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1,200 CFM Portable Blower Fan. Watlow| Finned Heaters, FINBAR Heater with single ends. Composed of aluminized steel fins press-fitted to a one-inch single-ended FIREBAR® element, the FINBAR™ finned tubular heater is designed to improve heat transfer to the air and permits putting more power in tighter spaces—like forced air ducts, dryers, ovens and load bank resistors. Heat transfer, lower sheath temperature and element life are all maximized by the FINBAR heater's finned construction.

Installation is simplified by terminations exiting at one end and mounting accommodations on both ends. Specifications: Watt densities to 50 W/in² (7.7 W/cm²) 304 stainless steel sheath temperatures to 1200°² (650°²) Voltages to 480VAC Amperages to 48 amperes per heater or 16 amperes per coil Applications: Forced air heating for dryers, ovens, ducts Still air heating for ovens, comfort heating Incubators Ink drying Load bank resistors Features & Benefits: Images: - Bac Pac eRo Backpack Vacuum For Home Use -

ConciergeUp. The term "Concierge" evolved from the French Comte Des Cierges, "The Keeper of the Candles", who tended to visiting nobles in castles of the medieval era as an officer of the king. We will treat you like royalty. Normally you Concierge "Down" simple tasks that you don't have the time or do not wish to do yourself such as ordering flowers, booking flights & hotels, or obtaining tickets to a show. This approach does not work if the task is more complex or requires further time and research before it may be delegated with exact steps to others. For the first time, you can now Concierge "Up" tasks, goals and challenges in life that are too complex or you don't have the time to research yourself to a proven team of experts.

Examples such as: If you think about it what you need is an experienced problem solver with the following qualities: They would also need one more thing, the most uncommon of things, "common sense". Are you ready to clear your to do list? Pro Gains - Nutrition Made Simple | ORDER. Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display: Computers & Tablets. Computers, Televisions, Video Games & Cameras - Best Buy Canada - Best Buy Canada. Switch to Full Site Browse Category Store Locator Plug-in Community On Sale Recently Viewed Items Clear Items Featured Offers loading Logitech Gameboard Advanced (G13) Web Code: 10119600 Model #: 920-000946 (6 ratings) 1 reviews Online Select a delivery location Add to Cart In-store Check store stock Reserve in store false true Store Locator Search Stores Postal Code e.g.

Saved Stores Nearby Stores Redo Search from This Area. Handmade at Amazon. Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. Handmade at Amazon. Etsy - Your place to buy and sell all things handmade, vintage, and supplies. The First VR Camera in Space Allows You To Be an Armchair Astronaut. When Yuri Gagarin became the first human to behold Earth from space, he was overcome with emotion. “I see Earth!” He exclaimed from Vostok 1.

“It is so beautiful! " When he returned, he told Soviet reporters that he “saw for the first time how beautiful our planet is. Mankind, let us preserve and increase this beauty, and not destroy it! " There wasn’t a term for Gagarin’s passionate testimony at the time, but today we know that he undoubtedly experienced the Overview Effect—a kind of euphoric cognitive shift inspired the sight of the Earth from space, which has been reported by dozens of astronauts. Now, an ambitious partnership headed by entrepreneur Ryan Holmes and space engineer Isaac DeSouza aims to make the Overview Effect accessible to everyone. . “540 people experiencing space is a novelty,” he continued. “Right now, space isn’t accessible. " That is the essential mission statement behind SpaceVR, the world’s first virtual reality platform designed for outer space. 3D Laser Scanner. 3D Printer Pen - awesome fun with this $79 handheld 3D printer [Review]

Canadian Small Businesses That Are Changing The World | Blog TELUS. Over the past five years, we’ve recognized Canada’s brightest entrepreneurs through the Small Business Challenge. Conducted in partnership with The Globe and Mail, the contest shines a spotlight on Canadian small businesses and aims to help them overcome their biggest hurdles while they work to reach their full potential. As we await the announcement of this year’s grand prize winner, let’s take a look at the entrepreneurs that placed first in the past. Fueled by their big wins, these businesses are thriving at home and abroad. Four years ago, Down to Earth Labs Inc. won the Small Business Challenge and hasn’t stopped growing since, yet the Lethbridge based soil-and feed-testing company still treats its customers like neighbours.

Every day, Down to Earth provides environmentally-friendly agricultural testing that empowers farmers and gardeners to better control their crops. As you can see, The Small Business Challenge has huge potential to turn passion into profits! Plasti Dip Your Car - The Complete Guide. 240_F_85318665_ALvM41thFYaOUEFIBNX4dPb6tsLwu5ev.jpg (JPEG Image, 361 × 240 pixels) Google Image Result for. T-fal ActiFry (White): Home & Kitchen. Poutine wrap. 640 × 516 - 500 × 333 - 611 × 640 - 396 × 639 - 720 × 813 - 700 × 525 - 220 × 126 - 550 × 330 - 620 × 465 - 540 × 720 - 500 × 327 - 3264 × 2448 - 460 × 460 - 600 × 600 - 4592 × 3056 - 550 × 412 - 484 × 363 - 730 × 487 - 640 × 640 - 875 × 600 - 500 × 286 - 1024 × 768 - 640 × 640 - 640 × 427 - 459 × 376 - 2312 × 2380 - 1250 × 703 - 650 × 434 - 572 × 465 - 750 × 750 - 2448 × 3264 - 590 × 590 - 640 × 298 - 1600 × 2135 -

The next frontier for 3D printing: drugs. While the video above may not win an award for action movie of the year, it’s illustrating an exciting new breakthrough for the way we manufacture medicines and drugs. Depicting the brain child of Professor Lee Cronin, the chair of chemistry at Glasgow University, the video shows a new 3D printing process he and his team developed to synthesize chemicals. He believes his research could one day lead to low-cost chemical printers in the home that allow patients to print out their prescriptions. Such a scenario would certainly shake up the healthcare industry as it could bring the cost of care down for patients with chronic ailments. What makes this process possible is the new way in which Cronin decided to approach the problem.

Instead of trying to combine multiple substances inside a glass petri dish, he decided to make the container the catalyst for the chemical reaction that takes place. How it works is counter to how traditional chemists have been synthesizing compounds. 3DPrinting: 3D printed fashion, textiles. Archives for the category: 3D printed fashion, textiles December 15, 2014 MoMA adds '4D' printed dress to its permanent collection The Kinematics dress created by design studio Nervous System using a 3D printer has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art. reports. The Kinematics dress created by Nervous System. Read more. emily | 9:05 AM | permalink November 10, 2014 3D Printing and Knitting Converge Laura McPherson and Mark Beecroft of the Manchester School of Art (Manchester, England) are adding a new dimension to the artful process of knitting, with technical crafting — and 3D printing.

We have created a 3D printed knitted sample that has the fineness and flexibility required for textiles, and we have begun to combine this with machine knit,” Mark Beecroft told Read full article. emily | 3:18 PM | permalink August 28, 2014 Meet the Fashion Designer Who's 3D Printing Impossible Clothes 26-year-old Noa Raviv based in Tel Aviv, makes a 3D printed fashion statement. Store2. Raspberry Pi gets a serious, more powerful, upgradeable rival. The Raspberry Pi is an amazing little board, and it’s provided the computing power for loads of awesome geeky creations — but just think what the RPi could do with a little more muscle. The engineers at SolidRun did, and they decided to whip up their own competitor: the HummingBoard. Although the HummingBoard will probably never be as popular as the Raspberry Pi, it’s got a lot going for it.

For starters, it’s been cleverly designed to mimic the Raspberry Pi’s dimensions and layout. That means it’ll fit into the hundreds of ready-to-use Raspberry Pi cases that you can buy online, which means adding a professional finished looked to your build will be super easy and won’t have to cost you a lot of money. Another cool thing about the HummingBoard is that while it’s the same size as the RPi, it’s not actually a single-board computer. SolidRun has packed plenty of features into the HummingBoard, too.