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Systems for bushwalking, cycle touring and long term camping

Texenergy's Infinite Air Mini Wind Turbine. Once assembled, all you need is some wind.

Texenergy's Infinite Air Mini Wind Turbine

In stronger winds the Infinite Air spins up with the threatening roar of a turbo-proper plane, but it’s actually been designed to work and produce decent power in winds of from 12-15 mph upwards. ‘Moderate winds’ is the technical term and it’s what we had. Think moving grass and rustling leaves rather than cats being blown past your ears… In those conditions, the blades spun up easily and an iPhone plugged into the USB outlet was happily charging away. Portable Wind Turbine Makes Roughing It Easier. It’s 20 below and the sides of your Arctic Oven tent are snapping in the wind, but you have a hot cup of coffee and your laptop is juiced, thanks to the Revolver.

Portable Wind Turbine Makes Roughing It Easier

Revolver, a favorite in frog’s first internal design competition, Future or Fiction, comes across solidly future, delivering 35 watts of wind power even in the most temperate of breezes. In addition to being very lightweight, and thus portable, the prototype for this mobile energy-on-the-go is also very easy to set up. Simply attach (or unfold) the die-cast magnesium legs, push the collar on the central column (where the flexible blades are attached) up and hold it in place with (presumably) a cotter pin assembly, and you have a working wind turbine. Image via core77 Would you use the Revolver on a remote expedition, the article asks? Weight and height issues aside, the Revolver is very pleasing to the eyes. NILS FERBER. PET EN 092009. LTC3108EnergyHarvest. LTJournal V20N1 00 Cover LTC3588 1 MichaelWhitaker. Plastic bottle water wheel generator experiment. Making Electricity from Wind and Leftover 3D Printer Parts — -Kansas City Kit Company-

Portable 12 Volt 17 Watt Wind Generator with Automatic Furling. I've just designed and built a practical, portable 12 Volt 17 Watt wind generator that is ideal (and appropriate) for setting up in campgrounds, parks, Earth Day exhibitions, research stations, and third world homesteads.

Portable 12 Volt 17 Watt Wind Generator with Automatic Furling

PVC Wind Turbine Blades. Learn how to make your own PVC wind turbine blades home > wind | educationPVC Wind Turbine Blades are becoming more and more common for homemade domestic wind turbines.

PVC Wind Turbine Blades

The raw material, PVC pipe, is easy to find, relatively cheap, easy to work with, and performance is more than acceptable for a small basic wind turbine generator. Build your own mini wind turbine from printer parts. Here's a fun little DIY project that can bring home the clean, quiet nature of wind energy.

Build your own mini wind turbine from printer parts

For all the DIY-ers and parents and teachers who want to get hands-on with renewable energy, building a micro wind turbine could be a great little project. It's not nearly big enough to power anything large, but it could certainly be put to use as a demonstration of wind energy, and might even be worth building as a mini charging station for portable electronics or small outdoor lighting accessories. Build your own mini wind turbine from printer parts. ARDUINO MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER (Version-3.0) After lot testing we observed that MOSFET ( Q3 ) in ver-3.0 design is burning repeatedly.We tried to modify the existing software but not find any satisfactory result.


The other problem was that MOSFET Q1 ( in V-3.0) conduct even when there is no solar input. To solve the above problems and enhance the power handling capability we are modifying both the hardware and software.This is named as Version-3.1 Charge Controller. This version is not completed yet.So wait until it is complete. Don't worry we are making a solution for those who have made the V-3.0 prototype.After little modification we will able to use the new software.

You can see the updates on This version have 3 options. A Small Wind Turbine for a Big Difference by RMRDTECH. WindPax: Portable Wind Turbines by Justin R Chambers.

This is a dud project so do not send your money in. He has not delivered and by the sounds of the comments he is not communicating either. – mirosan



ARDUINO MPPT SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER (Version-3.0) DIY thermoelectric device charges hiker's smartphone. ( —Whether you're in a city café hunting down a spare outlet or camping and worrying about losing outside contact, the problem is the same, a smartphone about to lose power just when you need it the most.

DIY thermoelectric device charges hiker's smartphone

What to do? A problem-solver who is into hiking and backpacking has an answer. He shows, step to step, how to construct a portable thermoelectric emergency generator. David Johansson, who used the project-sharing site Instructables for his step by step instructions, explained how he arrived at the idea, construction, and results. Spending several days hiking in the wild at times, he would rely on his smartphone with GPS, along with spare batteries and solar chargers. "The sun in Sweden is not very reliable," he wrote. Error loading skin: Error loading file In thinking up alternatives, he considered the idea of producing electricity from heat for USB gadgets. Float charging lithium ion cells. Apart from making better door stops, what advantage do lead-acid batteries have over lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries?

Float charging lithium ion cells

The answer is that they are easier to charge. Apply 13.8V to any nominally 12V lead-acid battery and it will take just the current needed to keep itself in tip top condition, and it will be ready to deliver its full capacity instantly. Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog. Deba168 from India designed and built this Arduino Solar Charge Controller to provide electrical power in areas where the grid can’t always provide power when needed.

Hacked Gadgets – DIY Tech Blog

Code and schematics are provided so you can get some inspiration from the design. ”At first the charge controller will check the solar panel voltage and compare it with battery voltage ,If it is greater then the Arduino will starts sending pulse width modulation(PWM) signals to the mosfet(Q1) in order to charge the battery .When the solar panel voltage was below the battery voltage ,this pwm signals will not send by Arduino .

Then next the micro controller will check the battery voltage ,if the battery voltage was below 6.96 v volts then the battery will be charged in boost mode ,that mean the battery will be charged with maximum amperage ,this boost mode of charging will be done by sending pulse width modulation signals with 95% duty cycle . Stepper Motor Voltage Doubler Circuit - General. Double the voltage from a stepper motor using two bridge rectifiers home > general | electric circuit | educationA stepper motor can be used in conjuction with PVC rotor blades to make a very cheap DIY wind turbine generator. Stepper motors can be bought new quite cheaply, but they can also be salvaged out of old printers, floppy disk drives, and other sources.

Learn more about stepper motors and find out how to identify their wiring reading our articles stepper motor basics, and in particular Examining a Stepper Motor.On the side of most stepper motors is printed the rated voltage and the current per phase. Voltage Doubler Circuits and Wind Turbines. Camping Wind Turbine - Viewing Comments 1-40. Camping's all about enjoying the outdoors; but let's face it - electronics are hard to power in the outdoors...There's nothing worse than pulling out your camera to snap a photo of a great view and finding out your battery's dead! Generators are heavy and difficult to lug around, and so the perfect solution is a green source of free energy: the wind! Although this turbine -because of its small size and lightweight nature- isn't exactly going to run at 120V, it's capable of charging batteries and such. Solar Converters PT 12-3R8, 12V MPPT Charge Controller. Application This charge controller is used to charge a battery from a PV power source.

This charge controller can be ordered with a special float voltage to charge small batteries used for Video or digital cameras or small security camera systems. The exceptional small size of this unit makes it extremely portable and able to fit almost anywhere in the user equipment. Dual USB Charger With Switching Regulator. [New Release] Poweradd™ High Efficient 40W Foldable Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger (USB Port + 18V DC Output) for iPhones, iPads, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo Notebooks, Laptops and Many Other Devices: Cell.

Apollo 72 Solar Charger. 72 Watts of Advanced C.I.G.S Technology Just because you're off the grid doesn't mean you want to be out of touch. Our military grade Apollo 72 solar charger helps you keep all of your electronic devices fully-charged even when you're away from an outlet. Whether you're trekking, exploring the back country or sitting out a power outage, you can easily insure that your laptop, radios, 12v batteries and other electronics are fully operating with our Apollo 72 solar charger.

In addition to keeping your electronics fully charged, this device can be used to charge our Titan High Output Powerpack, or a larger Powerpack as well, so you can charge day or night. Comes with a 5 piece accessory kit to allow for a wide variety of potential applications. EnerPlex - Surfr for iPhone 5/5S. Minimalist lightweight ultralight traveling. By Barry KaulerPage updated: September 22, 2014 This is one page of a series that I am writing on "traveling light", whether it be hiking in the wilderness or wandering the world by boat, bus, train or air. If I wasn't going to be away from a power-socket for more than a day or two, it would be far simpler (and cheaper) just to bring the AC mains charger for my smartphone, and maybe just change the batteries for my torch.

However, the geeky electronic engineer in me wants to be setup to recharge off-grid, to be totally self-contained indefinitely. A note about the evolution of this page: when I first started to write it, I was not "up to speed" with modern technology. My knowledge was for charging of lead-acid batteries, nor did I fully appreciate some of the issues with the peculiar current practice of using USB ports for charging. Anker Astro Pro2 20000mAh Multi-Voltage External Battery. Need to charge more than just your mobile phone? DC 4.5-32V to 5-42V Booster Converter Industrial Power Supply Step-Up Regulator Module.

This tiny portable wind turbine fits in your bag and charges your gadgets. In our current gadget-centric culture, one limiting factor for mobile devices is the capacity of the batteries that power them, and while we haven't seen any massive improvements in battery technology (yet) which would allow us to go for days between charges, mobile solar chargers and battery backup systems seem to be the only solutions (well, other than to actually stop using them so much). Wind turbines are a viable clean energy solution, but most of the innovations in wind energy tend to be on the large scale, and since those devices aren't exactly portable, they don't lend themselves to mobile device charging. But one forthcoming invention may allow us to harness the power of the wind with a micro turbine, in order to charge our smartphones and tablets and other USB devices.

Trinity - The Portable Wind Turbine Power Station by Skajaquoda. V72 Laptop Battery. Solar JOOS. Solar Cell Huge - 5.2W - PRT-09241. USB / DC / Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger [v2] ID: 390 - $17.50. NOTE: This product is only designed for use with solar panels sold at the Adafruit store. We cannot guarantee this will work with solar panels purchased elsewhere.