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Activities for kids learning from home. Annenberg Learner. Select a program below, and click on the VoD icon to view it.

Annenberg Learner

If you cannot find the resource you are looking for in this list, check our discontinued series list for distributor contact information. Against All Odds: Inside Statistics. Quotes, Poems, Novels, Classics and hundreds more. The Best Children's Books! Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature.

Storyline Online - Where Reading Is Fun! - January-February 2009. Clifford Interactive Storybooks Home. iStoryBooks - A growing library of Children's Books. CBeebies. Listening Comprehension, Listening that sparks learning. » Reading Group Guides. Perfect discussion starters for young adult book clubs, high school classrooms, community reads, and beyond.

» Reading Group Guides

These guides are prepared by educators. Browse below by title, author, grade, or theme—or use the search box on the right for a general guide search. The Weight of Zero Discussion Guide. » Educator Guides. Thematic and curriculum connections for picture books, beginning readers, and middle grade books.

» Educator Guides

Prepared by educators, these guides are designed to excite students about literature while saving you valuable lesson preparation time. Browse below by title, author, grade, or theme—or use the search box on the right for a general guide search. U.S. Copyright Office. U.S.

U.S. Copyright Office

Copyright Office Fair Use Index. Before You Post Your Work...Do You Need Permission? | COOL Schools | Web Honor Roll Before You Post Your Work...Do You Need Permission?

Before You Post Your Work...Do You Need Permission?

Internet law is constantly being rewritten and/or revised. In order to stay within the law, it is necessary to be aware of current guidelines. The links below will be helpful to educators and students engaged in Internet research or web posting. Circ21. The Educator's Guide to Copyright and Fair Use. Copyright for Educators. Copyright Friendly Resources – TechnoPeterson. Collection Connections - Literature and Poetry - Themed Resources. Historical context and ideas for integrating individual digital collections of primary sources into instruction.

Collection Connections - Literature and Poetry - Themed Resources

American Life Histories: Manuscripts from the Federal Writers' Project, 1936-1940 (Summary and Teaching Resources) The life histories, in combination with fictional novels, can engage students in the study of themes such as loss of innocence, consequences of failure, or corruption and its consequences. American Women: A Gateway to Library of Congress Resources for the Study of Women's History and Culture in the United States (Summary Only) Search this collection using the terms "author", "poet" or "literature". American Notes: Travels in America, 1750-1920 (Summary Only) This collection presents over 250 books documenting the travel in America.

Authors include James Fenimore Cooper, William Cullen Bryant, Charles Dickens, Washington Irving, Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Frederick Law Olmsted, and Robert Louis Stevenson. Teacher Resources at News and Events Year by Year: 1900-2013. A Program of the National Park Service. Featured this month: Civics in America Happy 2016!

a Program of the National Park Service

At the start of this election year, Teaching with Historic Places is highlighting its lessons about Civics in America. These lessons teach government topics and the histories of American citizens taking individual or collective action: from serving in elected office to engaging in philanthropic efforts; from volunteering in a citizens' militia to fighting for basic rights. Many of the featured lessons also feature service learning activities to engage students in their communities and government. The First Measured Century. EyeWitness to History - history through the eyes of those who lived it.

Best of History Web Sites. TEACHERS - lesson plans, teacher resources, teaching jobs, and teacher chat. Essential Learning Products. Connect2Texas. - Themed Resources. Exhibitions, special presentations, lesson plans and other materials gathered from throughout the Library of Congress for selected curricular themes.

- Themed Resources

Abraham LincolnExplore the life of the sixteenth president of the U.S. through photographs, his correspondence, speeches and expert commentary from the Library of Congress. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives. A Learning Center for Young Astronomers. The StarChild site is a service of the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Research Center (HEASARC), Dr.

A Learning Center for Young Astronomers

Alan Smale (Director), within the Astrophysics Science Division (ASD) at NASA/GSFC. StarChild Authors: The StarChild Team StarChild Graphics & Music: Acknowledgments StarChild Project Leader: Dr. Laura A. The Periodic Table of Videos - University of Nottingham. For Educators. Johnson Space Center Office of Education. Featured Courses. Webinars. Professional Development. The course, based on promising results produced by the professional development model delivered in the Verizon Innovate Learning Schools, includes five modules developed around ISTE standards.

Professional Development

Course modules are designed to help teachers, administrators and tech coaches implement effective mobile learning initiatives in their schools and classrooms. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Johns Hopkins University will be offered to teachers completing the Verizon Mobile Learning Academy courses. Mobile Learning (Mobile Devices, Apps,Tablets) I have an iPad – Now What? Presenter: Susan Brooks-Young Touch tablets—iPad and Android—are the consumer electronic with the fastest adoption rate ever. Partner: ISTE Mobile Devices in the Science ClassroomPresenter: Ben and Jared. 21 Skype Lessons For Active Learning, Sorted By Topic.

Continuing our mini-series on using Skype in the classroom, I wanted to present a few of the many Skype lessons that are currently available for classrooms and everyone else to try out. What is a Skype lesson, you ask? It’s simply a pre-planned ‘call’ where you can watch and learn from others via Skype. DROPitTOme - Securely receive files from anyone to your Dropbox. Free Puzzlemaker. App Review of the Week Archives. The best apps, games, websites, and digital curricula rated for learning. Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - Home Page. Free online teleprompter. Testmoz - The Test Generator. Think Classroom: Interactive Media. Home. 4Teachers : Main Page.

The Learning Network - The Learning Network Blog. RubiStar Home. Kathy’s Katch. Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays for the Classroom. Reader's Theater Scripts and Plays Readers Theater is a dramatic presentation of a written work in a script form. Readers read from a "script" and reading parts are divided among the readers. Audience Response Systems. PBS LearningMedia. SAILOn. Khan Academy. Ball State Electronic Field Trips.