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Free & ace repeating patterns from awesome people

Free & ace repeating patterns from awesome people

Home : Antonio Ladrillo Modern CSS Layouts, Part 2: The Essential Techniques - Smashing Advertisement In Modern CSS Layouts, Part 1: The Essential Characteristics1, you learned that modern, CSS-based web sites should be progressively enhanced, adaptive to diverse users, modular, efficient and typographically rich. Now that you know what characterizes a modern CSS web site, how do you build one? Here are dozens of essential techniques and tools to learn and use to achieve the characteristics of today’s most successful CSS-based web pages. Just as in the previous article, we’re not going to be talking about design trends and styles; these styles are always changing. You can jump straight to: CSS3, the newest version of CSS that is now being partially supported by most browsers, is the primary thing you need to know in order to create modern CSS web sites, of course. There are too many CSS3 techniques to cover in a single article, let alone an article that isn’t just about CSS3! CSS3 Visual Effects Semi-transparent ColorAids in: progressive enhancement, efficiency

EZ-CSS: An easy to use, lightweight, CSS framework. Links and Tips for Storyboarding & Illustration People occasionally get in touch asking for advice about storyboarding and how to become a storyboard artist. There’s plenty of crazily talented people out there explaining it a lot better than I ever could, so I thought I’d put up a list of links, articles, podcasts and books that I’ve found useful. I’ll keep adding to this list and if anyone has any cool sites to add please chip in! – Ad Animation Meat – Animation and storyboarding notes from Spumco, The Simpsons, Brad Bird and more.Storyboards: What it Takes – Great series of articles by Larry Latham, based upon a course he taught at Disney.Griz and Norm: Tuesday Tips – Storyboard & drawing tips from industry professionals. Tags: storyboard artist, storyboard artist interview, storyboard samples, storyboarding advice, storyboarding tips Leave a comment

CSS3 and Clickable Events Still going strong! Had one relapse the weekend of March 15 due to a minor product launch celebration at work and a birthday party the following day, but hey, not bad. Also, look at my dog: Ben thinks I am annoying everyone with all my Betsy photos, but I don’t care. I’m officially on week three of being sugar-free. I’ve declared loudly on my blog before that I am boycotting sugar, but if there’s one thing that can melt my willpower like ice-cream on a hot day, it’s sugarrrr, my kryptonite. Anyway, honestly, “3 weeks of no sugar” is a bit sensational and untrue. 3 weeks of no refined sugarThat includes sugar hidden in products like tomato sauce and bread (did you know a lot of “healthy whole grain” breads contain high fructose corn syrup? I’ve definitely not been abstaining from natural sugars, and if you were a sugar-free purist you’d gag when you found out how much natural sugar I’ve been consuming It’s pretty bad. So. Have I noticed any difference? Not really. She has grown sooo much!

Photo Gallery for Your HTML5 Website – jQuery and CSS3 Tutorials HTML5 has been widely adopted by web developers and definitely become a trend because of its great functions and utilities. Now designers can look forward to many exciting possibilities for their web pages. However today we’re not going to talk about what HTML5 can do, that’s pretty much clear already. What’s also important here is that all of these html5 photo gallery tutorials certainly incorporate the CSS part, which is in most cases done with the latest CSS3 and which will take over the visual aspect of the web page. Coding a Rotating Image Slideshow w/ CSS3 and jQuery An Awesome CSS3 Lightbox Gallery With jQuery An HTML5 Slideshow w/ Canvas & jQuery Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with jQuery How to Create a Pure CSS Polaroid Photo Gallery Full Page Image Gallery with jQuery Beautiful Photo Stack Gallery with jQuery and CSS3 Bubbleriffic Image Gallery with jQuery Polaroids with CSS3 3D Hover Effect for Thumbnails and Images Minimalistic Slideshow Gallery with jQuery About the Author Lilian Rigo

50 Refreshing CSS Tutorials, Techniques and Resources :Speckyboy Design Magazine In this CSS (2 & 3) round-up article we have focused on highlighting as many varied techniques covering as many aspects of web, mobile and application development as possible. And believe me, it wasn’t easy! Due to CSS3s current popularity, the volume of new tutorials and fresh ideas has jumped skywards. We simply could not highlight all of the articles and tutorials, there were far too many! What we have done is filtered the round-up down to our favorite 50 tutorials, resources and tools from recent months. There is nothing more refreshing and stimulating than some fresh CSS techniques and tutorials… Coding a Stylish Blog Design Layout in HTML & CSS In this in-depth tut, from Chris Spooner, you will learn how to take a blog layout that has been firstly designed in Photoshop and then take it and convert it to CSS & HTML. Coding a Stylish Blog Design Layout in HTML & CSS →Demo → Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images Build a HTML5/CSS3 Website Layout Without Images →Demo →

Rotating Feature Boxes This is what we're going to build: The full effect of it (with transition animations) will work in newish WebKit and Opera browsers and Firefox 4 (in real beta as of today). Any other browser will rotate the blocks without transition animation. View Demo Download Files The Interesting Part All the animation is CSS3 transitions. As more time passes, more and more animations will be relegated to CSS and away from JavaScript libraries. We'll give ourselves a semantic wrapper, which also provides the relative positioning context for all the blocks. Each block has a subtitle which is viewable only when non-active and another div wrapper containing everything to be displayed when the block is active. <div id="rotator"><div id="block-1" class="active"><h2>Subtitle #1</h1><div><h1>Seven Space Frogs Descend On Canada's Largest City</h1><img src="spacefrog.jpg" alt="space frog"><p>Commodo vitae, ornare sit amet, wisi. Set up the wrapper and context: jQuery All Together Now Share On