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How to Make a Wrap Skirt to Fit Any Size

How to Make a Wrap Skirt to Fit Any Size
Edit Article Community Q&A With these simple instructions you can make wrap skirts to fit your own measurements. You will need to make some calculations, but if you can draw a few straight lines on a piece of newspaper you'll have a go-to pattern to use again and again. Steps <img alt="Image titled Make a Wrap Skirt to Fit Any Size Step 8 preview" src=" width="728" height="410" class="whcdn"> a Wrap Skirt to Fit Any Size Step 8.360p.mp48Then wrap, button, tie, and you're done! Community Q&A Ask a Question Tips

Seven Essential Sewing Skills Tasia from Sewaholic and Sewaholic Patterns wows us with her incredible style and sewing skills. Her blog is one of our favorite daily reads! Have you seen all of the gorgeous versions of her Lonsdale Dress out there on Flickr, Pinterest and your favorite blogs, all sewn up this past summer? Tasia inspires, and teaches along the way too; she is a fabulous resource for sewing techniques and more on her blog. Hello, everyone! 1. Helpful Links: 2. 3. Some great posts on pressing: 4. Here’s a great list of seam finishes to get you started! 5. There are plenty of zipper tutorials out there, but here are some great ones: 6. 7. « Hooded Tunic Tutorial Announcing: October Holiday Sew-Alongs + Giveaways »

Du fil et mon...: Jupe porte-feuille réversible Il fut un temps où je me promenais sur Dawanda et autres sites regorgeant de merveilles, je bavais devant certaines créations ... Mon regard s'est posé de nombreuses fois sur cette jupe "Kate" et sa superbe boutique Moondeval. Et puis, voilà qu'un jour, cette création me revient à l'esprit et vu que mes dix doigts commencent à maîtriser les points droits et autres, je me suis dit que cela pourrait se faire... Il a fallu comprendre le système ... Big bazar ... par-terre et dans ma tête ! "Oui, mais comment c'est possible de voir ce tissu entièrement alors que, Ah oui, il y a une attache qui se glisse via une boutonnière et puis .. ah d'accord ! Première pose d'oeillets... pratique et à refaire ! Coton imprimé Mickael Miller de Modes4U Désolée, je finis par une série de photos, que si je les mets pas je vais me faire incendier par le super gentil photographe qui a bien voulu m'accompagner rapidos sous ce joli soleil de mai dans les prés ! Petit Haut ICI (petit clin d'oeil à Bibouland) M'bien!

Circle skirt calculator – for the drafting of full, half and 3/4 skirts. With bonus grading worksheet! | The Snug Bug Special Sunday greetings you naked molerats! Since you’re so naked, I thought you might want to make yourselves some nice little circle skirts. And perhaps, like me, you find yourself with little mole rat patterns just a touch on the small side. But the grading of a circle skirt isn’t so easy, is it you naked rodents? OK. Recently I’ve been plotting about two separate circle-skirt related issues in my head. For molerats who are unfamiliar with circle skirts, here’s the difference between the three styles. For a much more interesting comparison, here’s a full circle skirt. {image Whirling Turban} Here’s the oh, so lovely three-quarter circle skirt. And a slightly pixelated half circle skirt… {image Get Go Retro} The other circle-skirt related problem I’ve been mulling over has to do with grading up circle skirts. OK, I admit I usually grade up my circle skirts the ‘wrong’ way. My problem is (hopefully) solved! Okee dokee. Let’s move on to the grading stuff, shall we?? Whew! OK!

Coudre une jupe légère pour l'été ! Marie Emilienne de la marque de couture I am Patterns vous explique en vidéo comment coudre une jupe portefeuille pour l'été ! Parfaite pour les beaux jours, la jupe "Trésor" se noue comme un paréo et accompagne toutes vos sorties estivales. Ultra simple à réaliser, il vous suffit de télécharger le patron gratuitement sur et de suivre les explications en vidéo. Ce patron se décline à l'infini avec des coloris et motifs variés ! Matériel nécessaire : Du tissu : 2,5m en 0,90 cm de large Une paire de ciseaux Règle japonaise Une grande règle Une équerre Craie tailleur Coupe fil Des épingles Fil à coudre Patron à télécharger ici Suivez les explications pour coudre une jupe portefeuille : Couper 3 fois le patron de la jupe et 1 bande de 250x4cm pour la ceinture Piquer les 3 parties de la jupe les unes au bout des autres, endroit contre endroit, à 1 cm des bords Surfiler les coutures On obtient un grand panneau arrondi dont les extrémités se croiseront devant Coudre ces ourlets

T-Shirt Mod: Boxy to Foxy Make: Projects T-Shirt Mod: Boxy to Foxy Tailor your frumpy tees. Share this: Email I have a bunch of great logo tee-shirts but they’re cut for men and I don’t like the way they fit, so today I’m going to show you how to mod your t-shirts into a flattering shape that you’ll actually wear. Parts Tools Print Project Steps Step #1: PrevNext First, iron your shirts and turn them inside-out.Line up the template at the shoulders and trace around it with tailor's chalk. Step #2: Pin along the new side seams, and cut off the sleeves at the new armhole.Run the new side seams through the serger. Step #3: Lay out the old sleeve under the template t-shirt and mark the new underarm and armhole. Step #4: Serge the underarm, then cut the shoulder curve. Step #5: Flip the sleeve right side out and set it inside the armhole of the shirt.Pin both sleeves into their armholes. Step #6: Serge the sleeve seams and you\'re all done! Becky Stern Becky Stern is head of wearable electronics at Adafruit Industries. In the Maker Shed

How to Make a Skirt out of a Pile of Scraps: No Pattern Needed! April 18th, 2009 Email 35 users recommend I inserted some tiny trim under the seam allowances, then I topstitched them down using silver metallic thread and a zigzag stitch. Jen Stern Here is my ribbon skirt—four gores cut on the bias created lots of scraps to work with. Here's my heap of scraps—too good to go to waste! Photo: Jen Stern <prev1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 View all To encourage the lining to stay on the inside of the skirt while you're wearing it, understitch the lining.

DiY crafts, free sewing patterns & sewing tutorials – Installing an Invisible Zipper Zippers can be daunting even for experienced sewers. The reason? Zippers are often installed the wrong way. With this tutorial we cover how to install an invisible zipper. Items Needed: invisible zipperthreadscissorspinsinvisible zipper footzipper footgarment Before we start, take a look at the back of your invisible zipper. 1. zipper tape is usually smaller than 5/8″ 2. place the pins parallel to the zipper 3. 4. sewing slowly helps prevent the fabric from puckering 5. 6. double check your zipper before sewing 7. remember to back stitch at the end of the zipper 8. 9. make sure the seam allowances line up 10. keep your seam line even to avoid puckering 11. 12. And there you have it!

Have slippers... will craft!! Happy Day After Mother's Day Everyone!I had a MomChops filled weekend plus crafts which equals the best kind of weekend there is!! Saturday we had breakfast at her house, shopped for skirt fabric in two different places, stopped for a quick lunch and did a whole lotta gabbing (craft gossip and planning at it's finest)! Sunday was another breakfast get together followed by hours of crafts. In the afternoon Chef RonChops came into the craft room and informed us that he would be serving us a 3 course lunch. The courses were: macaroni, cheese, and rotel (rotel is diced tomatoes with jalapenos for those of you who have never heard of it). Little MomChops StoryWhen MomChops comes over she always has a bag with her... inside her bag is usually a finished craft project or two and other random craft supplies. However... also inside the bag is the most important crafting accessory of them all. Slippers! So what are you rambling on about Lolly... let's get going with some crafts already (sheesh)!