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Doll Restoration, Cleaning, Care & Repair Tips

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Barbie Restoration & Matted Frizzy Hair. There are plenty of things you can do to restore a Barbie.

Barbie Restoration & Matted Frizzy Hair

How-To's On Hair Styles. Introduction This article covers dressy hair styles such as the French Twist which is a classic updo.

How-To's On Hair Styles

It's in response to all the email I receive from people of all ages who want to try something different with their hair for dressy hair events such as homecoming, Prom, the Christmas Holidays or for weddings. They want to wear their hair up in a new twist or updo or they want to add special touches such as flowers or hair accessories. Sometimes they just want to try something completely new. I can relate. Recently I spent a couple of hours with my hairstylist experimenting with some updos, braids and new looks. Tutorials - Tips & Tricks For Doll Hair - By VALKYRIE. The Doll Restoration Wizard. Doll Restoration ● Past Contests and Events ● Miscellaneous Articles Doll Restoration The Doll Restoration articles are listed here as well if you know what you need and don't need to use the Wizard: Doll Anatomy 101 This is "prerequisite" reading for the other articles here.

The Doll Restoration Wizard

The Body Swap ~ An Illustrated Guide. Barbie "Shoulder Replacement Surgery" Tutorials - Hair, Bangs, Eyes, Makeup Painting. Quick & Dirty Reroot - Tension Method. Rerooting With A Rerooting Thread. Doll Restoration:  What You Need To Know. "DOLL RESTORATION AND CONSERVATION: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW" > Page 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, "Conservation differs from restoration by aiming to preserve and clarify what survives, rather than replace what is missing.

Doll Restoration:  What You Need To Know

" "Conservation is a race against time" "Do nothing that cannot be undone" (Bettyanne Twigg, UFDC President) There is an epidemic in doll collecting--an epidemic of doll restoration. This epidemic has been fostered by the easy, open market of eBay and other online auction houses, which has allowed collectors to easily sell items from their collections (as well as their garage sale and estate sale finds). A Quick Introduction To Painting Faces.

Doll Restoration Tips & Tools - This Old Doll. Nothing's more frustrating than trying to do a good job with the wrong tools.

Doll Restoration Tips & Tools - This Old Doll

Sorry these pictures don't look new like on the store shelves, but I really do use them! Milliput Super Fine White I use this to fill and replace composition and hard plastic. It comes in two rolls, both white inside. I can sculpt new fingers and feet, fill dents on a face and push into cracks and under lifted paint. It sets up in about 3 hours. Plast-T-Pair by Rawn Company, Inc., Inc.I first saw this product being used while I was waiting at the TV repair shop. It's very similar to what is used to make acrylic fingernails and sets up into a very hard plastic. Scratch Out by Kit from Northern Labs, Inc.It's used on automobiles for minor scratches and is generically called "rubbing compound". Rubbing Compound #7 This is great for smoothing a rough texture on compo or for really deep cleaning of hard plastic, vinyl and bisque. Dawn & Pippa Restoration. A Pippa Wash And Brush Up - Cleaning Pippa.

The Dawn Spot - Rerooting Your Dawn's Hair. Longlocks with re-rooted hair, eyelashes, and custom gown.

The Dawn Spot - Rerooting Your Dawn's Hair

Rerooting Dawn's Hair There are a few methods I have seen, and the one that I have used the most is the knot method, where each plug of hair is secured with a knot on the inside of the head. Sometimes this creates a headful, but holds well. Below are slightly modified instructions from a site I once visited on Geocities. The instructions are included here because I cannot get in touch with the owner of that site. Dyeing Dawn Heads. Here are some directions for using Rit dye to revive pale-faced Dawn dolls (with many thanks to whomever first posted the recipe on the newsgroup!) Followed by photos of the process: Buy one box each of Rit powdered dyes Peach and Rose Pink. (You may have to look in a craft store to find them. Rit has a color chart online at if you want an advance peek.) Empty both boxes into a lidded glass jar or other container; close it tightly and shake well to mix the colors completely.

When you are ready to begin, bring water to a boil and pour one cup of hot water over 1/8 teaspoon of the dye mix in a container (I use a small stainless steel or glass mixing bowl) and stir. Restore Dolls - Vinyl Dolls - Reborn Dolls: DIY Tips & Tricks. Krista's Vintage Barbie Doll Restoration. Copyright 2013 All rights reserved.

Krista's Vintage Barbie Doll Restoration

This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed The information, photographs and writing contained in this website are the property of the owner of this website. I retain sole and exclusive rights without limitation which may not be granted to another without my written permission and consent. How To Repair Sindy Fashion Dolls. Doll Restoration, Cleaning, Care & Repair Tips. Doll Cleaning & Care Tips. Hints for Cleaning Vinyl Dolls & Their Clothes.

Here are a few hints that I have accumulated from working with my dolls, and I thought that you might want to read through them and see if any would work for you.

Hints for Cleaning Vinyl Dolls & Their Clothes

First, the worst enemy that you have with your doll is dirt. The years of dirt sit in the doll's hair, and fabric of their clothes and rubs against each other, breaking down the fibers of the fabrics. The first thing that happens to my dolls, is bath time at the house. My doll's clothes have been washed in a strong solution of Era in the kitchen sink or a dishpan, EXCEPT FOR ITEMS THAT ARE MADE OF PROTEIN, SUCH AS SILK, LEATHER, ETC. Era likes to eat silk blouses, trust me.

For the doll's hair, I usually spray it with De-Solv-it, which I find in the cleaning isle at Walmart. How To Remove Stains From Vinyl Dolls - Removing Ink Stains From Vinyl Dolls - ThriftyFun. Children love to draw on just about anything including their toys.

Removing Ink Stains From Vinyl Dolls - ThriftyFun

This is a guide about removing ink from vinyl dolls. Solutions: Removing Ink from Vinyl Dolls.

AG Dolls - Repair, Rewig, Braids