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DIY Doll Shoes & Boots

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Easy-To-Make Socks/Stockings For Your BJD. Dear Readers, For a lot of us, winter has come, and so has the time for socks and stockings.

Easy-To-Make Socks/Stockings For Your BJD

I have created a simple tutorial for you to make your own. Just pick fun, colorful, stretchy fabrics, and with my simple directions, soon enough you will have a collection of wonderful socks and stockings to match your BJD’s every outfit! ~Wednesday PS: Click any photograph to see it in full size and play a slideshow. Materials RulerPencil (not pen)PaperDollPinsSewing needles or sewing machinePrewashed t-shirt, knit fabric, or stocking material (8×8 to make stockings, 8×4 to make socks)Thread (color matches fabric) Create the Pattern 1. 2. 3. 4.

Cutting 1. 2. 3. Repeat this process for the second sock. Sewing 1. 2. Tutorial: How I Made Doll Stockings « Adam's Doll-Related Blog. When I got my latest dolls, who are Integrity Toys FR:16s, I realized that there was a shortage of things made just for them, including shoes and stockings.

Tutorial: How I Made Doll Stockings « Adam's Doll-Related Blog

So, I decided to make stockings rather than try to find ones from another 16″ doll line by trial and error, which could be expensive and possibly also a waste of time. I also could not find any tutorials on the entirety of the internet that show clearly and specifically how to make doll stockings from very stretchy material. If such tutorials exist, they are not readily Google-able. The best I could find were some sock-making instructions for American Girl dolls, which featured regular cotton knit material and did not tell me what I needed to know. How to Make Doll Shoes For Your Barbie Very Easy.

Make Doll Boots

Make Doll Sandals,Slippers & Flats. Crochet Basic Heels For Barbie. Hi, my name is Rebeckah!

Crochet Basic Heels For Barbie

Make Doll Shoes From Polymer Clay. FR:16 Doll In Other Doll's Shoes Fits « Adam's Doll-Related Blog. One of the first things I did as a new FR:16 doll owner was begin to look for clothing and shoes.

FR:16 Doll In Other Doll's Shoes Fits « Adam's Doll-Related Blog

I found some anecdotal evidence about what fits them and what doesn’t–from other doll lines–but there is not a lot of information yet, nor a lot of pictures of these dolls on Flickr to get ideas from. So, I had to buy a bunch of stuff and see what fits. This blog entry is about the shoes I got: which ones fit, and how well. The ratings I provide after the name of each pair are how good I think the fit the FR:16. These are not overall quality ratings! FR:16 have the same feet as 16" Poppy Parker. Pair 1: Tyler Wentworth "Fierce" Shoes B-/B+ Some of the first shoes I got came in Tonner outfit sets. Pair 2: Ellowyne Essentials 5 D/C. How to Customize Dawn & Barbie Doll Shoes. Doll Craft – Upcycled Gold Boots. How to Make Plastic Doll Shoes. How to Make Doll Shoes Out of Meltable Plastic Beads. Monster High Doll Shoes With Cardboard Soles. These shoes for a Monster High doll are a variation of the Barbie shoes I made earlier.

Monster High Doll Shoes With Cardboard Soles

The pattern for these can be found on my web site. The main difference is that I finished the outer sole structure first. The first picture shows the untreated cardboard structure. Then I painted the soles, except for the bottom, which does not need paint as it will be covered with leather. Then I made insoles from two layers of cardboard, attached the straps to them, glued the outer sole and insole pieces together to form a finished shoe, and glued the leather outer soles in place. Wedge Soles For Barbie & Fashion Royalty. How to Make Patterns for Doll Shoes. Make Custom Fitted Shoe Patterns For Dolls. Doll shoes are not as difficult to make as you might think.

Make Custom Fitted Shoe Patterns For Dolls

Basic slip on Mary Jane style shoes are a good pattern to start with as they can be easily made to fit any doll. You can use fabric reinforced with lightweight interfacing to make the shoes, as is shown in the instructions for making removeable slippers for dolls or you can make fine flexible faux leather for smaller dolls. If you wish you can also choose one of the thin leathers for miniatures.

In addition to the fabric or leather for the upper part of the shoe, you will also need a sharp pencil, paper, lightweight card stock, pva glue, medium weight card for thin craft foam for the soles, and embroidery thread, bunka or other decorative cord for the trims. How to Make Leather Doll Shoes. How to Create Shoes & Boots for Miniature Dolls. Making Little Leather Doll Shoes. So, EFA dolls get handmade shoes made of fine leather.

Making Little Leather Doll Shoes

I must be truthful and say that it is probably my least favorite part of making these sweet dolls. Now, having said that, I must also say that an EFA is not an EFA until she has her shoes. If you are at all interested in making Edith Flack Ackley dolls, I have some tips for you! Start searching out those odd lot bins at your local thrift store. You are looking for leather gloves that don't look too worn out. Last, but definitely not least, get yourself a nice leather thimble! Okay, so there you go- everything you wanted to know about sewing EFA shoes! Have a good weekend everyone!