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What every storyteller needs to know by Storehouse Community We had the chance to ask top photographers and editors for some story telling advice at the Eddie Adams Workshop. Phillip ToledanoPhotographer and Conceptual Artist Deanne FitzmauricePulitzer Prize winning photographer Rodrigo AbdPulitzer Prize winning photographer Sarah LeenDirector of Photography, National Geographic Magazine The man who climbs mountains with his bare hands When I began as a film critic, Jean-Luc Godard was widely thought to have reinvented the cinema with "Breathless" (1960). Now he is almost 80 and has made what is said to be his last film, and he's still at the job, reinventing. If only he had stopped while he was ahead. That would have been sometime in the 1970s. Maybe the 1980s.

Eyes on the Solar System Explore theSolar System Start exploring our Solar System like never before with the Launch button, or jump into a module about a mission or spaceflight technology. Travel with Voyager at the edge of our solar system, land on Mars with Curiosity, learn about the power systems behind Curiosity, Voyager and other missions or fly with Juno to the giant planet Jupiter. Watch the intro to get started and the video tutorials to become an expert at using "Eyes..."

Celeb Culture Skewered by Canadian Social Services Campaign I love this. I've never been a celebrity gossip person, I think it's disgusting. Then I discovered Jezebel as a supposedly "feminist website." It has messed quite around with my definution of feminist. I'm here for critically analyzing pop culture but that doesn't really happen on Jez. This Student Designs Jewelry That Turns Your Veins Into A Power Source (Video) We’ve all been there: running out of power on your cell-phone with no prospect of a charger in the near future. It’s one of the most frightening possible scenarios for a lot of people these days. Naomi Kizhner, an Israeli graduate student, may have solved that problem.

Aerial Photographs of Volcanic Iceland by Andre Ermolaev At first glance these photos by Andre Ermolaev look like twisting abstract paintings, but in reality are aerial photos of rivers flowing through Iceland’s endless beds of volcanic ash. Given its name and stereotypical depiction it’s somewhat surprising to learn that the small country named after ice is home to no less than 30 active volcanic systems. You’ll remember the eruption of the massive Grímsvötn volcano just last year that spewed some 120 million tons of ash in the first 48 hours and snarled air traffic for days.

Frogs singing in Malaysian swamp at dusk judged to be 'most beautiful sound in the world' Winner of an online competition Sound expert Julian Treasure created an online competition to discover what the most 'beautiful sound in the world' was. Out of all the submissions, a sample recorded at dusk in Malaysian near a swamp was judged to be most beautiful. Enhancing Your STEM Curriculum NAGC recognizes the challenges that educators experience when faced with providing students with high-level coursework in the STEM fields. In this section, you will find resources that can provide a framework for addressing those issues. was developed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth (CTY), in collaboration with TIP at Duke University, CTD at Northwestern, RMTS at U. of Denver, the Belin-Blank Center at U. of Iowa, C-MITES at Carnegie Mellon, the Davidson Institute for Talent Development, the Center for Excellence in Education, and Science Service. The goals are to address the needs of gifted students around the world with abilities and interests in math and science. The public site is full of news, interviews with scientists, profiles of young scientists, and a searchable database of programs.

Dogs Always Poop On A North-South Axis Along The Magnetic Field [Study] Dogs spontaneously and naturally align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field when they do their business in a preferred north-south direction, according to a new study. Biologists from the Czech Republic and Germany studied the way 70 dogs (42 females and 28 males across 37 breeds) relieved themselves for two years in an open field without being leashed. Based on observing more than 7,000 bathroom breaks, they claim that the canines like the north-south axis because they are attuned to our planet’s magnetic field.

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