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"Is That All You Do?" Self-Promotion as a School Librarian. I recently met a person who asked what I did for a living.

"Is That All You Do?" Self-Promotion as a School Librarian

“I’m a school librarian,” I said. “Is that all you do? Don’t they let you do anything else?” They asked. Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse. Few think Western civilization is on the brink of collapse — but it's also doubtful the Romans and Mesopotamians saw their own demise coming either.

Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse

If we're to avoid their fate, we'll need policies to reduce economic inequality and preserve natural resources, according to a NASA-funded study that looked at the collapses of previous societies. "Two important features seem to appear across societies that have collapsed," reads the study. "The stretching of resources due to the strain placed on the ecological carrying capacity and the economic stratification of society into Elites and Masses.

" 26 of the Best Books WIRED Read in 2020. Can we hope to understand how the Greeks saw their world? Homer used two adjectives to describe aspects of the colour blue: kuaneos, to denote a dark shade of blue merging into black; and glaukos, to describe a sort of ‘blue-grey’, notably used in Athena’s epithet glaukopis, her ‘grey-gleaming eyes’.

Can we hope to understand how the Greeks saw their world?

He describes the sky as big, starry, or of iron or bronze (because of its solid fixity). The tints of a rough sea range from ‘whitish’ (polios) and ‘blue-grey’ (glaukos) to deep blue and almost black (kuaneos, melas). The sea in its calm expanse is said to be ‘pansy-like’ (ioeides), ‘wine-like’ (oinops), or purple (porphureos). But whether sea or sky, it is never just ‘blue’. In fact, within the entirety of Ancient Greek literature you cannot find a single pure blue sea or sky. Yellow, too, seems strangely absent from the Greek lexicon. The Ancient Greek experience of colour does not seem to match our own. POPSUGAR UK. We need your consent to proceed We use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience on our site.


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When you proceed to access our site, the companies listed in the Cookie Consent Tool will use cookies and other technologies. Hablar es un instinto, escribir un arte. Information Literacy Weblog. Información cultural sobre literatura, cine, música, arte, escena, cómic y fotografía. Además vídeos, fotos, blogs, foros y entrevistas en Culturamas, la revista cultural de la Red. Great Tools for Making Mind Maps and Flowcharts. – La visión biblioteconómica del mundo (y III): más allá de la privacidad y del olvido.

(Viene de la segunda parte) A mí me conozco, en los demás creo.Esta contradicción me separa de todo.

– La visión biblioteconómica del mundo (y III): más allá de la privacidad y del olvido

Kafka. Why all children must learn code. Across the world, the conversion of information into a digital format – also called “digitalisation” – has increased productivity in the public and private sectors.

Why all children must learn code

As a result, virtually every country in the world is working towards a digital economy. As this new economy evolves, special skills like computer programming are needed. This is like a language of numbers, known as code, which allows people to write instructions that are executed by computers. 4 Ways Technology Can Make You Happier. Source: Pixabay These days, you can’t go anywhere without hearing about how technology is ruining everything, including our happiness.

4 Ways Technology Can Make You Happier

There is some truth to this, but it’s not the whole story. Technology can be bad for us—for example, when social media gives us FOMO (fear of missing out) or traps us in filter bubbles that prevent us from seeing multiple points of view on important issues. As a society, we are increasingly concerned that technologies like smartphones and social media result in more social comparison, cyberbullying, and loneliness—all stumbling blocks to happiness. indeed, technology seems to be bad for our happiness when it interferes with the mental, social, emotional, and behavioral processes that contribute to well-being.

The Writing Disorder - The Writing Disorder. Formar ciudadanos críticos, inquisitivos y participativos. The Best Exhibits to Visit for Free on Smithsonian Museum Day. Don't miss these cultural hotspots, curated by WhereTraveler editors, that waive regular admission on September 21.

The Best Exhibits to Visit for Free on Smithsonian Museum Day

September 21 is Smithsonian Museum Day. It's a chance for those exploring the nation's history, celestial bodies, European masters, decorative arts, pop culture—and many more pursuits—to visit the country's most impressive cultural institutions for free. Visit the Smithsonian's website to download complimentary admission for two, then present your tickets at the museum of your choice.

Don't know where to start? We've got some recommendations for you, from our vast network of WhereTraveler editors who are well versed in the cities they cover. 8 Student-Made Podcasts That Made Us Smile. 5 (+1) sites para ler e admirar a obra de Fernando Pessoa : Blog Lisboa Pessoa Hotel. November 30, 2018 5:13 pm.

5 (+1) sites para ler e admirar a obra de Fernando Pessoa : Blog Lisboa Pessoa Hotel

“Danmu”: La exploración de las potenciales audiovisuales del gigante asiático. Can Diverse Books Save Us? In a divided world, librarians are on a mission. Fomento de la lectura con medios audiovisuales a través de la red. Relatos verídicos, la primera obra de ciencia ficción. Alfredo Álamo el 13 de junio de 2019 en Divulgación.

Relatos verídicos, la primera obra de ciencia ficción

Modern living, home design ideas, inspiration, and advice. - Dwell. What it’s really like to wear a capsule wardrobe every single day. Lectura Lab / CLL (@lecturalab) Blogs de Literatura Infantil: recopilamos los 20 mejores. Partiendo de la idea de que es importante que los estudiantes adquieran el hábito de la lectura desde edades tempranas, estos blogs de Literatura Infantil proponen alternativas para hacerlo desde el aula. Digital Text is Changing How Kids Read—Just Not in the Way That You Think. Cognitive scientist Daniel T. Willingham said that digital devices aren’t changing the way kids read in terms of actual cognitive processes—putting together letters to make words, and words to make sentences.

In fact, Willingham is quick to point out that in terms of “raw words,” kids are reading more now than they were a decade ago (thanks mostly to text messaging). But he does believe, as he writes in his book, The Reading Mind: A Cognitive Approach to Understanding How the Mind Reads, that kids’ reading habits are changing. And it’s reasonable to guess that digital technology, in all its three-second-video and Snapchat glory, is changing those habits. In the chapter “Reading After the Digital Revolution,” Willingham, who has four children of his own, takes a measured approach toward screen reading. A Good Website for Free Photos to Use in Your Presentations. El fin de los libros (I): la transformación de las bibliotecas. What Remains. You searched for free archive - Page 2 of 4 - TeachThought. Publications. Photo: Cordula Flegel These publications offer information about the Goethe-Institut and its activities. Se não for a escola a estimular a leitura, dificilmente a criança terá acesso ao livro.

Revista Prosa Verso e Arte. Professora aposta na sala de aula invertida para estimular autonomia dos alunos. The future of business. TeachThought - We Grow Teachers. NPR : National Public Radio : News & Analysis, World, US, Music & Arts.

Alert! Alert! The information demands on the modern digital journalist are overwhelming and leading to burnout. Journalists are overwhelmed by the information they process in their working day and want to explore solutions with third-party providers and management to make it more manageable. That’s the finding of a nine-month project involving discussions across the industry and a revealing in-depth survey. The research is part of the European Journalism Center’s News Impact Network, which held its latest summit yesterday in Berlin.

The project’s aim is to find ways to make journalism more sustainable in an ever-changing media landscape. Promocão e difusão da língua portuguesa. LETRAS IN.VERSO E RE.VERSO. Como as gigantes de tecnologia lidam com os dados de crianças. EL PAÍS Retina: transformación digital y tecnología. Top 10 Graphic Novels 2017. As the range of children’s graphic novels expands, authors are treading new ground and tackling different topics in imaginative ways. Nuevas tecnologías aplicadas a la educación. Chinadaily European. Promocão e difusão da língua portuguesa. Matador Network - Travel Fearlessly. Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. 8 formas para gamificar la experiencia de las personas en las bibliotecas.

Escola de Redes. Noticias y recursos educativos. EDUCACIÓN 3.0 (@educacion3_0) A importância da leitura em nossas vidas – Jornal O Celeiro. Jot Down Cultural Magazine - Jot Down. Top 10 Graphic Novels 2017. Cidades que só estão na nossa imaginação. - LER. Revista Caliban. 50 pequenos bons livros. Freud quotes: About / Contact. Founded in 2013, Freud Quotes is a blog and source for online education in a psychoanalytic field. We cover a lot of ground — psychoanalysis in its historical roots and contemporary context, news, events and of course daily dose of freudian memes. Also occasional bits of critical theory, arts & pop(culture. Contact Got a link we should post? Send it our way! Las bibliotecas escolares y su función en la promoción de la lectura. 10 dicas para se tornar um bibliotecário mais moderno - Portal do Bibliotecário. Latest Study: A full-time school librarian makes a critical difference in boosting student achievement.

La biblioteca que en lugar de libros presta gente con historias para contar. 7 Books That Explore the Boundaries of Language. Observador.