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21st Century Teens Vs 20th Century Teens. There's no longer a place like PlayStation Home. Smartphones blamed for decline in sex lives. Chevrolet Teen Driver Safety System. Your first car is more than just a car; it’s a symbol of independence and freedom.

Chevrolet Teen Driver Safety System

We all remember our first unsupervised road trip, full of youthful and reckless tomfoolery. Those are great memories for a youngster to have, but unfortunately they often result in scraped bumpers, speeding tickets, police escorts, or worse. To address this, Chevrolet has just announced the ‘Teen Driver’ monitoring system, which will debut in the 2016 Malibu. No, it’s nothing voyeuristic as parents won’t be connected to the car through a real-time monitor, but they will be able to review the recent trips of their offspring. First, the parental unit creates a unique PIN and registers it to their child’s keyfob.

That means that once the vehicle has returned home, parents will be able to see what little Johnny and Sue were up to.


What Happens When Teens Try to Disconnect From Tech For Three Days. Ki Sung/MindShift Being without a phone can be an incapacitating feeling, possibly worse than leaving a wallet at home.

What Happens When Teens Try to Disconnect From Tech For Three Days

Many adults can remember an analog era of living without a mobile phone. But for young digital natives, taking a break from the phone, where they live and socialize, can induce all kinds of emotions. Recently, a line of teenage boys were frantically sending last-minute texts and posting to Facebook one final time before grabbing a manilla envelope and sealing their devices inside. These boys volunteered to abstain from using not just their phones but all digital devices for three days to better understand the role of technology in their lives. The Tech Timeout Academic Challenge was taken by boys and girls in grades 4 through 12 at Stuart Hall and Convent of the Sacred Heart in San Francisco — along with some teachers and parents — as part of this private school’s attempt to implement its one-to-one iPad program.

“This is going to be really hard for me. Digital Citizenship. on Pinterest. Risks in Using Social Media to Spot Signs of Mental Distress. The Samaritans, a well-known suicide-prevention group in Britain, recently introduced a free web app that would alert users whenever someone they followed on Twitter posted worrisome phrases like “tired of being alone” or “hate myself.”

Risks in Using Social Media to Spot Signs of Mental Distress

A week after the app was introduced on its website, more than 4,000 people had activated it, the Samaritans said, and those users were following nearly 1.9 million Twitter accounts, with no notification to those being monitored. But just about as quickly, the group faced an outcry from people who said the app, called Samaritans Radar, could identify and prey on the emotionally vulnerable — the very people the app was created to protect. “A tool that ‘lets you know when your friends need support’ also lets you know when your stalking victim is vulnerable #SamaritansRadar,” a Briton named Sarah Brown posted on Twitter.

A week and a half after the app’s introduction, the Samaritans announced it was reconsidering the outreach program and disabled the app. Dr. How Dating Apps Are Changing the Way We Behave in Public. Last month, on a blustery night the week before Christmas, my friend Jeff Ferzoco and I sat alone in a gay club in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood discussing Grindr, the mobile dating app used daily by five million gay men around the world.

How Dating Apps Are Changing the Way We Behave in Public

We’d arrived at the bar too early, he assured me. By the end of the night, he said, “it will be so crowded people will be using it just to see who’s in the room.” I believed him, because earlier that year I had seen Jeff navigate the social terrain of Manhattan’s East Village this way. Ferzoco is a designer, the former creative director of New York’s Regional Plan Association, and the author of The You-City, which envisions a smart city five minutes into the future. As such, he’s someone who thinks a lot about how our phones are changing our relationship with public space. Many observers doubted whether Grindr’s meat market would translate to straight dating until Tinder’s arrival.