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The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. MURAL is a digital workspace for visual collaboration. Gmail. Darwin tech. 11 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint.

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Connections and Active Living Technologies. Community And Education Technologies. LTG Home Automation. Ideas in Health Technology. LTG Business Development. We Build Tools to Defend Children From Sexual Abuse. Collaboration Software & Displays - SMART Technologies.

NetHope Solutions Center. Courses, Expert Advice & Software for Startup Founders. Solutions - GrandCare. File 2505256981 pdf. GrandCare Systems - Caregiving Technology for Seniors. Verily Life Sciences. New Tab. Oregon Center for Aging & Technology (ORCATECH) Homepage - GeoComply. Wireless Home Monitoring Made Easy. Person-Centered Technology. Sidewalk To Sofa: Creating Smart Partnerships In MultiFamily. Our marketing director recently wrote a piece for PropModo about the Sidewalk to Sofa approach in MultiFamily covering the importance of strategic partnerships.

Sidewalk To Sofa: Creating Smart Partnerships In MultiFamily

Enjoy the full article here here. The Internet of Things has the ability to make things easier, faster, and more secure across a variety of industries. In the MultiFamily real estate industry, it can improve everything from package delivery, property-wide access, thermostat control, and much more. Currently, package delivery in multifamily is receiving a lot of media attention. Most already realize package delivery is on the rise, not only in the U.S., but across the globe. I am the Director of Marketing at STRATIS, a platform that enables smart apartments in multifamily and student housing. While the idea seems pretty straightforward, within this concept there is a lot of moving parts, including controlling and managing everything from thermostats, voice control enabled speakers, lights, leak sensors, and beyond.

TOH Know-How: A Smarter Panel for Easier Electrical Installation. Smart buildings. The 2016 Survey: Algorithm impacts by 2026 – Imagining the Internet. Who’s hit hardest by the affordable housing shortage? Whether we agree on the same solutions as a society, the fact remains that the United States has a deep affordable housing shortage that disproportionately impacts our most vulnerable populations.

Who’s hit hardest by the affordable housing shortage?

Extremely low-income households are more likely to contain seniors, individuals with disabilities, and children. These households are also more likely to be black and Hispanic. This shortage is a threat to the economic stability of American families, and the consequences are far-reaching. Housing instability can lead to unemployment, lower academic achievement, and poorer health outcomes (including mental health). Low wages coupled with the shortage has made the prospect of securing housing a continuous challenge. The National Low Income Housing Coalition (NLIHC) is a housing nonprofit dedicated to steering national housing policy in a socially just direction. Home - Smart Living 360. IoT Hero IOTAS Brings Smart Home Experience to Apartments. 7 Greatest Advantages of Smart-Home Automation.

Implications of The Internet of Things Connectivity Binge. Despite wide concern about cyberattacks, outages and privacy violations, most experts believe the Internet of Things will continue to expand successfully the next few years, tying machines to machines and linking people to valuable resources, services and opportunities Connection begets connection.

Implications of The Internet of Things Connectivity Binge

In 1999, 18 years ago, when just 4% of the world’s population was online, Kevin Ashton coined the term Internet of Things, Neil Gershenfeld of MIT Media Lab wrote the book “When Things Start to Think,” and Neil Gross wrote in BusinessWeek: “In the next century, planet Earth will don an electronic skin. 's Mission Is Driven by a Tradition of Innovation. Judy Davis/Hoachlander Davis Photography Two of the labs inside the Hatchery at AARP.

's Mission Is Driven by a Tradition of Innovation

Hatching its own innovation ecosystem The work got a jump start with the opening in 2015 of the Hatchery, a whimsically contemporary 10,000-square-foot workspace at the Washington, D.C., headquarters. Telecommunications Infrastructure Design Process. The process described in this paper applies to existing buildings that are being re-furbished as well as new buildings in which construction has not begun.

Telecommunications Infrastructure Design Process

Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access. The Enabling Environments Laboratory identifies environmental barriers to activity and participation of people with and without functional limitations (due to disability or age) and develops enabling designs and technologies to overcome those barriers.

Center for Assistive Technology and Environmental Access

It focuses primarily on physical spaces and virtual places in home and community settings. Current Projects. Virginia Smart Communities - Initiatives. Program Overviews Virginia Smart Communities Initiatives Building on the work of the Virginia Smart Communities Working Group and related efforts, Virginia now has a Smart Communities State Action Plan.

Virginia Smart Communities - Initiatives

The plan calls for pilot projects to begin the process of building capacity and expertise around the Commonwealth, and these pilots are now under way. The pilots rely on "community-driven innovation" to identify topics relevant to each community, and include a technology partner and support to initiate "agreed upon priorities. " Smart City IoT Innovation Labs (SCITI Labs) CREATE. Position Shahid & Ann Carlson Khan Professor of Applied Health Sciences Professor – Department of Kinesiology & Community Health.


IT Executives: Today’s Changing Role in Data Centers and Beyond. Denver’s important role in edge computing, putting data centers in areas with high populations in order to reduce latency and load on long-haul fiber lines, will help ensure short and long-term future demand for colocation services.

IT Executives: Today’s Changing Role in Data Centers and Beyond

(Photo: Iron Mountain) In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Charisse Richards, Vice President of IT and Integration at Iron Mountain Data Centers, explores how digital transformation is reshaping industry and the role of IT executives. Charisse Richards, Vice President of IT and Integration, Iron Mountain Data Centers. Real Savings. An error occurred while cancelling your delivery.

Real Savings

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