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Renewable Energy & Efficiency Technologies

Renewable Energy & Efficiency Technologies

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Greece Could Seize Personal Assets; Portuguese banks gamble with government debt - ValueWalk Greeks have to declare all their wealth From January 2017, 8.5 million Greek citizens have to file a declaration of their belongings. The government is on the hunt for real estate, jewellery, art and even cash – outside the banking system. Before government implements new tax, a directory of the soon-taxed wealth has to be prepared.

Visitor 1 Feedback always welcomed... Please keep gotwind informed of your hard work, it helps us all. You can send pictures and ideas either by email or via theforum Scotland's Peter Davie emailed: I built one of these dynohub generators. This has withstood winds in excess of 70MPH perhaps even more. I have never serviced it at all, Mother Earth: Waste Oil Heater You say the skyrocketing cost of oil, electricity, coal, and other fuels has you scratching for a less expensive way to heat your shop, garage, or home this coming winter?Well scratch no further! Because MOTHER is here to tell you about a dandy little furnace that her researchers have developed -- which costs next to nothing to build and is even less expensive to operate (since it burns the used motor oil that tens of thousands of service stations across the country will still give away free to anyone who'll haul it off). It's Cheap, Clean, and Environmentally Sound! Yep.

50 Tools Man is "weak in himself, and of small stature," wrote 19th-century essayist Thomas Carlyle. Yet, with tools, "the granite mountain melts into light dust before him, seas are his smooth highway, winds and fire his un­wearying steeds." And this from a guy who never felt a 5800-rpm circular saw scream to life in his hand. While much has changed since Carlyle's day, one thing hasn't: We need tools to build, repair and maintain the mechanical world in which we live. With these 50 tools, you'll be ready for just about any project--whether it's melting mountains or swapping out the kitchen sink. 1.

ZNet About 1,600 people have so far signed up on the We Stand Site. We need a great many more for this effort to sustain positive activity.Please Sign. Please take the statement to relatives, friends, schoolmates, and workmates. Please comment anywhere online, or in social media, or by blogging, or perhaps writing an article, or prodding alternative media to relate to the effort.Will you Sign? Will you seek other signers?fhdInitial signers include:Michael Albert, Noam Chomsky, Omar Barghouti,Walden Bello, Medea Benjamin, Patrick Bond,Bill Fletcher, Linda Gordon, Andrej Grubacic, Chaia Heller, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Kathy Kelly, Joanne Landy, Robert McChesney, Boaventura Santos, Marina Sitrin, Norman Solomon, and David Swanson

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Wind Turbine 4 Foot Wind Turbine - option for 6 Foot Sweep There are 2 parts to this project: Building the Wind Turbine There are several DIY wind turbine science projects on the internet. Field Kitchen K120 Series Price: $595.00 Field Kitchen K120 Series (Vacant) Box only, stove and optional accessory purchase separately. Household Cleaning Tips from - How to Clean House A few years ago, I found out that I’ve been cleaning all wrong. I was in a hotel room, when a maid came in and sprayed a solution on every surface…and then left. Right when I thought she’d forgotten, she returned. She wiped for less than two minutes with a thin dry cloth, and the whole place sparkled. It had, frankly, never occurred to me to let one solution do all the work, so I asked her what she’d used.

To protect the revolution, overcome the false secular-Islamist divide - Opinion It is impossible to exaggerate the significance of the momentous events that have drawn global attention to Egypt as its people continue to struggle with the unfolding drama of their revolution. There are two evidently opportunistic events that have come together to signal a dreadful attempt by the Muslim Brotherhood to claim the entirety of the Egyptian revolution for themselves, pretty much on the same model that the Shia clerics hijacked the Iranian revolution of 1977-1979 - with the crucial difference that Egyptians in their tens of thousands have poured into their streets and are far more alert and vigilant to protect the totality of their revolution than Iranians were more than thirty years ago. The first event revolves around President Morsi grabbing (and then rescinding) more power than he was granted by the free and fair election that - with a narrow margin - sent him to the presidential palace. But the devil is in the details.

Scientists Make Lithium-Air Batteries That Hold Their Breath When Tesla Motors revealed its plan to buy solar panel maker SolarCity, the thread tying them together was battery storage. The idea, according to chief executive Elon Musk, is to combine solar panels with Tesla’s stationary Powerwall batteries. On cloudy days or in the evening, the stored energy could run your dishwasher or charge your Tesla Model S sedan. For the batteries inside its cars and Powerwall systems, Tesla is betting on the same lithium-ion chemistry used in smartphones and hover-boards.

500W Remote Portable Solar Power System - Innovative Solar Solutions Product Details & Specifications Brand: TruPower Manufacturer: Silicon Solar Typical Power: 500W Solar Panel Maximum Power (Pmax) : 100W (+/-5%) Rated Voltage (Vmp) : 18V Solar Panel Dimensions: 43 6/8" x 27 1/8" x 1.4" Operation Temperture : -40 to +85 degree celcius Solar Panel Efficiency : ~17% Controller: 12V / 30A (only for 12V, Battery need to purchase separately) Inverter: 500W (12VDC to 230VAC) Length of Extension Wire: 19' Length of Tinned Wire: 1' Length of Battery Connecting Wire: 12′ (2 – 6.5′ sections) Length of 2-in-1 Output Lead Wire on Charge Regulator: 1′ # of DC LED Light Tubs and Cigarette Lighter Socket: 2 # of 24LED Lighting Strips: 2 Length of Lead Wire for 24LED Lighting Strips: 16' Mounting Assembly and Hardware: Roof Ground or Wall Recommended Accessories TruPower Portable Solar Power System 500W

How to Design a Man's Closet" A man's wardrobe consists, for the most part, of suits, shirts, ties, jackets, sweaters, and casual wear. You won't find the wide variety of items or lengths that are common in a woman's wardrobe. Although many feminine equivalents to a man's clothes do exist, the issue of importance is a matter of space rather than classification.

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