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Blyth doll patterns

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Blyth granny dress. Blythe doll - Shop Cheap Blythe doll from China Blythe doll Suppliers at Kary's store on Aliexpress. Blyth party dress. Blyth empire dress. Blyth jacket, pantss. Blyth underware. Blyth simple sleevless top. Blyth under dress. Blyth corset. Blyth fruit punch top. Blyth long sleeve and jeans. Blyth dress w belt. Blyth poodle dress. Blyth collar dress. Blyth dress shirt. Felt converse. » Blythe On A Budget: DIY Sock-Sweater Dress. When I was younger, my parents refused to go out and buy clothes for my Barbie dolls beyond what came with the doll herself. » Blythe On A Budget: DIY Sock-Sweater Dress

But I still wanted new clothes for my dolls so my dad used to sew some for me, just to placate me long enough for me to stop from whining more. One of the things he used to make for me was little sweaters and dresses from socks, so with his help I wrote this tutorial.