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Mind the Gap: Encouraging women to study engineering Women make up more than half the global population, but hold fewer than a third of the world’s engineering jobs. In the U.S., female students comprise fewer than 15 percent of all Advanced Placement computer science test takers. Even in high-tech Israel, few girls choose computer science. Not only is this a loss to companies like Google and everyone who benefits from a continually developing web; it's also a lost opportunity for girls. Beginning in 2008, a group of female engineers at Google in Israel decided to tackle this problem. We established the “Mind the Gap!” Transcript: Read the Full Text of Obama’s Statement on the Shooting in Oregon President Obama spoke from the podium of the James Brady Press Briefing room on Thursday evening in the wake of the mass shooting at Umpqua Community College. There’s been another mass shooting in America — this time, in a community college in Oregon.That means there are more American families — moms, dads, children — whose lives have been changed forever. That means there’s another community stunned with grief, and communities across the country forced to relieve their own anguish, and parents across the country who are scared because they know it might have been their families or their children.I’ve been to Roseburg, Oregon. There are really good people there. I want to thank all the first responders whose bravery likely saved some lives today.

5 Lessons In UI Design, From A Breakthrough Museum Museums today compete for attention in a wildly difficult environment: If you’re a youngster, why stare at a Greek urn when you could blow one up in a video game? One institution thinking deeply about the challenge is the Cleveland Museum of Art, which this month unveiled a series of revamped galleries, designed by Local Projects, which feature cutting-edge interactivity. But the technology isn’t the point. "We didn’t want to create a tech ghetto," says David Franklin, the museum’s director.

Launch a Similar Program in Your Office - "Mind the Gap" Program You can easily launch your own program in order to scale this initiative or a similar one. All you need is a few enthusiastic individuals who are willing to dedicate a few hours a month. Planning: Determine date(s) and time for the school visits. Recruit volunteers to host the students (select a program manager if planning multiple visits per year). Reserve conference room for each visit. Reach out to teachers and schools interested in the visits.

100 Civics Questions and Answers with MP3 Audio (English version) The 100 civics (history and government) questions and answers for the naturalization test are listed below. The civics test is an oral test and the USCIS Officer will ask the applicant up to 10 of the 100 civics questions. An applicant must answer 6 out of 10 questions correctly to pass the civics portion of the naturalization test. What Schools Can Learn From Google, IDEO, and Pixar A community about to build or rehab a school often creates checklists of best practices, looks for furniture that matches its mascot, and orders shiny new lockers to line its corridors. These are all fine steps, but the process of planning and designing a new school requires both looking outward (to the future, to the community, to innovative corporate powerhouses) as well as inward (to the playfulness and creativity that are at the core of learning). In many ways, what makes the Googles of the world exceptional begins in the childhood classroom -- an embrace of creativity, play, and collaboration. It was just one year ago that 1,500 CEOs identified creativity as the number-one leadership competency in our complex global marketplace. We can no longer afford to teach our kids or design their schoolhouses the way we used to if we’re to maintain a competitive edge.

Artist Richard Prince under fire after using people's Instagram photos in exhibition Painter and photographer Richard Prince, 65, blew up screenshots of Instagram photos for his series titled New Portraits The 38 pictures, which were first displayed at the Los Angeles-based Gagosian Gallery in 2014, sold out at the Frieze New York art fair last weekEach piece reportedly sold for more than $90,000 By Erica Tempesta For Published: 20:56 GMT, 26 May 2015 | Updated: 22:24 GMT, 29 May 2015 The art community is outraged after a controversial artist ‘stole’ other people's Instagram images and sold them at an exhibition - without their permission - for upwards of $100,000 each.

Infographic of the Day: Even Poor Countries Can Excel in Education Sitting comfortable in our first-world lives, it's easy to assume that we've got the best of everything. And it's easy to assume that problems of infant mortality, hunger and education are simply a matter of having a roaring GDP. But that's not true at all, as these remarkable interactive graphs show. Produced by The Guardian and the Gates Foundation, the charts are draw from the Millennium Development Report Card. Research Using the Internet Fair-Use Policy More and more students are turning to the Internet when doing research for their assignments, and more and more instructors are requiring such research when setting topics. However, research on the Net is very different from traditional library research, and the differences can cause problems. The Net is a tremendous resource, but it must be used carefully and critically. The printed resources you find in the Library have almost always been thoroughly evaluated by experts before they are published.

What makes an image unforgettable? Joe Rosenthal's 1945 photograph of U.S. troops raising a flag in Iwo Jima during World War II remains one of the most widely reproduced images. It earned him a Pulitzer Prize, but he also faced suspicions that he staged the patriotic scene. While it was reported to be a genuine event, it was the second flag-raising of the day atop Mount Suribachi. The first flag, raised hours earlier, was deemed too small to be seen from the base of the mountain. Look back at other photographs that have helped define modern history.