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Questback: Customer Surveys, Employee Evaluation & Insights Software - ​19 Stories of Customer Loyalty That Changed the Game. What’s so important about customer loyalty?

Questback: Customer Surveys, Employee Evaluation & Insights Software - ​19 Stories of Customer Loyalty That Changed the Game

Everything. When you have loyal customers, they do your marketing for you, referring their friends and family to you in droves. When you have loyal customers, they won’t switch to your competitor, even when your competitor is perceived as offering a better product or a lower cost. Here's a collection of 19 of the most amazing stories of successful customer loyalty and how companies changed the game for themselves by inspiring greater brand connection and retention. But why should you note them? So you can learn and adapt. As you read through this list of the paragons of customer loyalty, take one or two ideas and put them into practice in your customer engagement efforts today. #LILAC15 – peer to peer facilitation – NICE student champions. Using a peer to peer facilitation model to build information literacy skills: the NICE/Anglia Ruskin partnership Jane Shelley & Anne Weist We’ve had the student champions in Cambridge, and the sessions were really popular, and fundamentally student led.

#LILAC15 – peer to peer facilitation – NICE student champions

The students involved have enjoyed their trips to NICE, and have even presented a poster a AMEE conference (see the last page) What is tricky for me, is the fact that talking about NICE Evidence Search is something we should be doing anyway – it is already integral to all/any of the session I do with the students, so it should never be the case that students are taken by surprise by this resource.

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Making your library promotion pop. Make Your Images Interactive - ThingLink. Show Me the Awesome: 30 Days of Self Promotion. Remember our call for posts about self-promotion and librarianship a few weeks ago?

Show Me the Awesome: 30 Days of Self Promotion

This is the official starting line, and for every post we receive on the topic, we'll link it up here for easy, ready access. We'll update this post as close to daily as possible. While we have a lineup of official people taking part in the series, anyone is welcome to blog on the topic of self promotion. You can talk about a program you did and loved.

You can talk about how you perform strong reader's advisory with teens. If you do post something and want it shared, leave a link and we'll spread the word. The 'M' Word - Marketing Libraries. Summary – 21 Aug 2012 -Outreach and Inclusion. On 21st August, #uklibchat’s discussion was on Outreach and Inclusion.

Summary – 21 Aug 2012 -Outreach and Inclusion

Participants discussed what they thought counted as outreach, gave real examples of outreach, and taking a ‘business’ approach to marketing. Plenty of advice was given on what to consider when starting outreach, establishing and maintaining connections being a big consideration. Read on to find out more! A thank-you to all the participants. We sometimes alter and combine tweets for the sake of flow, but endeavour to accurately reflect the views expressed. Il Group (cilip Information Literacy Group) presentations. Url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&frm=1&source=web&cd=30&cad=rja&ved=0CIgBEBYwCTgU&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.libraryinnovation.

What Students Don't Know. CHICAGO -- For a stranger, the main library at the University of Illinois at Chicago can be hard to find.

What Students Don't Know

The directions I got from a pair of clerks at the credit union in the student center have proven unreliable. I now find myself adrift among ash trees and drab geometric buildings. Finally, I call for help. Firouzeh Logan, a reference librarian here, soon appears and guides me where I need to go. Several unmarked pathways and an escalator ride later, I am in a private room on the second floor of the library, surrounded by librarians eager to answer my questions. Most students never make it this far. This is one of the sobering truths these librarians, representing a group of Illinois universities, have learned over the course of a two-year, five-campus ethnographic study examining how students view and use their campus libraries: students rarely ask librarians for help, even when they need it. However, the researchers did not place the onus solely on students. Pragmatism vs. Library Terms That Users Understand.

Library Hat. *** This post was originally published in ACRL TechConnect on Oct. 15, 2013.

Library Hat

Getting to Know Library Users’ Needs — Experimental Ways to User-centred Library Innovation. Getting to Know Library Users’ Needs — Experimental Ways to User-centred Library Innovation Karen Harbo, ASB Library, Business and Social Sciences, Aarhus University, Abstract ‘Meeting the User’ is a programme committee under the Danish Electronic Research Library.

Getting to Know Library Users’ Needs — Experimental Ways to User-centred Library Innovation

As a development group at a national level we see our role as facilitating an innovative culture within academic libraries, focusing on users’ needs and the way libraries meet them. In collaboration with a consultancy firm, the committee organized a travelling workshop in four cities in 2010. Marketing Academic Libraries. General first-year outreach. General First-Year Outreach (not related to classes): definition If you ask 18-year-olds what an academic library would have to do to get them in the door, they always come up with "public library" PR ideas: book talks, game nights, music, movies, etc.

General first-year outreach

Have you tried any of these? Were they successful? Also, use this section to talk about general orientation activities, such as events coordinated with institution-wide freshman orientation. General First-Year Outreach: Examples Ohio University Ohio University: 4+/pub/lge // Contact: Sherri Saines The Code Game.

Mr. Library Dude. It’s that time of year: Final Exams.

Mr. Library Dude

To help de-stress students at my academic library, we usually plan some activities to help students relax and have a little fun too. Yesterday I tweeted a postcard that my library is giving students to send back home to assure mom and dad that they’re studying for final exams. It proved popular! At last count, it was re-tweeted 37 times and favorited 31 times.