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Since 1999 home of design culture: designboom is the first and largest independent publication dedicated to architecture and design

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International 2015 Biennially Archiprix International presents the world's best graduation projects in the fields of architecture, urban design and landscape architecture. All university-level training colleges around the world are invited to take part by selecting and submitting their best graduation project. Archiprix International forms the largest presentation of graduation work and offers unrivalled insight into current trends in design education globally and architecture generally.

Five chicken coops around the world We've rounded up five coops where chickens rule the roost, from a wooden hut in Turkey to Kengo Kuma's black pavilion at Casa Wabi. House of Chickens by SO? Istanbul-based studio SO? This Easy Morning Stretch Will Revitalize Your Body, And Give You A Boost Of Energy! The Sun Salutation: (Surya Namaskara) is a sequence of twelve positions performed in a continuous flow. Each position counteracts the one before, stretching the entire body, while alternately expanding and contracting the chest to regulate the breathing.

tomás amat estudio bases the cicada pavilion on insect morphology sep 17, 2015 tomás amat estudio bases the cicada pavilion on insect morphology tomás amat estudio bases the cicada pavilion on insect morphology photography by david fruto based on the morphology of an insect, the innovative structure called ‘the cicada’ have been designed by tomás amat and pablo belda of tomás amat estudio. located on the gardens of a former tobacco factory in alicante, spain. the large, external area has been transformed into a cultural space where this distinctive addition offers a kiosk-bar and restaurant service. the project is based on the morphology of the insect innovative technology was utilized in the various applications of material

The Best of Bankside at London Design Festival 2015 South of the Thames, 'Bankside' is LDF's newest design district, and home to the iconic Oxo Tower Wharf, which is filled year-round with over 30 independent retail design studios, exhibition spaces and shops offering furniture, jewellery, homeware, and fashion. In its 18th edition this year, Designersblock was situated in the derelict but beautiful Bargehouse, showing multidisciplinary work from over 100 independent designers over three floors. Designersblock at Oxo Tower Wharf.

RNDRD RNDRD is a frequently updated feed of architectural drawings and models scanned from design publications throughout the 20th century. We do not publish photographs of completed work, only renderings: drawings, collage, models and graphics of all sorts. Our source materials are (mostly) out-of-print academic and trade journals. We cull the most striking, typical and atypical images from thousands of pages of print that will not be available online. What is design thinking? Lucas Verweij asks why designers care about it Opinion: Design thinking is the management phrase that makes real designers shudder. Can designers let go and accept it as a form of flattery, or should they be worried about business strategists edging into their territory, asks Lucas Verweij. In a recent article posted to a LinkedIn group, the experienced British interior designer and writer Anthony Sully ignited a stormy debate about design thinking. "It's a fraud," he wrote. "It has been invented as a ball of smoke for theoreticians to play with. It requires no training and allows it to have a credence which it doesn't deserve."

CQ-DATV Issues 1 to 7 are now available in pdf format. Please note that these are not 'proper' pdf files as they have been converted from the ePub files. Thus there is a lot of 'white space' on many of the pages, but all the information is there - enjoy. ePub: The 'standard' open format suitable for just about everything except the Kindle range. mobi: Propitiatory format for the Amazon Kindle range (optimised for the paperwhite/voyage screen size). azw3: The new multi-media format for the newer Amazon Kindle devices (fire etc). pdf: The old, fixed layout format, for viewing on a PC. Click/touch on a cover image to be taken to that issues information/downloads page

The world’s largest Delta 3D printer can print nearly zero-cost housing out of mud The future of affordable (and sustainable) housing may lie with 3D printing. The World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) has unveiled the world’s largest delta-style 3D printer, which can build full-size buildings out of mud and clay for nearly zero cost. The massive BigDelta printer stands 12 meters tall (40 feet), and it's nearly completed its first house at a cost of just 48 euros so far. Italian innovator Massimo Moretti launched WASP with the goal to “create a means for affordable fabrication of homes, and provide these means to the locals in poverty stricken areas.”

The 20 Best English-Language Independent Films of The Past 5 Years Is anybody else tired of hearing “they don’t make them like they used to”? It is easy to be cynical about the artistic output of one’s own generation. With hindsight behind the classics of old, it is easy to feel that the grass was greener in times of old. Sure, it’s easy to look at indie gems like Reservoir Dogs and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and think “it’s been a long time since we have had a decent indie film like that.” But, on behalf of the true cinephile contingent, let me be the first to dispel this notion. Here, in the short five years between 2009 and 2014, we have seen boundaries pushed, sensibilities tested, and audiences thrilled, and often without a generous budget, or even wide theatrical release.

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