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Windows 8 market share bumps along at number 4, says new study. Five months in: Windows 8′s market share finally surpasses desktop Linux. After gaining just 0.4% of the PC market in February, Windows 8 positively exploded in March, gaining another 0.5% of the market — an astronomical growth rate of almost 20%.

Five months in: Windows 8′s market share finally surpasses desktop Linux

This means that Windows 8 now commands no less than 3.1% of the PC market — a comfortable distance ahead of desktop Linux. Windows RT is failing to win market share. As Microsoft gears up to officially launch its Surface RT tablet in Russia and Singapore this week, moves by a number of its hardware partners to discount their own Windows RT devices suggest that the operating system is failing to gain a foothold in the market and that consumers are not interested.

Windows RT is failing to win market share

A stripped down version of Windows 8, Windows RT was developed to run on the ARM chip architecture associated with low-powered mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Conceived as a direct competitor to Google's Android and Apple's iOS operating systems, Windows RT mimics the look and feel of Windows 8 but is incapable of running full Windows applications or indeed legacy apps.

In fact it is only capable of running apps from the RT section of the Windows App Store. Microsoft officially launched the Surface RT tablet in October 2012 and it has been on sale, primarily via its own website and retail stores, since November. Windows Phone still fails in the enterprise, says Citrix report. Windows Phone still hasn't managed the crack the enterprise, and has only a 7% share in new adoptions in corporations, according to a recent report by Citrix.

Windows Phone still fails in the enterprise, says Citrix report

That number hasn't budged since the last report, showing Microsoft still hasn't managed to figure out how get corporations to buy into the platform. The report only includes iOS, Android, and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile devices, leaving out BlackBerry, which means that Windows Phone (and iOS and Android) true share of the enterprise market is smaller than the report shows. Citrix compiled the report based on data it gathered from customers who use Citrix cloud-based enterprise mobility management tools. BlackBerry has its own means of deployment, and so isn't included in the report. The report says that Microsoft has a 7% market share in new adoptions, compared to 58% for iOS and 35% for Android. iOS gained two points compared to last quarter, while Android lost two points, and Windows Phone/Windows Mobile was unchanged.

What the coming end of Windows XP means for Windows 8′s market share. As you might have read today, the formal end of support for Windows XP is now a single year away.

What the coming end of Windows XP means for Windows 8′s market share

In short, come next April 8th 2014, Microsoft will no longer maintain XP. That means no more security updates and the like. When Microsoft cuts off an operating system, users can continue to employ it, but security-conscious folks – such as large companies – will likely have to make the leap to something newer. The leap to what, is the question. Currently, many enterprise companies are continuing upgrade cycles to Windows 7; Microsoft has guided firms in the middle of such a transition to finish the process, and not stop for a switch to Windows 8.

Market Share. Windows 8 may not be setting the PC landscape on fire, but at least it's heating up some gains in market share.

Market Share

The latest flavor of Windows scored a market share of 2.26 percent in January, as recorded by Web tracker Net Applications. That showed a slow but steady rise from 1.72 percent in December and 1.09 percent in November. Windows 8 has been floating around for a while as beta and preview editions became available, but the official release debuted at the end of October. January's numbers showed Windows 8 in fifth place among the various operating system versions, just behind Mac OS X 10.8 with a 2.44 percent share. Blue screen with this error code: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR,

Hi, Check to see if this Hotfix applies to your system.

Blue screen with this error code: KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR,

You receive various Stop error messages in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 when you try to resume a computer that has a large SATA hard disk. To use BlueScreenView, MyEventViewer, and other methods to troubleshoot BlueScreens see this thread - top 3 replies. Crash List - Created by using BlueScreenView The second parameter being - 0xC000009D = The controller does not see the hard drive due to a bad drive or cabling problem. The primary causes of this error are virus/malware, drivers, memory, and disk corruption. BCCode: 7A 0x0000007A Cause Frequently, you can determine the cause of the KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR bug check from the error status (Parameter 2).

These status codes are the most common ones that have specific causes. Another common cause of this error message is defective hardware or failing RAM. A virus infection can also cause this bug check. Resolution Check that all the adapter cards in the computer are properly seated.