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Kunstenaars en vormgevers

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pROCESS — Nynke Koster. Αθηνά κουμπαρούλη. David Bowie on why you should never play to the gallery. Martina Dal Brollo - Art. Αθηνά κουμπαρούλη. Porky Hefer Works - Vernacular Architecture & Design. In collaboration with SFA Advisory and Southern Guild Design Miami/Basel from 12-17 June 2018.

Porky Hefer Works - Vernacular Architecture & Design

The exhibition, commissioned by SFA Advisory to benefit the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF), showcased a series of seating environments depicting endangered species. The sculptures, which depict an orangutan, a polar bear, a sloth, a blue whale, and a great white shark, are made of eco-friendly and recycled materials. Titled Endangered, the pods were produced using environmentally sustainable materials that have been extensively hand-worked by artisans in Cape Town. Sea : Esmee Geerken. Mark IJzerman - Work. Olivier de Sagazan. Circulaire waterpasserende bestrating van baggerspecie. BUREAU BUITENDIENST - Projecten. Studio 2 @ ekwc - peter vink. This sculpture was made during my working period at sundaymorning@ekwc, Oisterwijk, the Netherlands.

studio 2 @ ekwc - peter vink

One piece of wall in studio 2 was the base for the sculpture. The work can be seen as the result of an experiment in which I developed a method to capture the structure of the wall in clay. Action determined shape: by throwing the clay on the wall, the artwork arose during the working period.​The work has two sights: the fickle front shows the result of the throwing process. The backside is a print of the wall of studio 2. Studio MARCHA! – design as gamechanger. Mark IJzerman - Work.


Zoo of the Future. Plasticula. Sleeping productivity. Wetter than Wet. Kultivator. Thijs de Zeeuw Landscape architect / ZOO design / Spatial qualityThijs de Zeeuw. Špela Petrič. Research and Design Lab. As Above, So Below — Design Research. A material research into crowdmining stardust as a new source for rare earth metals from space ‘Mankind is incapable to end capitalism, alternatives for matter and mining have to be sought’ — Kirstie van Noort & Xandra van der Eijk Every year, an estimated 37,000-78,000 tons of stardust is falling down on earth.

While bigger meteorites are rare, smaller extraterrestrial dust specs survive the atmospheric entry and land on earth. Projects. Margherita Pevere. HARVEST - Dutch Invertuals. Dutch Invertuals will unveil a glimpse into the future of design with the brand new exhibition ‘Harvest’.

HARVEST - Dutch Invertuals

Ten designers have been challenged to contemplate diverse scenarios, all of which take place in a future landscape. Efficiency and self-sufficiency will become the new standard as humanity, faced with global challenges, shifts from consumerism towards next level forms of harvesting. Renewable energy, urban mining, big data, and so on, make us rethink the cycle of resources, production, storage and distribution. This will drastically alter the existing economical formats our society is built upon. Agnes_Meyer-Brandis - One Tree ID - How To Become a Tree for Another Tree. Intro: The project One Tree ID transforms the VOC * identity of a specific tree into a perfume that can then be applied to the human body.

Agnes_Meyer-Brandis - One Tree ID - How To Become a Tree for Another Tree

By applying it, a person can invisibly wear not just characteristics of the tree he/she is standing next to, but also use parts of its communication system and potentially have a conversation that - although invisible and inaudible by nature - might still take place on the biochemical level plants use for information exchange. Read more on the production of the OneTreeID perfume ----> Credits: Works – Berndnaut. Dave Hakkens - Architecture — WORKac. Tim van Cromvoirt. Danigreendesign. This essay examines branding in the pharmaceutical industry, and then evaluates the success of pharmaceutical designs codes used in Glaceau’s Vitaminwater brand.


There is little today that remains untouched by branding as a means to sell a product or service. While fast-moving consumer goods companies have arguably mastered the art of branding, the pharmaceutical industry has not had the same success in utilising its power. Suchanti (n.d.) attributes this to the fact that competition between pharmaceutical drugs has previously been based only on the functional attributes of the product as the drugs would be unique and therefore exclusive in the market. Theatre of Wrong Decisions. Didier Faustino. Studio 1:1 › vogelstad. Mischer'traxler projects overview.

Formafantasma. Mischer'traxler the idea of a tree. Hello by Martino Gamper. * Glithero * Tim Knowles - Balloon Drawings - Civita 24hr Balloon Drawing. Superflex - Wikipedia. Superflex is a Danish artists' group founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen.

Superflex - Wikipedia

Superflex describe their projects as Tools, as proposals that invite people to participate in and communicate the development of experimental models that alter the economic production conditions. Often the projects are assisted by experts who bring in their special interest, these tools can then be further used and modified by their users. Often their projects are related to economic forces, democratic production conditions and self-organisation. The artists have examined alternative energy production methods (Supergas[2]) and commodity production in Brazil, Thailand and Europe in their projects, which both expose and question the existing economic structures. Superflex has gained international recognition for their projects. Films[edit] Publications[edit]

.: Neighbourhood Satellites :. Even before the Internet of Things becomes reality, the Internet of Animals is already proclaimed.

.: Neighbourhood Satellites :.

Big animal data is collected in real time, and people follow individual wolves, birds and sharks online. At the same time, nature moves physically into the urbanised areas of people. Since the industrial revolution there has been a growing separation between nature and the human living environment. MOON - Martina Lasinger. Vaughn Bell - Projects. Vtol. ARTSUFARTSU.NET. Laura beloff, media art, art, art& science, media, art & technology, artist. Studer/van den Berg: Passage Park #2: The Container. Passage Park #2: The Container is a site-specific installation, which the visitors can move freely in.

Studer/van den Berg: Passage Park #2: The Container

The accessible scenery consists of a cargo container standing in a landscape of rocks, trees, shrubbery, and fern. The entire set is composed and rendered in various 3D programs. Jaemin Paik. When We All Live To 150 2012, Jun 1 year Research Project, Mixed media How would family life change if we all lived to one-hundred and fifty or beyond?

Jaemin Paik

With up to six generations living together, and the possibility of huge age gaps between siblings, the traditional model of the family would change dramatically, perhaps even becoming unsustainable with the burden of its large membership. Institute of Critical Zoologists. News New bookwork, Mynas 28th April 2016 Mynas, 2016 Avaible to ship via paypal here Christmas Island, Naturally - The 20th Biennale of Sydney, Carriageworks An experiment in natural history investigation 8th March 2016 Christmas Island, Naturally, 2016.

SPARC Design. Hypercustom. The impossible necessity. I am interested in making work that suggests the promise of a subsequent state while rendering any such fulfilment obsolete.

The impossible necessity

Often taking the form of plans or studies, I work with identifiable conventions and a range of media – including print, drawing, text and most recently audio and performance – to imagine a space between rationality and imagination, abstraction and representation. Building on my earlier work that developed forms out of extended research – such as Bank Job (1999), the plans for robbing a central London city bank; The Bird Island Project (2000–03), the development of a imagined island, including its flora and fauna; and Home Fittings (2000–04), a series of architectural drawings indicating how to move through particular spaces without creating a sound or shadow – my more recent work continues to develop form for things which somehow defy the visible.

Aernout Mik. Thomas Thwaites - The man who tried to live as a GOAT, living as part of a herd in the Swiss Alps. Teun hocks. Clarify today, design tomorrow. /\SARAH ROSS/\ Bartlett School of Architecture. Ant farm architecture. Haus rucker co. Panamarenko. Stan wannet - Min-Een-Half-Wortel-Drie. William kentridge.

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Krijn de koning. Bart Lodewijks / Drawings / Drawings Without Name / BL_51_TrackDrawing2012_SITE. The Oldest Living Things in the World — ⟜ R a c h e l ⋅ S u s s m a n ⤀ C A T K - Selected. VISUAL&PRODUCT DESIGN. Translucent structure table. Geist. Tangible Memories. Martin Massé Architecture. "Qui se souvient des hommes" Réinventer l’idée du mémorial, trouver de nouvelles pistes, de nouveaux moyens dans l’architecture pour se souvenir. Utiliser l’architecture, le décors, la mise en scène pour transmettre des émotions, le souvenir par l’expérience sensitive de l’espace. Mon projet est tout d’abord un hommage. Un monument pour se souvenir, se souvenir pour ne pas recommencer. Floating-lab. Ways of knowing 01 - Google. Gordon matta clark. Ben gifaldi. Louis Kahn. Lee materazzi. N-o-m-a-n. GREG LYNN FORM.

Zeven streken. Werk van Marc van Vliet. Keith Thompson Art. Julia Lohmann » Gallery. Jolan Van der Wiel. Maartje Dros Public Space Research and Design. Synth-ethic: Art and Synthetic Biology Exhibition — Vienna, Austria. Tuur van Balen. Front : hostprods. TERRITORIA. RAAAF. Tjep. Van Eijk van der Lubbe.

Krijn Christiaansen – Krijn Christiaansen Cathelijne Montens (KCCM) Cynthia Hathaway - Concrete poetry - About. Chris Kabel. Archigram - archipedia. Main : MIET WARLOP.