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Robyn Exterior Door: Pivot Door Company. Wood Type Choosing a Wood Species...

Robyn Exterior Door: Pivot Door Company

We offer a range of wood species to go standard with our doors. If you would like something other than what we have, in most cases we can source other wood types that are not listed below, though prices will vary. As you decide which wood you'll choose, the most important factor is how the wood species goes with the overall design of the door and your project. If you have specific questions about what wood to choose that are not answered here, feel free to reach out to us. Our Standard Selection Mahogany (Sapele) This exotic reddish-brown wood is desired for its rarity, strength, and beauty. Walnut Walnut wood is strong, hard, and exceptionally durable, without being excessively heavy. Red Oak Oak wood is strong, durable, and resistant to moisture. Cherry Grown in the eastern half of the United States, Cherry was often used in original colonial American furniture-making.

White Oak Knotty Alder. Windows, Windsor Windows, Custom Windows, Solid Wood, CAOBA Windows, Wall Systems on Doors for Builders. Lift & Slide hardware allows even the largest panels to be moved with the touch of a finger.

Windows, Windsor Windows, Custom Windows, Solid Wood, CAOBA Windows, Wall Systems on Doors for Builders

The panels ride smoothly and efficiently within their tracks. Low rise & flush mount track configurations are available. Screening Options are available for both the Vista View and Lift & Slide Wall Systems. Both Units can be automated or operated manually. Lift and Slide Systems utilize an interlock system that allow the doors to nest in the closed position.

Lift & Slide Wall Systems are another option for a seamless transition to the outdoors. Lift and Slide Patio Doors - Large Doors - Patio Doors. The Gaulhofer lift and slide patio door is the most widely used sliding door – for large openings – on the market today.

Lift and Slide Patio Doors - Large Doors - Patio Doors

We can create sliders of up to 32’ wide. Some of our sliding panels are 8’ width and more, and yet can be operated with very little effort. When the handle is turned, rollers are gently deployed which lift the operable panel very slightly. Once lifted, the panel can be rolled sideways to create stunning openings. This door has the lowest threshold of all our units.

An incredible, easily-operated door that allows you to invite the outside to become part of your living space. Lift-And-Slide Intermediate System - SYSTEM OVERVIEW. Lift -and Slide systems are ideal solution for rooms requiring a lot of sunlight or for homes where having large glass windows enables you to enjoy a complete view of the landscape, with optimal weather performance.

Lift-And-Slide Intermediate System - SYSTEM OVERVIEW

Contemporary Architectural Windows & Doors. Tilt Turn Energy Efficient Windows And Doors, Patio Doors, Exterior Doors and Windows. This ideal door system for openings larger than 8' wide and as high as 10' is the perfect system for extremely large two panel sliding configurations.

Tilt Turn Energy Efficient Windows And Doors, Patio Doors, Exterior Doors and Windows

Turn the handle and lock the door sealing it with multiple weather seals and multi point locking. Never before has sliding panels so large been so undemanding. The TILTCO LS70 door system accommodates openings as wide as 20' and as high as 10 ft. Unlike other sliding door systems the heavier the sash weight the better the weatherproof seal is when locked. If your goal is to increase the glazing in an area without impeding on the interior space, this is the ideal sliding door system. When opened, the sash raises 2-3mm on a roller type system. These configurations could be altered to fit your projects needs. LiftSlide. The Loewen LiftSlide complements other product line in terms of profiles, interior vertical grain Douglas Fir finish and exterior metal clad colors.


Created with the highest level of quality, the LiftSlide is an excellent companion product for Loewen projects offering consistent appearance, function and quality. The Loewen LiftSlide allows expansive glass panels to roll smoothly and easily during operation. This not only provides a panoramic view, it extends the living space of your home. The doors glide easily on almost-unnoticeable stainless steel "Barely There"™ tracks. With the touch of a hand, the LiftSlide mechanism effortlessly carries glass panels weighing up to 850 pounds. LiftSlide rails and stiles are comprised of three various constructions; all wood, all aluminum, and an aluminum/wood hybrid. The LiftSlide can be manufactured in straight, radius, serpentine, corner and angled configurations.

LiftSlide Cross Sections. Tilt Turn Energy Efficient Windows And Doors, Patio Doors, Exterior Doors and Windows. Contemporary Architectural Windows & Doors. Adurra - Portes et Fenêtres. Montreal - Laval - Quebec. Italdoor Manufacturer of fine wood doors. Graham Day Garage Doors. Contemporary Door Modern Stainless Steel DoorNeoporte Modern Door. Gallery of Custom Doors for High-end Contemporary Homes. Panoramic™ Bi-Folding Doors - Amberwood Doors Inc. Modern and Contemporary Doors - Doors4Home. Modernistic ideals come to life in this contemporary collection.

Modern and Contemporary Doors - Doors4Home

From Art Deco to Post Modern, this collection of exclusive designs outweighs the competition. Straightforward but still stylish, our Modern and Contemporary doors employ simple design elements to create a distinct, artistic effect. Urban Front - Contemporary front doors UK. Bigfoot Door - Mississauga, ON, CA L5W 1R4. Home. Your Solution to Complex Glass Problems. Sliding Door Company In Your Area. Folding Sliding Doors, Bi-folding Doors and French Doors. Adurra. Monarch Moveable Glass Walls and Folding Glass Doors. Barn Door Hardware From Rustica Hardware. Shop Hardware By StyleFind A Design That Matches Your Style Elegance, Form, and Function combine in a cacophany of superior craftsmanship.

Barn Door Hardware From Rustica Hardware

We have a wider range of styles than anyone. Our wide selection of Barn Door Hardware provides you with a huge amount of design choices and options to suit your needs exactly. Rustica Hardware. Sliding glass partition - All architecture and design manufacturers. Screen Doors, French Screen Doors, Screen For French Doors - BiFold Doors.

LaCantina Doors’ screening systems were the first to be designed specifically to complement large openings.

Screen Doors, French Screen Doors, Screen For French Doors - BiFold Doors

LaCantina Doors offers a choice of pleated and non-pleated integrated screening solutions to ensure you never have to compromise your experience with the outdoors. Our pleated screen offers a simple yet robust solution to protect your home from insects or debris, and as an added filter between you and the outdoors. Our non-pleated screen provides greater transparency so you never have to compromise your views. The blind option provides complete privacy and improves energy efficiency by deflecting harmful UV rays and reducing heat transfer.

Fleetwood - Custom Luxury Windows & Doors. Glass Pivot Doors. Ask: "What am I trying to accomplish with my entrance?

Glass Pivot Doors

" Products. Contemporary - Shalwin. Highest Energy Star Most Efficient Rating. Fabricant installateur au Québec depuis 1957. Highest Energy Star Most Efficient Rating.