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Environmental Design and Sustainability

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How to design a sailing ship for the 21st century? On board the ship Garthsnaid at sea.

How to design a sailing ship for the 21st century?

I designed and 3D printed a full-scale wind turbine on an SLA printer – mind.dump() Back in high school, I wrote SOČ (student-paper) about designing and building a small horizontal wind turbine (available here, only in Czech).

I designed and 3D printed a full-scale wind turbine on an SLA printer – mind.dump()

It was an interesting experience and I learned a lot about aerodynamic. Ten years passed and I decided to revisit the idea of having a small DIY wind turbine. However, with a modern spin on it in the form of 3D printing the whole full-scale turbine on an SLA printer. Greenprint. Timeline Photos. Spectacular FLOATING HOME is Self-Built & Off-Grid.

Solar Ecology at Penn State. Attending to the goal of the Solar Genome Project, which aims to deliver open-source methods and information exchange for characterization of the solar resource of the globe, the Solar Ecology Collaborative Lab at Penn State designed two low-cost and accurate solar radiometric systems: the SID and the ASE.

Solar Ecology at Penn State

Wind Turbine Pushes Limits Of Desktop 3D Printing. There was a time, not so long ago, when hype for desktop 3D printing as so high that it seemed you could print anything. Just imagine it, and your handy dandy magical 3D printer could manifest it into reality. But now that more people have had first hand experience with the technology, the bubble has burst. Tunable Microwave Reflector Could Be the Next-Generation Antenna. Architecture’s Great Divide. It’s way past time for standards of “good design” and “green design” to come together.

Architecture’s Great Divide

Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. Understanding Latent Heat by Real- Time Data Logging in Your Smartphone: 8 Steps. AdWords We use AdWords to deploy digital advertising on sites supported by AdWords.

Understanding Latent Heat by Real- Time Data Logging in Your Smartphone: 8 Steps

Ads are based on both AdWords data and behavioral data that we collect while you’re on our sites. The data we collect may include pages you’ve visited, trials you’ve initiated, videos you’ve played, purchases you’ve made, and your IP address or device ID. This information may be combined with data that AdWords has collected from you. We use the data that we provide to AdWords to better customize your digital advertising experience and present you with more relevant ads. Reviews of Books on Building Performance.

Kingsnorth, P., 2017.

Reviews of Books on Building Performance

Confessions of a Recovering Environmentalist. Faber & Faber, ISBN 9780571396942 This is very deep and thought-provoking read. It hits home and explains some of the unease I personally have felt over the years when talking about sustainability, environmental building, Eco-homes and the like. Overview of Building Performance Aspects and Functions. Building Performance Analysis: Info and discussion platform. Ai6m off grid solar.

Builtpdx. Professor John Cairns, Jr. Lamella Roof. Lamella roof: Hale County Animal Shelter (Auburn University's Rural Studio Project) A lamella roof, also known as the "Zollinger roof" (after Friedrich Zollinger), is a vaulted roof made up of simple, single prefabricated standard segments (mostly in timber) as a way to span large spaces.

Lamella Roof

The individual pieces are joined together with bolts and/or plates to form a rhomboid pattern. Wooden sheathing covers the structure on the outside. The lamella roof was patented in 1910 and became popular between the World Wars, especially in Germany when metal for construction was in short supply. MIT Sustainable Design Lab. 13 ways your solar installation can get more expensive - Solar Power Rocks.

Photo by under CC2.0.

13 ways your solar installation can get more expensive - Solar Power Rocks

Biotech company. Pond produces bio resin systems which is at least 95 % biobased and fully degradable in nature.

Biotech company

They are suitable to bind all natural fibers such as flax, hemp, pineapple, palm leaves, cotton, banana and jute resulting in making fully biodegradable products. A Green City in China That Will Play a Major Role in Fighting Air Pollution - Dwell. Covering an area of approximately 175 hectares along the Liuzhou River, Forest City will have offices, houses, hotels, hospitals, and schools that will be entirely covered by a total of 40,000 trees and close to a million plants, including over 100 species.

A Green City in China That Will Play a Major Role in Fighting Air Pollution - Dwell

It will be connected to the main city of Liuzhou by a rail line with electrical train cars. Greenery, which will be planted in parks and gardens along the streets, as well as over the facades of all the buildings, will contribute to improved air quality as the plants will absorb both carbon dioxide and fine dust particles. The trees and plants will also serve as a noise barrier, improve Liuzhou’s biodiversity, and help decrease the region’s average air temperatures. The new city will be able to accommodate an estimated 30,000 people, and its plant-covered buildings are expected to absorb close to 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide and 57 tons of pollutants, while producing approximately 900 tons of oxygen per year.

Vo Trong Nghia Architects - HOME. Evolution of Solar Power - Breeze. This interactive infographic shows the cumulative installed solar power capacity per country, continent and the world as a whole between 1992-2015. Drag the slider or click the play button in the bottom to see how solar power capacity has changed over time. The area of each circle on the map corresponds to its respective capacity. Apollo-NG - Hackerspacecraft. For practical and economical reasons, Apollo-NG is based on two vehicles, just like Apollo-13: The CM pulls the LM to a destination, the LM parks in a geostationary very low earth orbit to quickly deploy the Hackerspace and its built-in lab and infrastructure, as well as R&D facilities and shelter for nomadic hackers. The CM is then free to act as shuttle, transport, workspace for 4 people or acting emergency habitat for 2 people. With the exception of diesel, to power the CM's primary engine, both systems are designed to be completely self-sustainable, harvesting solar, water, wind and biomass energy when and wherever possible.

Design energy simulation for architect guide to 3d graphics by Zivan Jesic. An architect’s guide energy modeling in the design process by undefined. The passivhaus handbook cotterell, janet, dadeby, adam by undefined. Prefab architecture a guide to modular design and construction by undefined. The end of scheduled obsolescence or L’increvable – Apart from UX. Accordion Fold Skylights. Tom Harris © Hedrich Blessing. Courtesy of Rebuild Foundation. One might think that an abandoned 1920s bank on Chicago’s South Side, crumbling from top to bottom—the roof long collapsed, exposing the interior to snow and rain for years—would be destined for a wrecking ball. Like so many other decaying structures in the area, that was certainly the fate of the Stony Island Savings & Loan building before artist, urban planner, and Chicago resident Theaster Gates intervened.

Armed with only a vision to carry him through, Gates acquired the 20,000-square-foot bank for $1.00 from the city of Chicago and set about an unbelievable restoration. This month, amidst all the hubbub of Chicago’s Architecture Biennale, the doors were thrown open and the public was given the opportunity to walk through the new Stony Island Arts Bank. Building Sustainably: Changing the Way We Look at Construction Materials - Engineering For Change. Study: Metals Used in High-Tech Products Face Future Supply Risks. LOW-TECH MAGAZINE. Zero Tool. Circuit board recycling GIF - Why Architects Must Rethink Carbon (It's Not the Enemy We Face) - Point of View - January 2017.

Ralph Knowles: Pioneer In Solar Design. Distance Learning Textbooks. Microsculpture - The Insect Portraits of Levon Biss. US Environmental Protection Agency. MyEnvironment MyEnvironment provides immediate access to a cross-section of environmental data for any geographical location in the U.S. SS: Sustainable Infrastructure. Society of Building Science Educators. Scientists: How the New Focus on 1.5C is Reshaping Climate Research. Limiting global temperature rise to 1.5C has long been the goal of developing countries and those most at risk from climate change. The Kids ISO 14000 Programme. Spectacular Bouverie Street Facade Utilises Fluoropolymer. Scientists Make Lithium-Air Batteries That Hold Their Breath. When Tesla Motors revealed its plan to buy solar panel maker SolarCity, the thread tying them together was battery storage. The idea, according to chief executive Elon Musk, is to combine solar panels with Tesla’s stationary Powerwall batteries. On cloudy days or in the evening, the stored energy could run your dishwasher or charge your Tesla Model S sedan.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Wind Turbine. 4 Foot Wind Turbine - option for 6 Foot Sweep. ThermalSwitch-StudioTJOA.pdf. Casa Tecnopanel « Elemental. Visitor 1. Solar Tracker in the Internet Cloud - do it yourself. In Sweden they are building high quality multifamily wood prefabs that we can only dream about here. Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. How to Build a Bicycle Generator - do it yourself. Untitled. Monitoring House Power Usage using an RTL-SDR. Build your own mini wind turbine from printer parts. EcoRenovator - View Single Post - DIY ventilation heat exchanger. ARDUINO SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER ( Version 2.0) Six feet above the ground (above head height) the air is charged with more than 200 volts positive of free energy. This free energy is available da… BLDGBLOG. These Satellite Images of Earth "Breathing" Are Freaking Me Out. Untitled. Eco Viikki Helsinki, Finland.

Solar Panel Testing Shunt Regulator. Solar 102 - Power Calculation. Henry Ford was into Hemp, so were his cars. This 1,400-Foot Desert Citadel Would Be A Self-Sustaining City Of Tomorrow. The microhydro plant. Rainwater Harvesting, Water Storage and Rainwater Tank. LEED 101: A Syllabus Supplement for Green Building Coursework - BuildingGreen. Sustainable Design 101: A Syllabus Supplement.

Green Building Materials 101: A Syllabus Supplement. 20131225 Bachman COMPENDIUM.pdf. 20150801_Topic_Page_Compendium.pdf. Student Invents Shapeshifting Pinecone-Inspired Building Material. Citizens for Solar. Renewable Energy & Efficiency Technologies. Home. PassivHaus meets Net Zero. Artificial photosynthesis breakthrough turns CO2 emissions into plastics and biofuel. "Smart" facade keeps offices from overheating, without using any electricity - Images. BuildingGreen. Rainwater Harvesting and Collection Compare different methods of rainwater harvesting & get tips for success. Maui Solar Energy Software Corporation.

Rare Earth Mineral Supply for PVs at Risk_EnergyTrend PV. ARDUINO MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER. Maximum power point tracking. Otto Awarded 1st Posthumous Pritzker : Durability + Design News. HARRISON architects. Airship Dreams. A CONSTANT, NON STOP “PULSED” LOW RADIO FREQUENCY HUM AND DRONE RADIATING FROM GLOBAL SMART GRID MESH NETWORK! Sun, Wind & Light resources - Download free content from The University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

The online resource for designing a better world. Why Going Off The Grid Isn’t Just For Conspiracy Theorists Anymore. Browse Library. Wireless Power Solutions. Building Research & Information - Volume 43, Issue 1. Category:MOST.