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Citrus Moon Patterns: Archives

Citrus Moon Patterns: Archives

Amazing Textures - High resolution textures for 3D modelling Where can I find textures and background images? | Graphics Advertisement If you are a graphic designer, you probably know that textures and background images are essential for every project which is related to graphics or design. But where to search for quality images if you can’t find anything usable on your PC? Web offers many useful resources one should always keep in mind searching for textures. Below you’ll find a hand-picked selection of some useful resources related to textures and background images. We tried to pick the best ones which offer quality and professional content without annoying advertisement. Following repositories offer “free” textures, which means that you can use them for both personal and commercial projects according to the license mentioned on the web-site you’ve downloaded the images from. Dr. Texture Library20 Another free library of texturesTirad21 You are welcome to use these textures in your works….WebGround22 Thousands of original background textures for your Work. It's done.

High Resolution Textures | Free Textures, Game Textures, 3D Textures, Design Resources and More Metal and Rust - free Textures Download | Dr. Web Magazin Downloads Feel free to use these textures for any project, personal or professional. Click thumbnail and use your mouse to “save image as…” Metal collar of an old sea mine (out of order) – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 2.2 MB A old painted and rusted buoy at Heringsdorf – 1 – (Usedom/Germany) – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 2.1 MB A old painted and rusted buoy at Heringsdorf – 2- (Usedom/Germany) – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 2.7 MB A old painted and rusted buoy at Heringsdorf – 3 -(Usedom/Germany) – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 2.6 MB A old painted and rusted buoy at Heringsdorf- 4 – (Usedom/Germany) – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 2.3 MB Rusty lamppost with remnants of paint – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 3.5 MB Metal railing – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 3.4 MB Container – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 3.5 MB This is a shot from a metal plate of an old gravestone (Germany WW1) – Macro Picture – HiRes Image (4000*3000 Pixel) 3.3 MB Rotten Lamppost 1 – Macro Picture. Rust Rusty Iron Wall

High resolution texture library - High resolution texture library 200+ Textures, Brushes, and Fonts: Ultimate Grunge Roundup This post is a roundup of latest free web design resources released during the month of March. This collection includes patterns, icons, themes, and… Continue Reading → This post is a roundup of latest free web design resources released during the month of February. Continue Reading → It’s a new(ish) year and maybe you want to impress with your business? Continue Reading → Free Textures from TextureKing 60+ Free Textures from 17 scratched and scraped textures grab bag 40 random free textures 14 free high res slate textures Aqueous Sun Texture Pack Volume 1 (50) Aqueous Sun Texture Pack Volume 2 (50) Aqueous Sun Presents Rust v.01 (28) Beautiful Textures On Black Backgrounds (22) rust textures (5) victorian dreams texture pack (10) Dreamy Bokeh Textures (4) Glitter Bokeh Texture Pack (33) 20 grungy dirty wood textures tree bark 10 free high res textures 9 colorful rust textures Wood Panels Texture Set (9) turn back time texture pack (5) Vintage II Texture Pack (6) Rust ‘n Such Textures (10) textures (5) Folds: Texture Pack (8) Freebie: Texture Pack 4 – Watercolours (10) Metal Texture Pack – 47 Free Images Brick & Stone: Texture Pack (24) 17 rock and concrete textures 25 subtle and light grunge textures 8 re-stained paper textures 28 High-Res Vintage Postal Textures Old Leather Textures (5) 5 colored grungy bokeh textures 15 High-Res Lens Flare Textures 27 High-Res Fabric Fold Textures out of focus 30 free bokeh textures Bokeh Pack (22)

DinPattern – Free seamless patterns » Textures Scanned with 720 DPI and black/white reference, no further adjustments have been done. The names are partially translated, for example color types, but the rest is basically german wood naming. All images where scanned from real wood plates! License Free Wood Textures von Jan Weigand steht unter einer Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported Lizenz.Beruht auf einem Inhalt unterÜber diese Lizenz hinausgehende Erlaubnisse können Sie unter erhalten. If you intend to resell these textures you need a permission from me! Here is a image made with two textures. If you have any questions, if you made a nice image, or made a usefull bumpmap, contact me.

Stripemania - Striped background generator 40 Excellent Photoshop Tutorials for Textures and Backgrounds | Vandelay Website Design Textures can be extremely useful resources for web and graphic designers. They can be used to create backgrounds, add grit and texture to any element within a design, and they can also be used to create various photo effects. Photoshop allows for all kinds of possibilities with textures. In some cases you may be creating your own texture from scratch in Photoshop, but in most cases you’ll be using a texture from a photo, whether it is your own photo or one that you acquired somewhere. Here we’ll featured 35 different tutorials that teach various aspects of created and working with textures. Enhancing Your Portraits with Textures Textures can also be used to give a different look and feel to your photos, and it’s easy to implement. 5 Simple Tricks to Enhance Your Textures in Photoshop This tutorial shows how you can get the most out of texture photographs. Ten Steps to Bokeh Heaven Learn how to add a bokeh texture to a photo for an awesome effect. Unique Textures without Using Brushes