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Doll Underwear Tutorials & Patterns

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BJD Underwire Bras & Panties Tutorial (Size Adaptable) Girl Doll Bra & Panties. Bra Cut lace and fabric.

Girl Doll Bra & Panties

Sew the darts. Trim the cup. Sew the band. Doll Panties Tutorial. Undergarments Patterns Set. BJD Leggings /Tights /Pants Tutorial (Size Adaptable) Boys / Mens Boxer Shorts. How to make boxer brief for boy doll (waist 11 inches).

Boys / Mens Boxer Shorts

Refer to briefs page about pattern and basic making. Difference is to sew the crotch. If you would like to sew human's boxer please see this page. BJD Boxer Shorts Tutorial (Size Adaptable) Boys / Mens Briefs. Somebody asked me "Why doesn't boy doll put on underwear?

Boys / Mens Briefs

" I thought the hidden part was unimportant. Anyway if need, make briefs for your boy doll. Materials : stretch fabric, elastic tape, nylon thread. Making A Bikini Bottom Pattern For Knit Fabrics « Adam's Doll-Related Blog. This entry shows how I went about making a bikini bottom pattern for the Tonner Antoinette body.

Making A Bikini Bottom Pattern For Knit Fabrics « Adam's Doll-Related Blog

The pattern in the following PDF is at the actual size generated by this process, but is intended to be used with stretch knit materials, and scaled down appropriately for the amount of stretch of the material chosen. If printed and sewn at actual size from knit fabric, the bottoms will have a loose fit. I typically scale down to 90% in the left-right direction when making these from knit t-shirt type material.