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Paper-Tape Dress Form

Paper-Tape Dress Form
David Coffin Photo: David Coffin by David Coffin Barbara Deckert, a dressmaker from Elkridge, Maryland, and author of Sewing for Plus Sizes, uses a form-making method that I've seen in sewing texts from the 1930s: Brown-paper tape from an office-supply store forms a body mold as well as duct tape does, then hardens into "papier-mâché" to become a pinnable form, which you don't even have to stuff. from Threads #75, p.41 <A HREF=" Widgets</A>

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Dolls - Costume & Clothing Tutorials Page 5 - Attach Lace on Finished Side of Skirt Hems & Contrasting Top Stitch This is an easy method to attach lace to the finished side of skirt hems of your doll dresses. 1. RIT Dye Tutorial It happens to me every year. The second spring hits, I’m standing in front of my closet going, I am so sick of all my clothes, if I see that shirt again I’ll throw up, but I don’t have any money for new stuff, I’M SO TIRED OF EVERYTHING I OWN. You know that feeling?

Adithis Amma Sews - Cute Confessions of a Sew Addict: Tutorial - Angrakha Pattern Drafting Part I Iam glad to have got back to posting tutorial. Please feel free to leave your feedback in comments so that it will help in iron out flaws if any and also make it better in future and also would motivate me to do share more of pattern drafting expeditions. In case if you any doubts, please raise the same and i would be glad to sort them out. Today we shall see part I of Angrakha Tutorial. This would involve drafting the Angrakha part. Doll Clothing Construction Tips What Holds It All Together?~Selecting Sewing Notions for Dolly’s Clothes~ As a sewer, you know that every project presents unique opportunities to learn something new. DIY Picture Tiles - You Will Never Buy a Photo Frame Again Lately I’ve been having this huge urge to decorate the house. This is big news. I do not decorate.

Adithis Amma Sews - Cute Confessions of a Sew Addict: Angrakha - Sewing Tutorial I know its been 2 days since the promised date, since my DD fell ill (she is recovering,is lot better 2day, she has an ear infection and severe cold) could'nt spend time away from her, especially with the system Please find the photo tutorial for stitching the same, since i din't have anyone to assist me in shooting the video, i had kept the handycam at all vantage positions and shot the sewing video, but it has lot of unwanted footage of me testing if it's recording and so on, need to edit, will do in a day or two, till then i guess this picture tutorial is useful. Actually i prefer this one after assembling it together as i think video tute is shoddy due to shooting it by self.

Doll Boutique - How To Sew In Tiny Scale help | my account | my list | Login | contact advanced search Home : Classroom: Sewing: Doll Boutique Fabric Choices and Helpful Tools DIY Photo Canvas Art We’re so excited to share this DIY tutorial from Blue Label member Rachael Grace Photography. These mini photo canvases are easy to execute, and could be produced in bulk at a DIY crafting party with your bridesmaids + friends as sweet wedding favors! Read on for Rachael’s tips on how to make these little beauties: Do you know the feeling when your creative bug comes to visit?

Tips for Making Your Own Pattern More and more people make their own patterns from store bought garments today. It is pretty simple, but more importantly it satisfies our crave for DIY. There are many great tutorials on the web on how to draft a pattern from a shirt, shorts or a skirt. Dana from Made cuts apart an older clothing item. Nightgown Patterns for Bitty Baby and 18 inch American Girl Dolls American Girl and Gotz 18 Inch Dolls Bitty Baby and Medium Baby DollsNightgown Patterns and Sewing Instructions Maxi Muffin in long dress Clothes Patterns for 18 Inch Dolls and Bitty Baby Dolls & Costumes WebsiteSusan DIY Cereal Gift Box For the Holidays This is a perfect way to recycle your cereal box into a gift box for the upcoming holiday season. All you need to make this is scissors, glue, and some holiday cheer! Just so you know what you are aiming for here is the final result: 1. You will need glue (hot glue works fine) and a pair of scissors to cut the box and crease in half as shown below.

Topstitching 101 ~ The What And How Of A Topstitch Hey friends! I am working on a complete sizing guide and various options for the Fat Quarter Pillowcase Dress (just you wait – so cute!) and I remembered something I have been wanting to post about – Topstitching. “What is a topstitch?” is a frequent question that either pops up in comments or in my inbox, and as the pillowcase dress has an abundance of topstiching, I thought I could have a post to refer people to. Not just a how-to, but a complete guide on when to add a topstitch, and how to make it look great too.