bezier curves, Chiho Aoshima creates extraordinary worlds populated with ghosts, zombies, and teenage girls. Debuting in the art scene with no formal art training, Chiho Aoshima’s work transcends traditional techniques of representation. Her work is printable on any surface; from canvas bags to giant wallpaper installations. Aoshima’s work has garnered international renown with a number of high profile projects. In 2004, she was invited to participate in the 54th Carnegie International at the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, where she unveiled her largest wallpaper piece to date, measuring 106 feet (32.5m ) in length by 15 feet (4.8m ) in height. In a solo show in 2005, Aoshima presented both her first sculptural work and a 5-screen 7-minute animation piece.

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