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It was love at first sight when we laid eyes on the amazing oversized, billowy, ruffled frills adorning the Fall 2010 runway looks at Fendi.

We immediately wanted one and just couldn’t imagine having to wait another several months to actually see these frills materialize. With some research, persistence, and umpteen botched attempts, we finally figured out a fail-proof pattern. And obviously, we’re sharing it with you! You’ll need:2 pieces of wool felt2 pin backsa few buttonsa few pinsa hot glue guna sewing machinea pair of fabric shearsan ironour frill pattern For a fuller and longer frill, print the pattern as it is on 11″ x 17″ paper at 100%. Sew the felt together along the straight side, with a 1/4″ inseam, down to the end. Run a zig zag stitch down the center of the front side of the frill. Your Fendi-inspired frill is finito! Pin the frill to any blouse, shirt or dress. (all images by Honestly…WTF)

Wanted to share a few Flickr Sets with a few tips and simple tutorials to help you customize your own Blythe.

Treating Synthetic Hair Sometimes my Blythes synthetic hair needs to be tamed. With Genevive (Prima Dolly Aubrey) her hair right out of the box was uneven, frizzy and stiff. It was in urgent need of some TLC. In addition I have also used the Steam Ironing Technique which I lay the hair between a wet towel and iron over to lay the hair straight. Coolcat Rubber Scalp, 1 Box of Powdered Rit Dye, 2 cups of hot water, a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of laundry powder....soak for 10 min or less depending on desired depth of color. Mr. Mr. This particular type dries to a MATTE finish. You may notice when your new girl arrives, her gaze is centered in a down position. Open face plate and locate the T Bar and screw. Unscrew and remove plastic T Bar.

T Bar Gaze Correction Small clip to raise eyes. It is easy to clip more if needed but not good if you take too much. Commission for her mom in Italy, Little Lily Brown Middie in for some custom work.

She will get a new carving, face-up and a custom mohair wig with custom handpainted chips. This is Lilliette, My Macaron Q-Tea party Middie Blythe. I wanted to customize her so I researched around and found some tips from some great friends in the community. My most important tip was from GBaby who gave me the excellent advise to keep track with photos of each step and parts to make it easier to put her back together again. I also went ahead and labeled all the screws so I knew what part they came from.

If you have ever opened an RBL or FBL, you can open her head just the same by applying pressure over the ears and temple area until the sides release. She does look a bit intimidating inside. The last component I took apart was the eye mech. I then painted the back of the existing chips, soaked the lids to remove the lashes, painted the lids and applied new lashes. You can see more of this little one here! BLYTHE DOLL BEFORE AND AFTER CUSTOMISATION / UNBOXING AND DRESS UP. 1 pz Bianco Vestito Lungo-Manicotto per Blyth, Licca, Azone 1/6 Accessori Bambola -fit forBlyth, Licca, Azone 1/6 Bambola -solo il vestito, non include la bambola e altri accessori. pagamento 1.accettiamo il pagamento via L'impegno non si desidera che l'articolo dopo che vincete o acquistarlo, vi preghiamo di contattarci annullare la transazione. 3.noi non siamo responsabili per le tasse supplementari quali tasse di importazione, dovere, doganale, IVA o le tasse che si possono avere a pagare quando il vostro articolo arriva nel vostro paese. 4.rilascio di Aliexpress soltanto il pagamento al fornitore dopo che confermate la consegna del vostro non sai come pagare?

Libero 1.tutti gli articoli saranno spediti entro1 ~ 5 giorni lavorativisulla ricevuta del pagamento (tranne Sabato e Domenica). 2.spediamo soltanto all'indirizzo confermato fornito da voi. se dovete cambiare l'indirizzo, prego ci dice immediatamente prima del pagamento fatto. Puchi Collective: A place for Dolls. Felt converse. Blyth long sleeve and jeans. Blyth under dress.