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Make Doll Clothes From Socks

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How To Make A Doll Dress From A Ladies Sock. By Rosie on September 7, 2013 I’m sure you all know Peggy by now, she is one of my wonderful customers who loves to experiment when making doll clothes and has shared a number of her creations using ladies socks.

How To Make A Doll Dress From A Ladies Sock

Well, today Peggy shows us how to make a dress for your doll using a knee sock. Here is the finished dress with two options. The first has a shawl neckline and the second has a turtle neck neckline – this is the same dress, just worn differently. Peggy explains how to achieve the different looks at the bottom of her instructions. I did my best to fold back a little bit of the raw edge to make it as neat as possible. When I did the first sweater/dress I tried to zigzag stitch around the edges of the opening but it stretched out of shape and was really difficult to do. I then turned the dress right side out and put it on the doll with one of the little belts I have here. Thanks so much Peggy for sharing this with us, I love the tip about the wine glass! Happy Sewing By Rosie Saw. How To Make A Doll's Top From A Ladies Sock. By Rosie on April 14, 2013 Remember a couple of weeks ago, Peggy showed us how to make a pair of underpants from the top part of a ladies sock?

How To Make A Doll's Top From A Ladies Sock

Well today Peggy is going to show us how to make a top for your doll using the bottom of that same sock so you can end up with a cute two piece bathing suit or underwear set for your doll. Thanks Peggy for sharing this wonderful tip with us all. Peggy also says, ‘It is possible to open the back and put velcro on it to close again, especially if the sock tube is loose enough to have the extra fabric to fold under. For this doll the tube was snug and it would have been challenging to have enough to close properly again with velcro.’

A one piece bathing suit could also be made using Peggy’s tip to make underpants from the last blog but bring the top of the sock up till it is under the armpits (instead of the waist or hips). Peggy says she has ‘also made panties with the leftover foot pieces of sock and added elastic to the waist. Happy Sewing. How To Make Doll Underpants From A Ladies Sock. By Rosie on March 23, 2013 Today I’ve got another tip from Peggy on how to make a pair of doll clothes underpants from a ladies sock so again this is perfect for using those odd socks that we all end up with.

How To Make Doll Underpants From A Ladies Sock

As you can see from the photos above, Peggy loves making matching socks and underpants. In the coming weeks Peggy will show us how to make a simple top to match with these underpants. Thanks Peggy for sharing this wonderful tip with us all. If you would like to make some underpants for your 18 inch doll or 18 ½ inch Cabbage Patch doll using an old t-shirt and a little elastic, I have a lovely underpants doll clothes pattern that is easy to make and I’ve been told is, “the best panties pattern piece ever!” Happy Sewing By Rosie Saw. Make Doll Clothes From Socks. Make A Knit Skirt For A Doll From The Leg Of A Sock. Even a complete non sewer should be able to manage the few stitches needed to modify a sock leg to make a knit skirt for a doll.

Make A Knit Skirt For A Doll From The Leg Of A Sock

Shown here is a skirt in 1:9 scale made from a 6-12 month size toddler sock in the Wild Hibiscus Pattern from Robeez. These socks come in sets which are easy to use for co-ordinated clothing scaled for miniature dolls. The skirt shown here matches the hooded sweater which is a slightly more involved project also suitable for a beginning sewer. Make This Simple Doll's Sweater From A Sock. This easy to make doll's hooded sweater is sewn by hand with simple stitches and is a good project for a beginning sewer.

Make This Simple Doll's Sweater From A Sock

The sweater is made from any sock which is a suitable size and pattern for your doll. As shown here,the sweater is made from a toddler sock from Robeez, sized 6-9 months (size 1-3). This size will fit a range of miniature dolls. How To Make A Doll Dress From Baby Socks. My daughter J was cleaning out Little G's clothing a few days ago and was going to throw away a box of her baby socks...I of course saw crafting potential with them and snagged the box!

How To Make A Doll Dress From Baby Socks

I used 2 of Little G's baby socks to make this cute 2-piece dress set for Barbie, the aka 11 1/2" fashion doll. It only took me 1 hour to make it including the little tote bag purse. Here is what you will need: Size 2 Crochet Hook 2 Baby Socks (I used one pale purple and 1 white, knitted infant socks) Dark Purple crochet thread (bedspread weight) Scissors Sewing Thread & Needle To Make The Top: I cut the heal and toe area off of the sock. Using a size 2 Crochet Hook, poke it through both layers of your raw edge end and attach cotton thread (bedspread weight crochet thread) with a single crochet. No Sew Sock Doll Clothes. No Sew Doll Clothes From A Sock.

Rubber Band Jewelry Keep Cool Headbands This headband keeps you cool for hours.

No Sew Doll Clothes From A Sock

Just soak it in water for a minute and you're ready to go! What you'll need: Material that doesn’t fray, California Crystals, (These were developed for fresh flower arrangements. The crystals retain a lot of water for a long time keeping the headband moist for days. How to Print or Copy these Instructions. Rock Pets What you need: rock, fur material, scissors, glue gun, goodly eyes,and pink or red fun foam. Origami Claw What you will need: Notebook paper or typing paper. No-Sew Doll Fashions" This no-sew craft for kids is perfect for your child's imagination.

No-Sew Doll Fashions"

She'll have hours of fun pretending to be a famous fashion designer while creating a new wardrobe full of no-sew doll fashions for her dolls or stuffed animals. What You'll Need: Materials such as old socks and tiesBlunt scissorsTrims such as ribbon or sequinsCraft glue Step 1: Cut the toe area out from a sock. Cut holes for the neck and arms in the end of the toe for a blouse. Blythe On A Budget: DIY Sock-Sweater Dress. When I was younger, my parents refused to go out and buy clothes for my Barbie dolls beyond what came with the doll herself.

Blythe On A Budget: DIY Sock-Sweater Dress

But I still wanted new clothes for my dolls so my dad used to sew some for me, just to placate me long enough for me to stop from whining more. One of the things he used to make for me was little sweaters and dresses from socks, so with his help I wrote this tutorial. Pretty much all of the directions are his, minus the use of stabilizer (I have no clue how he was patient enough to sew doll clothes for me with socks without stabilizer, I had a hard enough time with it!). You will need: 1 sock (I bought mine from a local dollar store, kids sizes at 3 pairs for $2 CAD)scissorsstabilizer (makes your life so much easier)thread (either the same colour as your sock or similar)pencil (or something else to mark fabric with)pinssewing machine First you’ll put the sock up against your doll and figure out where you need to cut.

And there you have it! Doll Hoodie From 2 Socks. An Easy Way To Turn A Sock Into A Pair Of Doll Tights. Although my tights pattern for both the Cabbage Patch dolls and 18 inch dolls are really quick and easy patterns to make up, sometimes it can be a little tricky to find just the right stretch fabric.

An Easy Way To Turn A Sock Into A Pair Of Doll Tights

So this month I am sharing a tutorial on making doll tights from a ladies sock that one of my wonderful customers, Peggy, has sent me. Peggy loves to create doll clothes using socks and was kind enough to send me some step-by-step pictures and instructions. She says, ‘The nice thing about it is that it is easy to find so many great pairs of socks in really great colours and designs.’ I am sure you will enjoy this tutorial as much as I did. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. If you don’t have a serger, sew using a small zigzag stitch or knit stitch. If you want to make tights without feet, Peggy finishes the lower edge with the rolled hem the length she wants before sewing the leg seams. 8. 9.

Happy Sewing. How To Make Doll Socks From A Ladies Sock. By Rosie on January 19, 2013 There was such a wonderful response from my blog post where Peggy shared her tips on making a pair of tights for your doll from a ladies sock, so I’m sure you will enjoy the following tutorial, again from Peggy, on how to make a pair of socks for your 18 inch American Girl or other sized doll from a ladies sock. Peggy often does the same thing with the foot section of the sock, but she has to do a rolled hem around the top opening and then join the side and toe seams with a rolled hem stitch as you don’t have the top cuff to act as the top of the sock. If you find it difficult to keep the edges together when sewing or serging, you may prefer to try the following.

Mark the point where you would like the bottom of the sock to be with a pin Mark the centre of the top of the sock with a pin On the left side of the top pin, stitch a small zigzag or knit stitch down to the pin at the bottom and then stitch out to the left side. Happy Sewing By Rosie Saw. Sock Series: BJD Or Other Doll Turtleneck Sweater by Sarablack10.