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For the Heroes: A Pep Talk From Kid President. Aziza Chaouni: How I brought a river, and my city, back to life. Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Printer-friendly version Unsung Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Beneath the surface of many landmark Supreme Court decisions, including Gayle v. Browder, are fascinating stories about everyday people who had the courage to bring legal action against injustice. 1. Have your students conduct research projects about the following cases that resulted in historic rulings affecting civil rights. Specifically, ask your students to investigate the stories behind the cases.

Who were the plaintiffs and how did their names become part of legal and civil rights history? Plessy v. For resources on these cases, you can turn to the Washburn School of Law’s Brown v. You may also want to extend the scope of this activity by including famous civil liberties cases, such as Gideon v. 2. 3. Two African American women who made important contributions were Fannie Lou Hamer and and Ella Baker. The women of the Civil Rights Movement were fighting discrimination on two fronts. Unsung Heroes Like This Make Us Believe There's Good In The World. Here's to the people who do what's right. Not for the recognition, and not because they believe it will enrich them financially, but because they know life is better when you pay it forward. That's the basis of "Unsung Hero," a tearjerker of an ad Thai Life Insurance released Thursday.

In the three-minute segment, an unnamed protagonist takes a small amount of time each day to help those around him. A neglected plant gets a little extra water, a woman gets a helping hand, and a needy child gets some money. "What does he get in return for doing this every day? " a narrator asks. He then answers, jarringly: "He gets nothing. "What he does receive are emotions," the narrator continues. The spot then asks, "And in your life? Watch Thai Life Insurance's "Unsung Hero" ad above. 5 Unsung Heroes Who Shaped Modern Life. By Maria Popova What 1920s rope-skipping has to do with the birth of paleontology, restaurant entrepreneurship, and Oprah. One of history’s greatest downfalls is its asymmetry of acclaim, catapulting some figures into legend status while leaving others, even those of great cultural contribution, behind as mere footnotes.

Today, we turn to five such unsung heroes whose work and legacy shaped fundamental aspects of modern life. When Henrietta Lacks (1920-1951), an African-American mother of five who migrated from the tobacco farms of Virginia to poorest neighborhoods of Baltimore, died at the tragic age of 31 from cervical cancer, she didn’t realize she’d be the donor of cells that would create the HeLa immortal cell line — a line that didn’t die after a few cell divisions — making possible some of the most seminal discoveries in modern medicine. Henrietta and David Lacks, circa 1945. Deborah Lacks at about age four. “Master Birdman.” Donating = Loving Share on Tumblr. Thank You Mom | Pick Them Back Up | Ads Worth Spreading | Watch. Ads Worth Spreading: 10 great ads from 2014 that communicate ideas. An image we love from one of our Ads Worth Spreading honorees. Today’s viewing audiences are far too sophisticated for advertisements full of fake doctors, the word “sale” flashing on repeat, and tight clothing on attractive models.

Today, we want ads to actually speak to us—to connect to our hopes and dreams, to flip our thinking in unexpected ways and to reflect the world we’d like to see around us. And we know that advertising can offer this because, every once in a while, we find ourselves cracking up or reaching for a tissue after watching a commercial that connects with us. For four years running, TED has honored 10 commercials that operate on this higher level, offering up bold ideas, real emotions and inspiring visions.

Each year, a panel of TED speakers, staff and advertising industry insiders select 10 Ads Worth Spreading, honoring innovation and smart thinking in advertising. Below, check out our picks for 2014. Spot: Click, Baby, Click! Hawa Abdi + Deqo Mohamed: Mother and daughter doctor-heroes. Plastic Bank: Harvesting Waste Plastic to Reduce Poverty Through 3D Re-purpose Center for Social Plastic & Ocean Bound Plastic. Unsung Heroes - The Story of America's Female Patriots. 12 Unsung Heroes Who Will Inspire You To Be A Better Person.

About Us - New Unsung Heroes | New Unsung Heroes. In 1999, during a private audience with His Holiness, the Dalai Lama, Dick Grace of Grace Family Foundation shared the kernel of an idea he was formulating: Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could do a better job of transforming our contemplative practice into compassionate action. His Holiness enthusiastically embraced the idea replying, “We have to work hard on that.” As anyone who has met him knows, the phrase “work hard” is music to Dick’s ears, particularly when the aim of that work is to alleviate the suffering of our disenfranchised brothers and sisters around the globe. Dick sprang into action, gathering friends and philanthropic “angels” willing to help him shine a light on the healing power of compassion in action. From this inspiration, the first Unsung Heroes of Compassion event was created in 2001, with subsequent events held in 2005, 2009 and 2014.

Unsung hero. Unsung Heroes | The Story of America's Female Patriots - Women in the Military. Unsung_Heroes.pdf. Unsung Heroes – Native Americans | The Freeman's Journal. Native Americans barely get recognized for how much they helped us during the battle for independence. Yes, most of them did help the British, but the few that were on our side made a huge impact.

The Oneida Indian tribe helped us Patriots a great deal. Having displayed exemplary bravery during the Oriskany and Saratoga battles, they are now known as the “First Allies.” On August 6, 1777, the Pennsylvania Journal described one Oneida Indian, han Yerry, who fought during the Oriskany battle, as: “… a friendly Indian, with his wife and son, who distinguished themselves remarkably on that occasion. The Indian killed nine of the enemy, when, having received a ball through his wrist that disabled him from using his gun, fought with his tomahawk. Tyonajanegen, Han Yerry’s wife, notified other colonists about the battle at Oriskany, after having fought during the whole six hour battle. The symbol of the Oneida tribe. The US Congress has recognized the Oneida’s contributions to the war, by stating: Native American People - Heroes and Legends. » Unsung Heroes: Encouraging Students to Appreciate Those Who Fought for Social Justice Zinn Education Project.

Ella Baker, center. 1960. Schools help teach students who “we” are. And as Howard Zinn points out in his essay “Unsung Heroes,” too often the curricular “we” are the great slaveholders, plunderers, imperialists, and captains of industry of yesteryear. Dolores Huerta “You can no more win a war, than you can win an earthquake.” —Jeannette Rankin Thus when we teach about the genocide Columbus launched against the Taínos, or Washington’s scorched-earth war on the Iroquois, or even Abraham Lincoln’s promise in his first inaugural address to support a constitutional amendment making slavery permanent in Southern states, some students may experience this new information as a personal loss. Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977) Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) It’s a question I’ve heard many times before.

Why not recall the humanitarianism of William Penn, an early colonist who made peace with the Delaware Indians instead of warring on them, as other colonial leaders were doing?” African American Empowerment Blog (AAEB): Unsung African American Heroes. J A M E S _ A R M I S T E A DP a t r i o t _ S p y Wars are rarely fought without the use of spies and the American Revolution was no exception. Arguably, the most important Revolutionary War spy was a slave named James Armistead. Born around 1748 in New Kent, Va., Armistead was given permission by his master to join the revolutionary cause. Although many fought as soldiers, blacks, both free and enslaved were being used by the British and the Americans to gain intelligence against each other. Armistead, however, was used by both sides, making him a double-agent.

In 1781, he joined the army and was put in service under the Marquis de Lafayette, who was desperately trying to fight the chaos caused in Virginia by turncoat soldier Benedict Arnold. Armistead began his work posing as an escaped slave, entering Arnold's camp as an orderly and guide, then sent what he learned back to Lafayette.

Despite his critical actions, Armistead had to petition the Virginia legislature for manumission. Unsung Heroes. Heroes of the 20th Century - Social justice. Lesson_barber_lesson_plan_0.pdf. 20 Unbelievable Human Rights Talks on TED. Who Was Ella Baker? | Ella Baker Center. “The major job was getting people to understand that they had something within their power that they could use, and it could only be used if they understood what was happening and how group action could counter violence…” - Ella Jo Baker We build on Ms. Baker’s legacy by supporting people to create solutions for one of the biggest drivers of injustice today: mass incarceration.

Private prison companies, the War on Drugs, and anti-immigrant policies are all part of an economy and justice system focused on punishment and destruction, rather than safety and prosperity. Through our Books Not Bars campaign, the Ella Baker Center successfully mobilized families of incarcerated youth to win change in California’s costly, broken youth prison system and stop the building of new jails.

Our current justice system worsens cycles of poverty, violence, and incarceration, and deepens racial and economic inequality. Wherever you are, you can join us to build safe, healthy, strong families and communities. Movers and Movements: Fighting for Social Justice in South Africa | Civil Rights Teaching. Bishop Desmond Tutu acknowledges receipt of more than 1,000,000 freedom letters on January 8, 1986 outside the South African Embassy in Washington, D.C. Photo (c) Rick Reinhard. By Brenda Randolph By studying the lives of courageous people who have worked for social justice, students can learn more than history.

They can learn how to face challenges, where to gather strength to face adversity, how to relate to other people, and how to deal with defeat. The many individuals who struggled against apartheid in South Africa live on as exemplars of extraordinary courage. During this study, it is important to remember that the anti-apartheid struggle was more than a civil rights movement. Objectives 1. 2. Materials Unsung Heroes Activity Materials including Unsung Heroes Names and Brief Bios, Unsung Heroes Clue Sheet, and Unsung Heroes Answer Sheet. Instructions This lesson begins with an Unsung Heroes Activity to introduce students to South African social justice activists. Preparation Day One 1. Rethinking Schools Online.

By Bill Bigelow Schools are identity factories. They teach students who "we" are.And as Howard Zinn points out in his essay "Unsung Heroes" toooften the curricular "we" are the great slaveholders, plunderers,imperialists, and captains of industry of yesteryear. Thus when we teach about the genocide Columbus launched againstthe Taínos, or Washington's scorched-earth war on the Iroquois,or even Abraham Lincoln's promise in his first Inaugural Addressto support a Constitutional amendment making slavery permanentin Southern states, some students may experience this new informationas a personal loss. In part, as Zinn suggests, this is becausethey've been denied a more honorable past with which to identify- one that acknowledges racism and exploitation, but also highlightscourageous initiatives for social equality and justice. An idea to revise this assignment came to me while reading StephenO'Connor's curricular memoir, Will My Name Be Shouted Out?

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. "No, I was never taught. Human Rights Campaign. Patriot Slave: Oscar Marion, an Unsung Hero of the American Revolutionary War. After finding a little-known Revolutionary War hero in her family tree, a genealogical researcher wants to restore his legacy. Legend has it that Oscar and Francis Marion grew up on the same plantation in Berkeley County, S.C., and that they played together as childhood friends in the 1730s.

Francis Marion's family owned the plantation. Oscar was a slave. They were probably about the same age, or at least of the same generation. In time, these childhood playmates would mature and, as adults, find fame as patriotic heroes and fierce guerrilla fighters in the Revolutionary War. Oscar Marion served in the 2nd Continental Army Regiment of South Carolina during the struggle for American independence. I have a personal interest in the life and legacy of Oscar Marion.

Members of my family have participated in every major American war. In his analysis of William Cullen Bryant's poem "Song of Marion's Men," Rupert S. On Dec. 15, 2006, at the U.S. Tina C. Unsung Patriots: African-Americans at the Battle of Cowpens - Cowpens National Battlefield. Battle of Cowpens by William Ranney Courtesy of the State of South Carolina Grade Level: Third Grade-Eighth Grade Subject: Language Arts, Revolutionary War, Social Studies, Visual Arts Group Size: Up to 24 Setting: classroom National/State Standards: SC: Soc Stud: 3.1.2, 3.2.4-3.2.7, 4.1.4-4.1.7, 8.1.1-8.1.2, 8.2.4-8.2.6.

Overview GOAL: To introduce to students the role of African-Americans at the Battle of Cowpens in context of the Revolutionary struggle against England and the African-American struggle for freedom. Objective(s) The student will describe the role of African-Americans generally in the American Revolution. Background Colonial South Carolina was possibly the most ethnically diverse among all the colonies. It was a diverse group of individuals that met on the field of battle at Cowpens on a bitterly cold Wednesday morning, January 17, 1781. Slave-holders in the South feared British-inspired slave insurrections. Procedure Additional Resources Crow, Jeffrey J.

Frey, Sylvia R. Davis, Burke. Unsung Heroes. Great Black Heroes. Top 10 Inventors Who Made Modern Life Possible. We all know the names of the great minds of history: Newton, Einstein, Edison, Franklin, Jobs, Gates, and even Zuckerberg. But some of the greatest societal innovations of all time–things you use or think about ever day, probably without even realizing it–happened behind the scenes, and their inventors fell into history’s ether of anonymity. Some of these unsung heroes include: 10.

James Goodfellow, inventor of ATMs and the PIN system James Goodfellow is a newly knighted Englishman credited with inventing the ATM (automatic teller machine) and, more importantly, the concept of the PIN (personal identification number). It’s because of him that you can go get money outside of a bank and can have any semblance of privacy while doing so. To this day Goodfellow insists that he was “only doing (his) job” when he dreamt up the revolutionary concept. 9. 8. 7. 6. He was a neurosurgeon who, in 1959, revolutionized cars with the modern seat belt. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1.