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Trabajar en Arte Contemporáneo. Melissa Roche e Lygia Pape originalmente publicado (en portugués) en la Revista Lindonéia #2 (Septiembre 2013, Brasil) “Las penas y las vaquitas, se van por la misma senda”El arriero. Atahualpa Yupanqui. Mark Harden's Artchive: "Artchive". Antroposmoderno. Sitio de habla hispana y portuguesa dedicado al pensamiento psicoanalítico y posmoderno. Art and artists: Artworks. Archiveparallelnarratives. Marina Abramovic, Rhythm 0; Ritmo 0; Ritme 0, 1974, performance.


Objectes diversos i diapositives, 350 x 80 x 55 cm, Col.lecció Moderna galerija, Ljubljana. Takahiko Iimura - Cine, video e instalación - Laboratorio Arte Alameda. De Laboratorio Arte Alameda Takahiko Iimura | 2001 Takahiko Iimura: video, cine e instalación, curada por Priamo Lozada, es la primera exposición personal del artista japonés en México.

Takahiko Iimura - Cine, video e instalación - Laboratorio Arte Alameda

La exposición incluye la videoinstalación OBSERVER/OBSERVED/OBSERVER y una instalación interactiva que incluye los cd- roms Aiueonn six features, Observer/observed y otros trabajos de video de semiología. The Arts Catalyst. Random index. Deathneyland ganguro attack From the book Group Sex Explosion (Le dernier cri, 1998)

random index

N E W M E D I A A R T . E U. The Linz “Art, Technology and Society” festival has over the years become the main back-from-summer rendezvous for a good number of artists, research scientists, curators and critics.

N E W M E D I A A R T . E U

The theme for 2008: A new cultural economy - The limits of intellectual property. Gerfried Stocker and Christine Schöpf tell us that the “the age of copyright and intellectual property has reached its expiration date”. So Joichi Ito, the general director of the Creative Commons proposing alternatives to Copyright, was chosen by the two artistic directors of the Ars Electronica festival and given the responsibility of leading the symposium devoted to the necessity of building a new cultural economy together in the digital and network age.

And this issue arrives exactly at the right time, as Linz will be the European capital for culture in 2009. Evelina Domnitch & Dmitry Gelfand, “Ten Thousand Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid”, 2007. Between art and science Yann Marussich, “Bleu Remix”, 2007. An Off Ars? Queer Art Grows in Brooklyn. L.J.

Queer Art Grows in Brooklyn

Roberts "The Queer Houses of Brooklyn … " (2011) (all photos courtesy the author for Hyperallergic) Queer arts have been gaining momentum and paying healthy homage to history as they take root in Brooklyn. On the heels of an eventful December with World AIDS Day events throughout the city, Illegitimate And Herstorical opened at A.I.R.

Gallery on January 5. Curated by Emily Roysdon (a collaborator with MEN and a founder of “feminist genderqueer” artist collective LTTR), Illegitimate And Herstorical is one of the strongest group shows culled from open-call submissions that I’ve seen of late. Detail of L.J. L.J. Bland Boydston III, "Self-portrait" (2011) The Fireplace Project. Artists Wanted. Since 1999 home of design culture, leading independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics. TRIANGULATION BLOG. DesignPorn. Design Archives.

Look in art. ART TORRENTS. Obsessee.: //pop. Scanned some pages from the S/S '11 issue of POP.

Obsessee.: //pop

Some seriously cool and fresh editorials are inside of that issue. I recommend it. Archivo Virtual de Artes Escénicas. El Mundo, el demonio y la carne Creación: » Albert Vidal Intérprete Dirección Ficha Técnica: Intérpretes: Albert Vidal, María Escobedo Año estreno: 1991.

Archivo Virtual de Artes Escénicas

Corea. Do-Ho Suh es conocido, sobre todo, por sus esculturas realizadas con numerosos objetos idénticos: un suelo sostenido por miles de figuras en miniatura, una armadura compuesta por placas de identificación, un papel mural con retratos minúsculos del anuario de su instituto, o los felpudos hechos con figuras de silicona.


En estas obras, Suh explora el poder del colectivo y cuestiona la identidad del individuo en la sociedad global de hoy, una identidad que él mismo comienza a buscar cuando se traslada a vivir a Nueva York. Sus trabajos también hablan del desplazamiento, de la memoria, la identidad, de la diferencia entre casa y hogar, de las relaciones humanas y de historias individuales. Arte en mty. Artnow Online - The Concept of Art. PLeaSe, LALA. GEIFC. Ron Rice "A Brief history of Anti-Records and Conceptual Records" The following chronological list of recordings hints at the vast range of material included within the realms of "'anti" and "conceptual" music.

Ron Rice "A Brief history of Anti-Records and Conceptual Records"

The list emphasizes achievements of the last few years. It would be difficult to define this odd category of music, because the artists' motivations and intentions and the results of their labors are extremely diverse. However, the records in this category have one common bond - they are all self-referential. Shifting emphasis away from the music, they point to their own existence as cultural artifacts and objects to be consumed These recordings transcend the sound contained within their packaging (often there is no sound at all) to question "'extra-musical" elements such as music industry practice, the notion of "quality "I the role of the music critic, the role of the listener, etc.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art.