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Sculptypaint : Built with Processing

Sculptypaint : Built with Processing
thanks to / sponsored by Some changes in Sculptypaint v0.93 To LOAD !! a Sculpt-image/Reference-image/Texture in Sculptypaint 0.93 just drag and drop it onto the application You can Zoom in/out; or translate the model a bit using the arrow keys. 2 little trees, around 1.2(m) high, LandImpact: 1 (125 and 111 sub-meshes used, 5 textures) Created with Celzium#03'DNA' my inworld mesh creation tool Celzium on the SL-marketplace: celzium#00 (100L$) celzium#01 celzium#02'ShapeOne' celzium#03'DNA' I started working on Celfuuu on February 26, 2014. You can buy some of my 3D printed models in My shop on shapeways last update September 17, 2015 Sculptypaint-2 early alpha - sculptviewer in a browser, using webGL/javascript. last update September 14, 2015 Please, PLEASE help me! How To run Sculptypaint from Processing Download: SculptyPaint v.093 release - Sculptypaint Windows- Sculptypaint Linux- Sculptypaint MacOSX - Sculptypaint Processing files to run it from processing How can you help?

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RGB Theta- Photoshop plug-in for SL “Fake Bake” « Random Ramblings, Tip & Tricks In February of 2010 the official Second Life Forums flicked a switch and moved over to a new fomat. I have edited the links to point to the archives, hopefully you can still follow along. :) Somewhere deep down in the official forum archives you can find this absolute GEM of a filter for Photoshop. BUT- to save you the effort of finding that post (it’s not the easiest thing to find), I’m just going to post the jist of it here. The original thread for this dates back to December of 2006 O.o … WHY this wasn’t stickied I have no idea! So… what the heck is “RGB Theta”, and what can you do with it?

Textures R Us We have recently simplified our licensing. For further details, please click this link. With 50,000 Royalty Free, Commercially Licensed, 2D and 3D Tiling Textures available in cost effective texture packs, we're confident we have what you need. Texture Categories Include: Terrain, Wood, Stone, Brick, Metal and Fabric Textures, some include Normal, Specular and Bump Maps. Sculptcrafter inworld sculptor, free version available too! This is the full version of SculptCrafter (feel free to also get the free version in the 3DBuildEasy or the Ferox sandbox). Theoretically you can stay with the Free version and make free sculpts in ny sandboxes for life . But we know you will be so happy and buy it anyway). Optimal Solutions SculptorPRODUCT NOTES Sculptor Morph 3.4 Current version of Sculptor Morph is 3.4 released June 2013. Sculptor Morph leverages our revolutionary Arbitrary Shape Deformation (ASD) technology to provide real-time 3D morphing technology for STL data and point cloud data.

SLCP Update Bekka Hax Registered User Join date: 1 Oct 2007 Posts: 90 That's a great idea, i'd never have thought of it owing to my mouse wheel being broken heh, but when i'm home later i'll knick the mouse off my laptop and get that coded in, along with the texture refreshing update. Top 30 Sites to Download Free 3D Models Free 3d models can be incredibly useful, whether you’re rushed on a project and don’t have time to develop your own models, or you’re looking to learn some techniques and see the structure of a model to help guide your own creations. Whatever the reason, there is a huge demand for 3d models, and a large number of websites have sprung up to provide some models. However, not all are the same quality, so in this roundup, we’ve gathered up the top 30 sites to download free 3d models. Whether you’re looking for space ships from NASA, or a kitchen table for architectural visualization, you’ll find some awesome resources here. Here are some more cool sites to download more freebies:

QAvimator Qavimator is back under development! Fig Mistwood has started the project up again, so stay tuned! QAvimator is a Qt port of Vince Invincible's avimator, a bvh animation editor created for use in the Second Life® virtual world. 3D Systems announces Sculpt, software that makes your 3D-printed dreams a reality (video) There's been a fundamental disconnect for as long as desktop 3D printers have been an affordable reality: how can consumers easily create 3D models to be printed? At the moment, the best solutions for finding objects to 3D print are databases like Thingiverse -- places where you can search for and download files that most closely match what you're looking to create. The shortcoming with such systems is clear: what happens when no one's taken the time to create the files you want?

Blender 3D: Noob to Pro You are strongly encouraged (read as begged) to contribute to this book! There are many things you can do to help: edit existing modules (to correct errors, improve the writing, or make additions)add new modules (tutorials or reference material)upload new images (screen shots or sample renders)join the team responsible for this WikiBook How to Edit a Module Sketchlife - build in SketchUp, upload to Second Life What is Sketchlife? Sketchlife is a system which allows you to build for Second Life using SketchUp. Most 3D modelling tools use meshes (vertices connected by edges which define faces), whereas Second Life has adopted solids, referred to as primitives, to be their indivisible building blocks. This guarantees that there won't be any stray polygons flying around, but it also prevents mesh models from being imported automatically. The in-world modelling tools in Second Life are quite good, but they are stone age compared to the 3D modelling power tool that is SketchUp. SketchUp is free.

Tutorials Setting up blueprints in Blender Okay, to start out your going to need to get an image of the blueprints you want, I've chosen to use the BMW M5 (E60). After you have chosen the image you like you're going to need to take it into a photo editing program and cut out each picture and save it in its own view. For this one I just used MS Paint because it is a free program just like blender, you could also use The Gimp, which is also free, but MS Paint is all you need for doing this.

Autodesk - Mudbox If you are in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and/or Australia, as part of your trial we will collect product usage information and use it to send you personalized marketing communications. We also set a cookie that tracks your activities on our websites. Please read further for details. If you are in another country, this program will not apply to you. Blender/Custom Shield I use Blender, and I was very disappointed to find that the only version of this tutorial is for 3D Studio Max. Here's a Blender version. I've tried to be very thorough and not omit any possibly important step.