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Mischer'traxler projects overview. Formafantasma. Mischer'traxler the idea of a tree. Hello by Martino Gamper. * Glithero * Tim Knowles - Balloon Drawings - Civita 24hr Balloon Drawing. Superflex - Wikipedia. Superflex is a Danish artists' group founded in 1993 by Jakob Fenger, Rasmus Nielsen and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen.

Superflex - Wikipedia

Superflex describe their projects as Tools, as proposals that invite people to participate in and communicate the development of experimental models that alter the economic production conditions. Often the projects are assisted by experts who bring in their special interest, these tools can then be further used and modified by their users. Often their projects are related to economic forces, democratic production conditions and self-organisation. The artists have examined alternative energy production methods (Supergas[2]) and commodity production in Brazil, Thailand and Europe in their projects, which both expose and question the existing economic structures. Superflex has gained international recognition for their projects.

.: Neighbourhood Satellites :. Even before the Internet of Things becomes reality, the Internet of Animals is already proclaimed.

.: Neighbourhood Satellites :.

MOON - Martina Lasinger. Vaughn Bell - Projects. Vtol. ARTSUFARTSU.NET. Laura beloff, media art, art, art& science, media, art & technology, artist. Studer/van den Berg: Passage Park #2: The Container. Passage Park #2: The Container is a site-specific installation, which the visitors can move freely in.

Studer/van den Berg: Passage Park #2: The Container

The accessible scenery consists of a cargo container standing in a landscape of rocks, trees, shrubbery, and fern. The entire set is composed and rendered in various 3D programs. The printed parts were then mounted on the wooden container walls, the back wall, the floor and on the contour-cut free-standing props. The individual parts of the scenery form a path along the side of the container leading towards the backdrop image horizon. Marloes? - Marloes Haarmans. Jaemin Paik. Institute of Critical Zoologists.

News New bookwork, Mynas 28th April 2016 Mynas, 2016 Avaible to ship via paypal here. SPARC Design. Hypercustom. The impossible necessity. I am interested in making work that suggests the promise of a subsequent state while rendering any such fulfilment obsolete.

The impossible necessity

Often taking the form of plans or studies, I work with identifiable conventions and a range of media – including print, drawing, text and most recently audio and performance – to imagine a space between rationality and imagination, abstraction and representation. Aernout Mik. Thomas Thwaites - The man who tried to live as a GOAT, living as part of a herd in the Swiss Alps. Teun hocks. Clarify today, design tomorrow. /\SARAH ROSS/\ Bartlett School of Architecture. Ant farm architecture. Haus rucker co. Frederik roije. Panamarenko.

Stan wannet - Min-Een-Half-Wortel-Drie. William kentridge. Gijs Van Vaerenbergh. Krijn de koning. Bart Lodewijks / Drawings / Drawings Without Name / BL_51_TrackDrawing2012_SITE. The Oldest Living Things in the World — ⟜ R a c h e l ⋅ S u s s m a n ⤀ C A T K - Selected. VISUAL&PRODUCT DESIGN. Translucent structure table.


Geist. Tangible Memories. Following on from our pop-up exhibition of audio stories, produced from our winter visit to the MShed (see Memories and Museums) we have been developing another auditory experience using chairs, and inspiration drawn from venturing outdoors.

Tangible Memories

Here I introduce the concept of a therapeutic rocking chair for older people with dementia. Early on in the Tangible Memories project, we recognised that access to the outdoors, and specifically to the natural world, was very limited for many care home residents, often due to a decline in their physical mobility, or particularly if they were suffering from the more advanced stages of dementia.

Equally, when we asked ourselves as a team, ‘what would we want in a care home of the future?’ , we identified the simple routine of being able to go outside and experience the elements as something that would be of great importance to us all. How can interfaces support slow and meditative interaction in a fast paced world? Audio Player. Martin Massé Architecture. "Qui se souvient des hommes" Réinventer l’idée du mémorial, trouver de nouvelles pistes, de nouveaux moyens dans l’architecture pour se souvenir.

Martin Massé Architecture

Utiliser l’architecture, le décors, la mise en scène pour transmettre des émotions, le souvenir par l’expérience sensitive de l’espace. Mon projet est tout d’abord un hommage. Un monument pour se souvenir, se souvenir pour ne pas recommencer. Un moyen de répondre au devoir de mémoire. Le génocide des Indiens d’Amérique extrêmement contesté n’est pas pleinement reconnu par les autorités d’aujourd’hui, il n’existe que très peu de mémoriaux et encore moins pour des peuples comme ceux de la Terre de Feu dont le passage n’a pas marqué l’environnement ou l’histoire de l’humanité. Floating-lab. Ways of knowing 01 - Google. Gordon matta clark. Ben gifaldi. Louis Kahn. From 1957 until his death, he was a professor of architecture at the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania.

Louis Kahn

Kahn created a style that was monumental and monolithic; his heavy buildings do not hide their weight, their materials, or the way they are assembled. Lee materazzi. N-o-m-a-n. GREG LYNN FORM. Zeven streken. Werk van Marc van Vliet.

Zeven streken

Keith Thompson Art. Julia Lohmann » Gallery. Jolan Van der Wiel. Dieter rams. Maartje Dros Public Space Research and Design. Synth-ethic: Art and Synthetic Biology Exhibition — Vienna, Austria. Tuur van Balen Pigeon d’Or Pigeon d’Or proposes the use of pigeons as a platform and interface for synthetic biology in an urban environment.

Synth-ethic: Art and Synthetic Biology Exhibition — Vienna, Austria

Tuur van Balen’s project attempts to make them defecate soap! By modifying the metabolism of bacteria naturally occurring in the gut of pigeons, synthetic biology allows to add new functionality to animals commonly seen as vermin and “flying rats,” turning them into tools for urban disinfection. In collaboration with James Chappell, the artist has designed a special bacteria that, when fed to pigeons, turns their faeces into a biological window soap.

This both micro and macro scale art project addresses the ethical, political, environmental and safety-related consequences of synthetic biology. NRJ Architectuur. Front : hostprods. TERRITORIA. RAAAF. Tjep. Van Eijk van der Lubbe. Krijn Christiaansen – Krijn Christiaansen Cathelijne Montens (KCCM) Profile information for Krijn Christiaansen. Wooden field gates are landmarks in the flat Dutch landscape. The Vechtstreek (the area along the Vecht river, between Utrecht and Amsterdam) used to host many field gates. They were hand made… Read More… Heklucht is a combination of a bike stand and tire pump and is originally developed for an art project in Ypenburg, a newly built monofunctional Dutch residential area. Read More… Cynthia Hathaway - Concrete poetry - About. Chris Kabel. Archigram - archipedia. Main : MIET WARLOP. Leanie. Arnout Visser. 2014 Foundations : Lucas Muñoz Muñoz.

Marcis Ziemins port. Home - Noelle MulderNoelle Mulder. Officina Corpuscoli. OK — Olson Kundig. Studio PSK. Creative Chef » Portfolio. Product Design. Studiosiempabon. Studio Wieki Somers. Zdzislaw Beksinski - Official website presented by Belvedere Gallery. Artist Rick Gibson Art. Bill spinhoven. Studio Pats. Atelier Van Lieshout. The Official Thomas Kinkade Website. Rien Poortvliet Museum - Home. Proud, Free, and Interactive. Chris Woebken. Home. Michael Rakowitz. LucyAndBart. Ann Hamilton Studio. Hyungkoo Lee. Marjetica Potrc. Pavlov e-lab. Gerco de Ruijter. The weather project.

Andy Goldsworthy Digital Catalogue: Home.