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Preventing Suicide Among LGBTQ Youth

Preventing Suicide Among LGBTQ Youth

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Family support prevents LGBT teen suicide NORTHWESTERN (US) — Family and friends’ support helps counteract bullying and prevent suicide among sexual minority teenagers. The question is of paramount concern because lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trangender (LGBT) youths are at least twice as likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual youths, prompting the national “It Gets Better Project” with encouraging video messages from such public figures as Lady Gaga and President Barack Obama. Now the first longitudinal study to look at suicide ideation and self-harm in this population shows support from friends and family offers the most protection in preventing youths from thinking about suicide. Adolescents who know they can talk to their parents about problems and know they have friends who care about them are less likely to consider ending their lives, according to new Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. How to offer support

An Ethical Guide To Consuming Content Created By Awful People Like Orson Scott Card By Alyssa Rosenberg "An Ethical Guide To Consuming Content Created By Awful People Like Orson Scott Card" I’ve been thinking a lot over the past couple of days about how to approach Ender’s Game, Summit Entertainment’s forthcoming adaptation of the beloved science fiction novel by Orson Scott Card about children who are trained to fight off an alien invasion at an elite military academy to which they’re removed early in their childhood. I think I’m not alone in finding Ender’s Game to be a foundational text—Valentine Wiggin, the older sister of the main character, who becomes a sort of proto-blogger, is one of the reasons I’ve ended up doing what I’m doing. And at the same time, I find the political views that Card holds abhorrent: he’s a member of the board of the National Organization for Marriage, and has publicly committed to fighting back against a government that, to his interpretation, would change the established definition of marriage.

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Suicide among LGBT youth Bullying of LGBT youth has been shown to be a contributing factor in many suicides, even if not all of the attacks have been specifically addressing sexuality or gender.[13] Since a series of suicides in the early 2000s, more attention has been focused on the issues and underlying causes in an effort to reduce suicides among LGBTQ youth. The National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention notes there are no national data (for the U.S.) regarding suicidal ideation or suicide rates among the LGBT population as a whole or in part, for LGBT youth or LGBT seniors, for example.[16] In part because there is no agreed percentage of the national population that is LGBTQ, or even identifies as LGBTQ, also death certificates do not include sexuality information.[9] A 1986 study noted that previous large scale studies of completed suicides did not "consider sexual orientation in their data analyses."[17] Reports and studies[edit]

Don't Boycott: Ban Russia From Their Own Winter Olympics Over the last two weeks there has been a lot of debate about taking Olympic action against Russia for the country's anti-gay laws. Some say athletes should march into the Opening Ceremony holding rainbow flags, but that would likely result in disqualifications for said athletes, based on the Olympic Charter (rule 50, if you're looking). Others are putting together letters of petition asking the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take a stand against the Russian laws, but a simple public statement by the IOC would get folded up and used as a coaster in the Kremlin. Many have called for a boycott of the Olympics by countries like the U.S., but boycotts don't directly hit the Russians.

Piquillo Peppers Stuffed with Manchego Cheese « Karma-Free Cooking 11 Jul This is as simple as it sounds… This is inspired by the Made in Spain show from Chef José Andrés, where in one episode was celebrating the cuisine and ingredients of Navarra; and Navarra is where Pamplona is located. This tapa is made originally by chef Andrés with Roncal cheese. Suicide of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Youth Papers summarized below represent only studies done since 1990 that report on suicide of GLB youth (not adults). These papers represent studies, as opposed to reviews or commentaries on GLB-youth suicide. Only one of the studies that meet these criteria show no difference in suicide rates between GLB and non-GLB youth.

Stunning Photos of LGBT Couples Shows What True Love Looks Like Around the World While the candy hearts and stuffed teddy bears have likely already fallen victim to the inevitable post-Valentine's Day purge, this stunning photo series by photographer Braden Summers reminds us of the power true love still holds in our imagination. Summers' "All Love is Equal" project depicts same-sex romances around the world, from Lebanon to the U.S. An artist inspired by the beauty around him, Summers told PolicyMic he was inspired to create the series after noticing the lack of same-sex representation in most romantic imagery. This, he said, is his attempt to illustrate his vision of a same-sex fairytale on par with the stream of commercially-produced heterosexual imagery that bombards consumers everyday.

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