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8 YouTube-inspired classroom video ideas - Ditch That Textbook. YouTube viewers go NUTS over makeup tutorials.

8 YouTube-inspired classroom video ideas - Ditch That Textbook

In 2018, YouTube had 169 billion (yes, BILLION) views for beauty-related content. That's up from 104 billion in 2017 and 59 billion in 2016. The bottom line: these tutorials are getting eyeballs. There's a good chance your students are watching them, too. Makeup tutorials are pretty basic. In this video, and in lots of others like it, the video editing is pretty minimal. Because these videos can be 10 or 15 minutes or longer, the best beauty vloggers work hard to keep their viewers engaged the whole time. Bring Zing to Your Videos With Kapwing.


Green Screen Video. Alice Keeler Webcam Record. Free teleprompter. Free Course: Creating Common Craft Style Videos in the Classroom. Free Course: Teacher's Guide to Creating Common Craft Style Videos in the Classroom. We're excited to share a new FREE course at the Explainer Academy that's built on real-world classroom experience.

Free Course: Teacher's Guide to Creating Common Craft Style Videos in the Classroom

It's a Teacher's Guide to Creating Common Craft Style Videos in the Classroom. Enroll for FREE at the Explainer Academy The course includes: Tools, processes, and tips for every phase of the projectScript, storyboard, and planning templates created by teachersBehind-the-scenes images and videos of teachers and students making videosMultiple instructional videosA free pack of over 100 Common Craft Cut-outs Background: Over the years, we've been thrilled to see so many teachers and students create Common Craft Style videos in the classroom. A number of teachers took the time to document and share their process and experience online. Kim Barker at allstarELA.comMr. 10 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in School - From the Archive.

Due to an injury and some pressing personal matters requiring my attention, posts for the rest of the week will be favorites from the archive.

10 Ways to Use Adobe Spark in School - From the Archive

New posts will return on Monday. On Tuesday morning I published a video about how to use Adobe's new creative suite called Adobe Spark. That video was focused on how to use the three parts of Adobe Spark; post, page, and video. EdTech Coaches Webinar Resources: Tools For Creating Video Content. School Video Recorder for Google Drive.


The 7 Best Video Editors for Chromebook. Chromebooks are more than mere glorified web browsers.

The 7 Best Video Editors for Chromebook

They’re fantastic machines that can perform many of the same tasks as Windows and macOS. One of those tasks is video editing. Since Android apps became available on Chrome OS, the number of video editing apps available for your Chromebook has exploded. So, without ado, here are several worthwhile video editors for Chromebooks. The popular web-based video editor WeVideo has an official app in the Chrome Web Store.

How to Get the Most Out of Google Photos Movie Editor. But if your smartphone or tablet is already capable of editing movies together, what is the point of a desktop app?

How to Get the Most Out of Google Photos Movie Editor

This is the approach taken by the developers of the Google Photos app, which has an excellent movie editor built in. Capable of creating movies while you sleep from the clips in your library, or letting you do the hard work, it’s available absolutely free to iOS and Android users. Basically, if you have the Google Photos app (available free from your mobile app store), you have the movie editor. Tools. - Free Backgroundloops, Lower Thirds, Motion Objects and Tutorials. Use Flipgrid to Publish Instructional Videos. The new school year will be here soon and I haven't taken a break all summer.

Use Flipgrid to Publish Instructional Videos

I'm taking a short break from the Internet to go fishing at one of my favorite places in the world, Kennebago Lake. I'll be back with new posts on Saturday. While I'm gone I'll be republishing some of the most popular posts of the year so far. In Sunday's Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week I mentioned three ways to use Flipgrid now that all features are free for all users. One of those ways is to have students record and publish instructional videos. Techlearning. Use Toontastic 3D to Create Animated Videos. Toontastic 3D is the latest version of the popular Toontastic animation app.

Use Toontastic 3D to Create Animated Videos

The free app is available on the iOS, Android, and Chrome platforms. I now have the app installed on my Android phone, on my iPad, and on my Chromebook. The app is easy to use and functions the exact same way on all three devices. The app provides students with customizable story templates, settings, and characters. Students can also create stories, settings, and characters from scratch. Important News About Adobe Spark. Adobe Spark is a great tool for making videos, storytelling websites, and simple graphics.

Important News About Adobe Spark

Download Free Video Editor: best software for video editing. L’éditeur vidéo sert à éditer les fichiers vidéo ainsi qu’à créer des clips vidéo de divers niveaux de complexité avec l’application de différents effets vidéo et audio.

Download Free Video Editor: best software for video editing.

Le logiciel possède de nombreuses fonctionnalités et possibilités et en même temps il est doté d’une interface simple et intuitive, ce qui vous permettra de créer vos fichiers vidéo avec un minimum d'efforts. Vous pouvez télécharger Free Video Editor et profitez de ses fonctions gratuitement et sans restrictions (pas de période d’essai, filigranes ou annonces). How to use the Green Screen App by DoInk.


Login. Create Netflix-style learning with screencasts. Windows Movie Maker Download - Make Your Own Movies with Windows Movie Maker. Make your own movie using Windows Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker Download - Make Your Own Movies with Windows Movie Maker

Turn your photos and videos into polished movies. Add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story. Key features - Windows Movie Maker Software: With Windows Movie Maker, it's easy to organize and select the photos and videos you want to use in your next movie. With Windows Movie Maker, you can add text, transitions, effects, and more. Make Images, Videos and Web Stories for Free in Minutes. Filmmaking for everyone - Learn about film. The five shot method for shooting video. > Mindy McAdams In the standard way to teach video shooting, students are instructed to shoot "wide, medium, tight. " That means: For each subject of interest, get one shot that's far away enough to show everything (wide); get a second shot that is close enough to see what's going on (medium); get a third shot that's very close (tight).

Beginners can follow these instructions, but the results are not always good. Part of the trouble is that everyone judges these distances differently. The five-shot method is more useful for beginners.