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The 50 Best Movies on Netflix Instant

The 50 Best Movies on Netflix Instant
We love the convenience of streaming movies on Netflix Instant, but we don’t always love the navigating through the countless films in the service’s ever-expanding catalog to find something to watch. So we’ve compiled our list of recommended titles for you—whether you love classics, comedies, documentaries or just good ol’ fashioned kung-fu. The genres vary greatly here—and range in age from brand new to 87-years-old—but all 50 of these films come with the Paste stamp of approval. The list is up to date as of February 2013, but we’ll continue to update the list from time to time as Netflix Instant changes its offerings. 50. In the LoopYear: 2009Director: Armando Iannucci If clever verbal humor were easy, we’d have more comedies like In the Loop. 49. 48. 47. 46. 45. 44. 43. 42. 41. 40. 39. 38. 37. 36. 35. 34. 33. 32.

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The Sketchbook Project Brooklyn / Kansas City / Louisville / Columbus / Pittsburgh The Write, Right When You Get There Tour asks visual artists and writers to combine their thoughts on memory, permanence and nostalgia to create a unique traveling exhibition. The 15 Best Miramax Films Today, the indie world and the film world at large lost a giant in the field, watching Disney close the doors and turn the lights off on Miramax. As sad a day like today is, and as uncertain as the future is, we can still hold on to the memories. Most of them are now on Blu-ray. Or at least Laser Disc (because we all own one). 25 Spectacular Movies You (Probably) Haven’t Seen Midnight in Paris Woody Allen’s latest places starving writer Owen Wilson in Paris with his fiancée, Rachel McAdams. Searching for inspiration for his incomplete novel, Owen begins taking strolls around the city at night where he discovers an unexpected group of people. I wish I could be more specific, but it would ruin the surprise.

13 Screenshots of Movies I Never Grow Tired Of Absolutely no particular order or any kind of top here. It would be too hard and unfair to do that. It’s just movies that I love. Mostly arty, poetic, slow, dreamy, biographic and smart. Just the way I like it. The 5 Most Misguided April Fools' Pranks of All Time #2. April Fools Apocalypse Documentary Fools Everyone (by Airing in June) On June 20, 1977, Anglia TV in England broadcast a documentary titled "Alternative 3" as part of a regular, not-fake series called "Science Report." The announcer explained the documentary had started as a piece about British scientists leaving the country to find better jobs, but that in the course of the investigation they had realized scientists weren't just disappearing from Britain, they were dying mysteriously -- especially physicists, engineers, and astronomers.

Architectural Watercolors by Maja Wrońska I’m really enjoying the use of structure and color by Poland-based watercolor artist Maja Wrońska who has captured some lovely scenes from Paris, Venice, Prague, and elsewhere. Catch more of her work over on DeviantArt and Behance. (via my darkened eyes) Best Movies (of All-Time) The best movies evoke tears, laughter, terror, reminiscence, and/or mystery in a truly personal way. Anything less (AKA, around 98% of all movies) serves no purpose other than to shove mindless, forgettable fodder in our face and line Hollywood’s pockets (Be afraid Michael Bay, be VERY afraid). This is that other, sacred 2%—the Holy Grail of cinema. Note: “Memorable Moments” may contain spoilers. Quentin Tarantino's Top 10 Films of 2013 - SO FAR - The Quentin Tarantino Archives You might remember Quentin’s list of favorites of 2010 and 2011, and so many of you have mailed us and asked about last year. Mostly because of Django Unchained, of course there was none such list for 2012. So a lot of you even made your own lists and sent those, which made for some interesting reading. I think last year was a great year for movies, and 2013 so far continues this upward trend, aside from the usual fiascos (not naming names here).

The 30 Best TV Shows on Netflix Instant The TV landscape might not be completely bleak in the summer anymore, but there’s still plenty of great television you might have missed the first time around, and now you can catch up on several of those shows via Netflix Instant. Frankly, shows that are serial in nature are more enjoyable in spurts, rather than weekly episodes. Plus you can now catch these shows on your computer, iPhone, iPad, XBox 360 or Wii. We found 30 quality TV shows available right now streaming into your home or wherever you happen to be. (Or you can always just rent them at your local DVD store). This list originally appeared in November 2010, but Netflix is constantly updating the Netflix Instant offering, and we’ll continue to update the list.

Ballet Austin Synopsis The ballet begins near the story’s ending with Hamlet mortally wounded. As he lies dying he relives the events that brought him to this place. Hamlet arrives home from school and is told of his father’s untimely death. His mother Gertrude is celebrating her marriage to Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius. Ophelia’s father and brother, Polonius and Laertes, want her to have nothing to do with Hamlet. 40 websites that will make you cleverer right now The indexed web contains an incredible 14 billion pages. But only a tiny fraction help you improve your brain power. Here are 40 of the best. – Learn about our awe inspiring past all in one wonderful place.

The 50 Greatest Cult Movies of All Time It’s midnight somewhere. “Cult movie” is a hard thing to pin down. For the purposes of this list — celebrating the tenth anniversary of Donnie Darko — we’ve put a premium on the intensity and selectiveness of a movie’s appeal. Big Think There are only two events in the universe that defy the laws of physics: black holes and the big bang, and while scientists try to explain them, crucial evidence may be eaten up in the meantime. Christophe Galfard's book is "The Universe in Your Hand A Journey Through Space, Time, and Beyond" ( Read more at

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