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Daniel samper ospina columna ¿Qué tan nuevo rico es usted?, Columna - Parto de una base: soy tan amigo del lobo como enemigo del nuevo rico.

Daniel samper ospina columna ¿Qué tan nuevo rico es usted?, Columna -

Mientras el lobo me conmueve, el nuevo rico me irrita; mientras el lobo me parece folclórico, el nuevo rico me parece arribista. Todo nuevo rico es lobo, pero no necesariamente todo lobo es nuevo rico. Ahora bien: todo nuevo rico tiene características mafiosas, pero no es necesariamente un mafioso: va más allá. En el fondo, todos llevamos un nuevo rico por dentro. Con este sistema de puntos averigüe qué tan crecido está el suyo. - Si viaja en primera clase en vuelos nacionales, súmese 30 puntos. - Si poco antes de que nazca su hijo viaja a Miami a comprar “las cosas del niño” y lo deja claro en público bajo la excusa de que “las cosas allá son mucho más baratas”, súmese 15 puntos. - Si cuando estrena casa contrata decorador y compra todos los muebles de un tacazo, súmese 25 puntos. - Si cree que la pantalla de plasma y otros electrodomésticos también son bonitos objetos decorativos, súmese 20 puntos. 4 Unintentionally Depressing Self Help Books on Happiness.

The 24,504 Worst Pieces of Advice Ever Published. In a tiny section of the bookstore that no sane person ever enters lies a secret underworld of musings and advice-like tidbits... books that offer hundreds, sometimes thousands of tiny wisdoms.

The 24,504 Worst Pieces of Advice Ever Published

Well, I bought a pile of these books, hoping to gain knowledge from the cute community. After reading 24,504 folksy nuggets, I learned two things: These books are not to be trusted, and there's a gun in my mouth. 14,000 things to be happy about.Barbara Ann Kipfer, 1990 $6.95 or 2014 Gems per Dollar Barbara Ann Kipfer has absent-mindedly compiled a disorganized list of things and called it a book. It doesn't seem like she moved any items around after churning out the whole list, so sometimes you'll hit patches where you can watch her mind go down a long path. I can tell that Barbara isn't the kind of woman that reaches for the stars, but tolerable temperatures? Every author hopes to be remembered by future generations for their wisdom.

Fuck you, lady. "Why, I do declare, Mr. The 24,504 Worst Pieces of Advice Ever Published. The 4 Most Irresponsible Sex Advice Books of All Time. DIAL B for BLOG - THE WORLD'S GREATEST COMIC BLOGAZINE. 4 Comic Crossovers That Stuck It to the Man. #2.

4 Comic Crossovers That Stuck It to the Man

DC Comics Kills the Flash, Marvel Brings Him Back in Their Universe DC Comics One of DC Comics' favorite things in the world is killing off longtime characters for shock value, promising they'll never bring them back again, and then doing that when they've run out of ideas. Nowadays that means "two months later," but there was a time when these things actually stuck for a while. For instance, the Flash (Barry Allen) died in Crisis on Infinite Earths and managed to stay dead for an impressive 23 years. ... or 5 years, if you count the time Marvel (you know, DC's biggest corporate rival) shamelessly brought him back and renamed him "Fastforward.

" MarvelThey wanted a monopoly on wise-cracking characters in red tights. I'm not talking about Marvel creating a Flash knock-off, by the way (they already have one). DC ComicsThat's how I wanna go, too. MarvelOr like 80 percent energy, 20 percent beard. The Most Amazing Celebrity Meltdown No One's Talking About. Rarely is there such a perfect storm of crazy as that surrounding the recent meltdown of Katt Williams, an actor and comedian who is clearly responsible for his own IMDb biography. #4.

The Most Amazing Celebrity Meltdown No One's Talking About

Inexplicable Psychotic Outbursts In October, Williams got into an argument with actor Faizon Love outside of a nightclub, possibly over who had appeared in the superior Friday movie. Williams went to his car to get a gun, which was promptly taken away from him by one of Love's crew. Upon discovering that Williams had actually forgotten to load the weapon, they gave it back to him and went inside the club, presumably after ruffling his hair and making him promise not to break any windows with his slingshot.

Noel Vasquez / Getty "There's no way he'll ever figure out how to buy bullets. " Last weekend, Williams smacked a guy in the head with a microphone for filming part of his stand-up performance. KMazur / GettySuge Knight, seen here at his part-time gig as a tower. #3. . #2. The 3 Most Excruciating Music Videos of the Summer. A good music video can make a mediocre song tolerable, but a bad music video of an equally bad song creates an aural singularity of fart-stained terribleness.

The 3 Most Excruciating Music Videos of the Summer

These are the worst we've seen so far this year -- and 2013 is far from over. Consider the following your State of the Union address for "Things That Will Make Two of Your Five Senses Atrophy," or perhaps a sonic Cerberus of "Shittiest Song of Summer 2013. " In any case, we're sorry. #3. Limp Bizkit -- "Ready to Go" Limp Bizkit is a band you and your older brother used to listen to while playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater back when Bill Clinton was president. Cash Money Records Inc.Which is really the perfect representation of Limp Bizkit as a whole. That's Limp Bizkit frontman/terrible rapper Fred Durst, with mature flecks of wintery gray in his "guest-starring on Breaking Bad" beard, informing us that despite all appearances to the contrary, he is still a legitimate rock star drowning in pussy.