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Antique Pattern Library Catalog

Antique Pattern Library Catalog
Delamotte, F. Examples of Modern Alphabets Plain and Ornamental, including German, Old English, Saxon, Italic, Perspective, Greek, Hebrew, Court hand, Engrossing, Tuscan, Riband, Gothic, Rustic, and Arabesque, with several original designs, and an analysis of the Roman and Old English Alphabets, large, small, and numerals, for the use of draughtsmen, surveyors, masons, decorative painters, lithographers, engravers, carvers, etc., etc., collected and engraved by F. Delamotte. London: Crosby Lockwood and Son, 7, Stationers' Hall Court. 1891. 48 plates, mostly complete alphabets, printed on one side only. Scans donated by Sytske Wijnsma, edited by Judith Adele.

Celt's Vintage Crochet Celt's Vintage Crochet All graphics, patterns, charts and pictures contained on this website are intended for personal use only Copyright 2000-2006 How to Knit the Double Knit Fabric Stitch NewStitchaDay music in video is from demo 2008 by (Latchxe9 Swing) / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 This video knitting tutorial will help you learn how to knit in the double knit fabric stitch. This is a faux rib pattern that creates a thick, squishy fabric, perfect for warm sweaters and blankets. It should not be confused with double knitting, which is a technique often associated with color work. About Ponchos and pattern :D Hello my friend, I’ve finished today the baby poncho for my niece Clara who’s six months old…and I’ll put here in this post the pattern if someone is interested in crocheting one…It is sooo simple to make and so cute for the children:) It really makes a great gift I’ve already made 3 ponchos…2 in march and 1 now… The 2 I made in March were bigger (for my own girls: 3 and 5 years old)…

Guide to Free Vintage Patterns on This Site Free Vintage Patterns on This Site 1902 Crocheted Bead Chatelaine (Purse)1914, 1917 Single Tassels (7 patterns)1914, 1951 Edgings with Crocheted Rings1915 Crochet Edging on Fabric Circle1915 Finger-Purse Coin Purse1915 Venetian Collar, Lace Edging1915 Venetian Grapes and Leaves Appliques1917 Filet Doily with Cluster Edging1917 Fleur-de-lis Handbag & Shells Shoulder Bag1917 Fringe1917 Knot Stitch Flower Sachet1917 - 1940s Hats (7 patterns)1919 Filet Crochet Edging1920 Birds Filet Crochet Sweater1920 Butterfly Filet Crochet Yoke1920s Filet Crochet Rose Yoke1920s Flower/Clover Edging1920 Knot Stitch Edgings1920s Knot Stitch Yoke1920s Man's Ski Hat with Chin Strap1920s Tam (Hat) with Rose1921 Rose Filet Crochet Fringed Sweater1923 Tasseled Edging1940s Handbags1940s Three-tassel Curtain Pull1949 Double Ruffled Doily (Swirl Center) This link leads to a listing of Free Original Crochet Patterns designed by Sandi Marshall, Crochet Guide. Bookmark for this page is

American/British Conversion chart: cut out & save!& As I am about to enter my 3rd year of spending 1/15th of my year in the Land Down Under, I am becoming increasingly aware of the differences between the US and Australia. Forget about vegemite vs. peanut butter… the real issue is sorting out your crochet patterns! I made a handy-dandy guide that you can cut out and carry along with you. You don’t even need to travel much to use it: chances are, you’ve run across a great pattern from another country, and you have to translate the terms. No longer a problem! You can even hide this chart in your pocket and impress your friends!

Free Crochet Doily Patterns Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version More free doily patterns: Doily Patterns ♥♥♥ knitloop ♥♥♥ Ok, so jewelry isn’t exactly seasonal, but just look at how well Alyson Fox nails a transition-to-fall color palate. Shara Lambeth Designs: Crochet Chain Link Necklace Tutorial Hello friends! I have had many, many requests for a How-To tutorial so others could make a Crochet Chain Link Necklace, so I thought I ought to do it :-) These necklaces are simple, pretty & even practical, yep, they're baby proof! So here's what you need to know to make yourself a Crochet Chain Link Necklace: What you need: 90m (100yds) DK weight cotton (approx) 4mm (US#6) crochet hook

Free Crochet Patterns, Free Knitting Patterns, Video Tutorials and Giveaways from Have you ever had your morning tea while thinking about a tea infuser? What exactly is this? A tea infuser is a small device like a strainer that holds your loose tea leaves while you steep the leaves. The tea is prepared by putting the infuser in steamed water to release the flavor and voila! You have your tea. Now that you know what a tea infuser is, have you ever heard of a yarn infuser?

Grannys Garret - Symbol Crochet Symbol Crochet How to follow a diagram top Every stitch has it's own definite symbol. At any point you can compare your own progress with the diagram and see exactly where you are in your pattern. Have a look at a sample diagram to show you just how the system works. Crochet Edging Patterns Printer-friendly version Send by email PDF version

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