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The nurdles’ quest for ocean domination - Kim Preshoff. Captain Charles Moore was the first to discover a large collection of plastics circulating in the Pacific Ocean.

The nurdles’ quest for ocean domination - Kim Preshoff

Take a look at this TED-Ed lesson Seas of Plastic: Captain Charles Moore to learn more about his discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Where do the nurdles and microplastic floating in the ocean go? Often, they are deposited on the beaches of islands near the circulating ocean gyres. Midway, an island in the Pacific, is home to a large albatross population that is currently suffering from the plastic pollution floating in our oceans. View some photos here and watch A Midway Journey: Plastic Beach to learn about this story. Plastic bags are not indigenous to the Pacific Ocean! The Anthropocene or Age of Man, has become a popular term to represent the geologic epoch that marks the global impact humans have had on Earth’s ecosystems.

What can we do to help? Let your voice be heard! Ebola death toll rises as its reach spreads past Africa. Your video will begin momentarily.

Ebola death toll rises as its reach spreads past Africa

NEW: American Nancy Writebol's family ''encouraged by her condition''WHO to convene ethics panel on question of who gets experimental drugNewly reported deaths in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia aren't included in the death tollSpanish priest who contracted the disease in Liberia will be flown to Madrid (CNN) -- A nurse in Nigeria. A businessman in Saudi Arabia.

A Spanish priest in Liberia. With the World Health Organization announcing Wednesday that 932 deaths had been reported or confirmed as a result of Ebola hemorrhagic fever, Saudi Arabia joined the list of countries with suspected cases. "This is the biggest and most complex Ebola outbreak in history," Dr. Nearly all of those deaths have been in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea, where more than 1,700 cases have been reported, according to WHO. Aid worker Nancy Writebol, wearing a protective suit, is wheeled into Emory University Hospital on a gurney Tuesday, August 5, in Atlanta. Dr. Dr. Dr. CNN's Dr. TED: Ideas worth spreading. World Energy Issues Monitor 2014. In times of unprecedented uncertainty for the energy sector, the pressure and challenge to further develop and transform the our systems to secure a sustainable energy future is immense.

World Energy Issues Monitor 2014

WEC’s Energy Leaders’ dialogue over the year 2013 has shown that with this outlook business as usual is not an option. The World Energy Issues Monitor 2014 helps to define the world energy agenda and its evolution over time. It provides a high-level perception of what constitute issues of critical uncertainty, in contrast to those that require immediate action or act as a developing signal for the future.

As such, it has developed into an essential tool in understanding the complex and uncertain environment within which energy leaders must operate and a tool through which decision makers can challenge their own assumptions on the key drivers within the energy landscape. 10 greatest threats facing the world in 2014. The World Economic Forum on Thursday released its Global Risks 2014 report.

10 greatest threats facing the world in 2014

"Taking a 10-year outlook, the report assesses 31 risks that are global in nature and have the potential to cause significant negative impact across entire countries and industries if they take place," is how the WEF describes the report in a statement accompanying its release. "The risks are grouped under five classifications — economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal and technological — and measured in terms of their likelihood and potential impact," the statement says. UN issues 2014 appeal to tackle global humanitarian crisis. Valerie Amos warned Thursday that millions at the beginning of 2014 were facing severe hardship either as internally displaced people or as refugees.

UN issues 2014 appeal to tackle global humanitarian crisis

"2013 was a real test of the global humanitarian system, and there is no indication that 2014 will be any different," Amos told reporters in New York. She said the almost three-year conflict in Syria as well as a recent typhoon in the Philippines had left millions in dire need of support. She added that the recent upsurge in fighting in South Sudan and the Central African Republic had further stretched the organization's ability to provide assistance throughout the next year. "It is clear that the United Nations and its partners will be needed more than ever," Amos said, calling on international donors to provide additional support throughout 2014 to assist those affected.

"The world's collective response capacity and resources are being stretched to the limit," she added. Funding appeal ccp/lw (AFP, dpa) 10 greatest threats facing the world in 2014. Global Issues : social, political, economic and environmental issues that affect us all — Global Issues. Live Natural Disaster Map. Wars in the World » Map Ongoing Conflicts. World Military & Political Conflict.