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Laro's Art Box
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Character Design | Artist Interviews Its Comic Con season and I know that a lot of you are getting excited to go. So to help get people even more excited, I wanted to let everyone know about Ben Balistreri’s new book "Seaweed and the Cure for Mildew". Even with his busy schedule at DreamWorks as a story artist, he had time to answer a few questions about his awesome book… Ben when did you first think of the story for this book and how long did it take to create? I was on vacation in and was enjoying a drink or two at the Tangiers Bar, which had a very "" feel to it. So what was the process you went through in creating your book? I originally wrote an epic, that if completed, would have spanned seven books. The second go-round I kept the script to a basic outline and figured I would "write" it with the drawings, as that felt more natural to me. What's going to happen in the future; do you plan on doing more? The second book is fully written and drawn and now just needs to be inked and colored. Absolutely!

Bill Cone-Pixar lighter-pastel studies FijARTE THINGS the meat shop ! A little bit of lore from saltenpepper : In the world of saltenpepper, all meats grow in the wild or in farms, for every vegetable, tree, or fungus, exists a variety that gives a type of meat ! The brushes are kyle ‘s ones, I use the basic 80 ! i’ve been having trouble drawing women figure for the longest time so i decided to tackle my flaws and started trying a little bit, there is a couple of photo studies, but most of it is trying to understand structure on a fit/aethletic woman ‘s body from scratch, next step is drawing other type of body types. Pictures are put from latest to earliest some animation i made on some music i made, because it ‘s been a while i haven ‘t done it ! saltenpeppergame: Hey, it ‘s our project with garrett hanna !

Runa Ryberg It's cinema time! I'm looking very much forward to the premiere of "Sort Kaffe & Vinyl" ("Black Coffee & Vinyl"), a black humorous drama about the 39 year old, aspiring musician Jacob (Jens Andersen), who has isolated himself with his music and instant coffee in his apartment at Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Written and directed by Jesper Bernt. I worked on this film evenings and weekends for a year creating animated dream visions of the main character based on character designs by Cav Bøgelund. It premieres April 21'st at Grand cinema, Copenhagen. SKogV_Promo.gif

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