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6 Reasons Why React Native ? If you are a mobile application enthusiast, then you must have heard about React native “a JavaScript library for building user interfaces” and how it has taken the mobile application industry by storm.

6 Reasons Why React Native ?

React Native has already become a popular trend for building native, powerful and quality mobile applications for iOS and Android. It has gained an immense traction for making it possible to build mobile apps that stimulate the performance of native apps. In the age of the digital world, where speed, shortcuts and quick tools are the needs of any mobile application, software programmers are putting hard efforts in building mobile apps to run faster with good with good performance. Interactive user experience and easy development are the significant things that have convinced mobile app developers to work with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS or React Native to build the app. Custom Photo Editing & Sharing App Development For Android And iOS. We build, easy-to- use iPhone and Android photo editor app that goes above and beyond the basic edits Why settle for slightly boring and mundane pics when you can spruce them up and turn your boring picture into artwork with our feature rich custom photo editing and sharing application.

Custom Photo Editing & Sharing App Development For Android And iOS

In the world of Facebook, everybody loves to click a photo. Online Job-Portal Development, Recruitment Portal Development. Streamline Your Recruitment Process With Our Job Portal Solution We have helped numbers of job search websites to write their success stories and job seekers to land on their dream job A Comprehensive Job-Portal Solution To Ease Up Your E-Recruitment Process.

Online Job-Portal Development, Recruitment Portal Development

Custome Dating Application Development like Tinder, Create a Dating App. Provide A Convenient Way For Your Single Targeted Audience To Get Mingle And Socialize With Self-Select Interesting Matches “Maybe you’ll find a nice girl!”

Custome Dating Application Development like Tinder, Create a Dating App

Said every mother to his son, when they make their first foray into the world of dating in 2017. Usually Millennials find a mate through co-workers, a friend or through the reference of college friends these days. If they don’t have any convenient option mentioned above, then there are the murky waters of dating apps. This is the reason that more than 45 million Americans are dating online and it’s working perfectly fine for them. Online Coupon App Development, Deals and Coupons Management App. Drive customer acquisition, increase conversions, build affiliate relationships, improve customer loyalty and more with a Daily Deals and Discount Coupons Application Offers, coupons, discounts and deals.

Online Coupon App Development, Deals and Coupons Management App

Once there was a time, when you think of couponing, you picture a mom cutting coupons out of the back of the newspaper. However, since the Groupon has introduced a unique concept for offering daily good deals through a mobile application, the term paper coupons & deals have been completely revolutionized with digital coupons. 2.32 billion people in the world have a smartphone and taking a mobile app approach to snag a piece of trending fame is a proven weapon.

The idea of giving deals has been around since 1887. Coca-Cola distributed the first-ever coupon and the idea runs successfully. Cost to Develop an On-Demand Food Delivery App Like Postmates, UberEATS. Custom Taxi Booking Application Development Solutions - Ready to use. Your Taxi Apps Comes With These Built-In Features Tap, Book and Go Give your Customers smartest way to book within seconds and get instant confirmations.

Custom Taxi Booking Application Development Solutions - Ready to use

Low cost to luxury ILet your customers experience the indulgence of luxury with the latest offers and discounts. In-app payment Hassle fee payment direct from the application. Social media ready. Know the cost to develop App Like Snapchat. A SnapChat is a photo messaging app that allows users to take photos, record videos, add text and drawings, and send them to recipients.

Know the cost to develop App Like Snapchat

Snapchat began as a classroom project by its CTO Bobby Murphy as a minimalist smartphone app to share photos and short videos that destroyed themselves after a certain period of time. Now the scenario of this classroom project application is completely different, this classroom project has secured its place as the 3rd most popular Social Networking application among the Millennial.

This application, wildly came into the highlights ever since Snapchat turned down an all cash $3 Billion Acquisition Offer from Facebook. Grocery Application Development Company, Hire App Developer. The world is moved by the two motivating factors – inspiration and innovation.

Grocery Application Development Company, Hire App Developer

All the latest technology we have today, from the computer, which you are reading this content to the oven you used for cooking, is the end result of such inspiration. Companies like Amazon, apple and even Facebook are around today because their owners saw something highly creative and present a real life solution to the world. The world of apps (solutions) and the internet is the world of free stuff. Internet of Things, Real life Software Solutions. By the year 2020, it is projected that more than 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet.

Internet of Things, Real life Software Solutions

Not only just the smartphones and tablets, but almost anything and everything with a sensor on it like, wearable devices, machines in production plants, coffee makers, car jet engines, oil drills and anything, which is associated with the internet. This interconnecting network is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Custom Business Mobile / Web Apps Development Service. “Solution” is a word which gets used a lot.

Custom Business Mobile / Web Apps Development Service

And this word has a lot of different meanings, depending on who you ask. To us, the solution means “to grow bigger and better, but without growing pains”. Here, at Bacancy it’s our vision to do something different and even better. At Bacancy Technology, we create apps – software solutions for small scale businesses. We create flexible as well as easy to build on solutions, which gives businesses new tools and the freedom to try new ideas.

It’s time make your “Business” even bigger, even better. Hire Dedicated Onsite Developer, Offshore Onsite Programmer. Bacancy Technology is providing a Hybrid Model (Onsite development solution) to develop your creative ideas into A to Z solution. The suitability of the onsite development is that the support you need is right at your premise whenever you need it. The Hybrid model, Onsite development is client-focused and strategically executed development process, where we provide noteworthy competitive advantages for the specific period of time. Know the Cost to Build a Website Like Airbnb or Holiday Rental Website. The real cost of building a website like airbnb (the way it is now: will cost you around 5000 USD to 15000 USD.

Develop an App Similar to Dubsmash & WhatsApp. Have an idea of an app? Want to build an app and looking forward to know the cost of developing an app? You have landed on the right place to get all the interrogations answered. Since entertainment and social apps such as dubsmash, snapchat, instagram, whatsapp and more are getting more popular and widely accepted, those looking to become an appreneur have eyed to develop an app akin to them or an app carrying certain similar features these famous apps have along with some awesomely crazy and dynamic features that will turn your dream of becoming a millionaire appreneur into reality.

Cost of Developing an App: Ask Here and Get Prompt Estimate/Cost. Apple Watch App Development Company, Hire Apple Watch App Developer. With over 200 million iPhone5, iPhone5c, iPhone5s, iPhone6 and 6plus being used by people all over the world, there is an extensive opportunity for people having an idea for an apple watch app. Yes, this is because the whole new expeditious gadget by Apple Inc., called Apple Watch, is compatible to work with only the above stated versions of iPhone. In the Apple Special Event held in September of the last year for unveiling the Apple Watch, the CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook, himself exclaimed the above stats and also added an appealing statement for all the current app owners saying that third party app owners should extend their current app and make it compatible for Apple Watch.

Listen to the exact words in the below video: Custom Clover Device Application Development & Maintenance Services. Wearable Application Development and Customization. Were you fascinated by the wearable devices disclosed at the CES 2015, or you missed the same? Whatever the inventions were disclosed, the core conclusion led to the point of Wearable Computing Devices being the next trend setters of gadget technology and mobile usability.

With the most awaited Apple iWatch, all eyes will be on the trend to come after this massive disclosure. While there are already innumerable android wearable devices available in the market, it can be an opportunity for millions to get an app developed compatibly for a wearable device such as Android Smartwatch. Get Your Next Wearable Device Application Developed here at Bacancy: Salesforce Cloud Application Development & Customization. Salesforce has arrived as the all in one solution for all your business expansion needs, consequently adapting technology. Salesforce is Software as a Service (SaaS) as well as Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider widely known for its easily customizable CRM solutions and related enterprise applications.Expansion is in the nature of business.

Add Video Chatting Feature in Your iOS App - Bacancytechnology. Braintree Payment Gateway Integration in Android Application. Migrate Data from One CRM to Another - Hire ASP.NET Programmer. Hire Mobile Developer for Augmented Reality Application Development. Integrate Video Call Feature in Android & iOS Application. Since the birth of various social media and communicative applications in the android and iOS market, we have seen a huge demand of integrating interactive features in such application, put forward by clients. These interactive features include easy way of communication at cost effective rates or no cost at all. One such feature arrived widely in demand by various application owners is One to One Calling as well as Conference Call integration in Android or iOS (iPhone/iPad ) application.

Integrate Video Call Feature in Android & iOS Application. B2B Software, ERP, CRM, and eCommerce Development.