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Créer une application web PHP-MySQL dans Azure App Service et la déployer à l’aide de FTP. Ce didacticiel vous indique comment créer une application web PHP-MySQL et comment la déployer à l’aide de FTP.

Créer une application web PHP-MySQL dans Azure App Service et la déployer à l’aide de FTP

Il part du principe que vous avez installé PHP, MySQL, un serveur Web et un client FTP sur votre ordinateur. Les instructions de ce didacticiel s'appliquent à n'importe quel système d'exploitation, notamment Windows, Mac et Linux. À la fin de ce guide, vous disposerez d’une application web PHP/MySQL s’exécutant dans Azure. Vous apprendrez à effectuer les opérations suivantes : création d’une application web et d’une base de données MySQL à l’aide du portail Azure (PHP étant activé par défaut dans Web Apps, l’exécution de votre code PHP ne requiert aucune action particulière) ; publier votre application sur Azure avec FTP.

En suivant ce didacticiel, vous allez générer une application web d’inscription simple dans PHP. Créer une application web et configurer la publication FTP Pour créer une application web et une base de données MySQL, suivez la procédure ci-après : Configuration d'une build Ant ou Maven dans TFS. Créez un plan de test. Create test plans to track manual testing for sprints or milestones.

Créez un plan de test

That way you can see when the testing for a specific sprint or milestone is complete. If you haven't already, create your team project and create your backlog.In Visual Studio Online, select your team project. (If you haven't been here before, use Browse all.) Go to the Test hub. Create a test plan for your current sprint. Now you've created a requirement-based test suite for each backlog item. Q:Can I group my requirement-based test suites together? A:Yes. Q:What are query-based test suites ? A:Use a query to group together test cases that have a particular characteristic - for example, all the tests that have Priorty=1. Q:Can I edit other properties of a test plan from the test hub? Build your Eclipse projects.

Build your Java projects in the cloud with Ant or Maven and Visual Studio Online.

Build your Eclipse projects

Connect to Visual Studio Online If you haven't already, install the Eclipse plug-in for Team Explorer Everywhere 2013 Update 1. (Show me how.)Show the team explorer views. You'll just use the team explorer here. In the team explorer view, connect to Visual Studio Online. Set up your build If you haven't already, upload the code that you're going to build. Since this is a CI build, a build is started every time you push a commit to one of the branches in your source settings tab.

Q:I want to use Ant to build my app in Visual Studio Online, but I'm not using it now. Create a REST API with Attribute Routing in Web API 2. Web API 2 supports a new type of routing, called attribute routing.

Create a REST API with Attribute Routing in Web API 2

For a general overview of attribute routing, see Attribute Routing in Web API 2. In this tutorial, you will use attribute routing to create a REST API for a collection of books. The API will support the following actions: All methods are read-only (HTTP GET requests). For the data layer, we'll use Entity Framework. IDTitleGenrePublication datePriceDescriptionAuthorID (foreign key to an Authors table) For most requests, however, the API will return a subset of this data (title, author, and genre). Prerequisites Visual Studio 2013 or Visual Studio Express 2013 Create the Visual Studio Project Start by running Visual Studio. In the Templates pane, select Installed Templates and expand the Visual C# node. In the New ASP.NET Project dialog, select the Empty template. PHP website with MySQL and WebMatrix - Azure tutorial. This tutorial shows you how to use WebMatrix to develop and deploy a PHP-MySQL application to an Azure Website.

PHP website with MySQL and WebMatrix - Azure tutorial

WebMatrix is a free web development tool from Microsoft that includes everything you need for website development. WebMatrix supports PHP and includes intellisense for PHP development. This tutorial assumes you have MySQL installed on your computer so that you can test an application locally. However, you can complete the tutorial without having MySQL installed. Instead, you can deploy your application directly to Azure Websites. PHP and MySQL on Windows Azure: Getting Started and Deploying with Git. By now, I'm sure you've heard of SitePoint's and Windows Azure's Push The Web Forward contest.

PHP and MySQL on Windows Azure: Getting Started and Deploying with Git

If not, it's a contest that requires you to sign up for a trial account on Windows Azure, and deploy any app there to be eligible for a draw in which you can win up to $3000 per app. You can even check out the current entries by visiting the gallery. As a developer, you can never have enough technologies in your toolbelt, so let's take a look at this behemoth of an environment. Setting up In this article, we'll go through the procedure of setting up a Hello World PHP app on Windows Azure and connecting it to the database on that very environment. MSDN Subscriber Downloads.