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Visual: magazine de diseño, creatividad gráfica y comunicación

Visual: magazine de diseño, creatividad gráfica y comunicación
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Submit Hi-Fructose Submission Guidelines: Hi-Fructose in Print: Writer submission guidelines for print: All stories in Hi-Fructose print are assigned by the editors to the writers. If you are open to accepting a given assignment, please submit samples of your writing to info (at) hifructose (dot) com. We recommend you familiarize yourself with Hi-Fructose by reading a sample issue before submitting. Hi-Fructose Blog: If you are a writer or photographer and would like to conduct an interview, write an article or photograph an event in your area for inclusion on our blog, and you think it fits our flavor, please write us at info (at) hifructose (dot) com. Submissions for Artists as Features: We are always looking to discover new artists. Hi-Fructose Magazine 661 Kern St.

30 Amazing Retro Posters and Flyers by Anepic Wed, 08/19/2009 - 07:43 This week I ran into some cool retro designs for posters, fliers and brochures. I thought I would share them for my next Retrography Post. I love the style and feel of this ‘old paper look’ they all kind of have. Retro style design has always been around. Adam the Velcro Suit Scott Hansen Jonathan Haggard Horacio Lorente About Author grà Un Periodista en el Bolsillo GÖOO So you want to create a font. Part 1 By Alec Julien So you’re a brilliant designer, a master calligrapher, and you’ve learned all about serifs, side-bearings, and kerning. Now you want to create your own font. The Crux: Font Editing Software All the brilliant design, precise calligraphic work, and deep knowledge of kerning won’t mean anything if you can’t translate your work into a computer-friendly format, which is why you’ll need a good piece of font editing software at your disposal. Font Editing Programs FontLab Studio is what I use to make my fonts. All of these programs operate on the same principles, differing in specifics, interface, and levels of options and power. Once you have a good font editing program, there are three basic routes to creating a font. Method 1: Draw it on paper Tools You’ll Need Good PenGood PaperRuler (Optional)ScannerAdobe PhotoShop or Adobe Photoshop Elements (or similar image editing software)ScanFontFont Editing software of your choice Are you artistic? Almost there. Coming Up Next…

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